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Hey lovelieeeees! Hi :D

Salutation from the UK. Everything is damp and the wind almost knocked me over the other day but ahh so exciting! The town is nice and the people are super welcoming and I'm eating my weight in weird cookies (Ginger Nuts, where have you been all my life?) which could also be the reason my tummy was staging a riot the other day :/ Anyway, our flat is a hole in the wall with cool-ish curtains and sorta-matching wallpaper. The stove was new when my father was born and the bathroom door is missing the handle (yes, that means we had to stuff a pair of rolled-up socks in the hole to get a modicum of privacy. We are so smart.) Also, the fire alarm starts blaring everytime we switch on the cooker, even if there are no batteries. The first time it happened we didn't have chairs yet so I had to jump under it, hoping to catch the fucking button to shut it up. (spoiler: I got lucky) I am almost sad my sister didn't catch it on camera. Almost.

Life has been kinda crazy busy lately, what with setting up the flat and wrapping my head around moving to another country, and soon I'll have to go out and throw my CV left and right (keep your fingers crossed for me?) and possibly start selling some prints? Because omg, rent and bills and food *clutches head* All of this means that I had close to no time to doodle and this makes me extremely sad :( You should all leave me tiny prompts so that I'll have something nice to think about and look forward to when I get back home.

Also, speaking of costly thing, bless Starbucks and their free wifi (and their not-so-free beverages *cries*). If it weren't for their lovely staff letting me set up camp on one of their tiny tables for hours I would have already gone crazy *clings to fandom* you are all so freaking precious to me <3

Oh, before I forget! Two things that are super cool!
1. [community profile] yuletart is back in town! Hurry up and get in on it! Sign-ups close at the end of this week and I promise you won't want to miss the fun!

2. There's been talking in TW fandom about setting up some sort of non-profit action to save the wolves. I believe this is a brilliant idea :D (and not just because I recently "adopted" one with Nic) I'm not around enough to give you all the deets, but if you want to know more you should totes contact nightrevelations over on tumblr and totes reblog this handy post here to get the word out :)

Okay darlings, I'm off to submit some CVs. Be excellent as usual! *smooches everyone*
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I you follow me on twitter I apologize for the double spam... BUT OMG KITTY!

Aunt S found this little ball of fluff yesterday.

Someone had tossed her into a dumpster >:( (I know violence doesn't resolve anything... but that person better pray I never find them.)
Anyway, she called me right away and asked me if I maybe wanted to give her a home. Damn right I wanted to! So um, yes, meet Zulu :)

meow )

I have so many feels, you guys. My sis and I are kind of smitten with her already and dad's been wipping out the camera non-stop and mum is all hearteyed and Milla is sad because Zulu doesn't want to play with her yet :(

BTW, I fell into a dateless vacuum last week so I'm superlate with these but HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] wethepainted and [ profile] saba1789! Your cards are on the way :)

ION, there's the slight possibility that come September/October I won't be living here anymore. Here being Italy... *enigmatic smile* *is awkward* *coughs*

Also, a bunch of random links!oh shiny! )

So, what's up lovelies? <3
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These are hard times so of course there must be CUDDLES FOR EVERYONE!

C'mon c'mon, kinks are calling you!



And if that is not enough, check out the prettiest see slug you'll ever see.
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Hey lovelies! Have you survived the Christmas madness? We had Christmas on the 23rd this year 'cause the parents decided to go away for the weekend (so my childhood wish of opening the presents early finally got granted \o/ I only had to wait 20 years...) Also, thank you for all the cards and pressies! You are all awesome and I wish I could group hug all of you right now! <3333

Anyway, I know you're probably all holiday-ed out, but I have awesome things to link to, so bear with me, yeah?

Thing the 1st: [ profile] mfac was a complete joy this year too and if you haven't had the time to check it out before, I urge you to do so now because every door was chockfull of delightful fandom stuff! [ profile] saba1789 was the best host ever and allowed me again to participate to the calendar. This year I decided to go the multifandom way, because 2011 has been the year I fell in love with all the fandoms that crossed my path. You can find the drawing here, but really, you should check out all the entries!

Thing the 2nd: dear [ profile] sarahyyy wrote me the most adorable Ariadne/Yusuf ficlet :3 Go read Tea for Two and be charmed!

Thing the 3rd: OMG, you guys! I received two awesome mixes from my Santa person over at [ profile] tsnsecretsanta :D I have been listening to them all day long and I keep bouncing in my seat and you should really check them out and shower [ profile] thatsapplejack in praise and love!

Thing the 4th: COME PLAY OVER AT [community profile] grimm_kink! We have vintage props pretty violinists him! :D

Thing the 5th: seeing as lj is on a mean track lately, you might want to consider backing up your journals on Dreamwidth. I've been crossposting since the last lj fail and while dW is not as shiny as lj (used) to be, it's still a lovely place to go play and you won't need an invite code to create an account until New Year's Eve (and if you'll need one later, I should have some to hand out :)).

And on a not-very-awesome note, I haven't been able to mail some cards yet because I fail at time management, but don't despair! I'm setting up camp in front of the post office tomorrow!
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First off, happy belated birthday to all the November bbs! I went kinda MIA and wasn't able to make you bday cards on your actual birthdays (I'll forever be sorry about that :((() but I'm totally willing to make it up to you right now(ish) so if you want you can leave a doodle request in the comment and I'll deliver asap!

Stuff I've done since the last update (here be a list that you can totally skip) )

And now let me point you in the direction of awesome stuff!

December is here and fandom is the place where to get your holiday cheer! If you haven't already, please go and get your stocking filled (and pour some love in other's people stockings) over at glomp_gifts! Also, [ profile] mfac is back this year! Come count down the days to Christmas and enjoy a different fandom everyday :D The first door is already open!

Also, there's a Three Sentence Ficathon going on! All the pocket-sized fics your heart desires! Run don't walk!
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*surprise tacklehugs* Hello my lovelies :D
I've been kind of sucked into the Bottomless Work Vortex of Doom and thus completely failed at having a healthy life on the interweb shores :\ I'm slowly backreading my friendpage but it is possible that I'll throw the towel at about skip=200 /o\

Anyway! Some lovely people celebrated their birthday this past week! Happy birthday to [ profile] raffie79 and my other half [ profile] angelgazing and the lovely [ profile] calmgravity and my precious [ profile] sometimesalways! I wish all of you the very best wishes and all the sparkles and buckets of happiness ♥

As of two days ago the bids are closed over at [ profile] helpsomalia! If you made an offer/bid please go check it out and act accordingly :)

Speaking of fandom stuff, I am now on pinboard, but I still wander around on delicious in the hope that they'll get their act together :(
Also, Pottermore! I just realized I never said, I was sorted into Slytherin! *fangs up* it was quite the surprise because I was really sure I'd end up in Hufflepuff. My sister cackled for a good half hour when I told her and my dad just plain laughed in my face, pointed finger and all, and my mum made a D: face, scrunched her nose and said "isn't that the bad House?". I felt so very loved right then -__- btw, my name there is DreamFeather124 :)

And now it's time for your bimonthly links dump of stuff that I findis awesome \o/

- Last week I stumbled upon this artist, Stefano Faravelli and promptly fell in love with his work. Apart from browsing his site, you should all watch this video in which he shows his cluttered studio (where I want to go live for the rest of forever OMG. I believe [ profile] sunsetmog would want to come look at the delightful clutter, too!) and some of his travelling journals (which are the most gorgeous things ever). The video is in Italian, but believe me you really want to fill your eyes with his lovely work.

- Draw a stickman. Run don't walk! This is the best way to waste time on the internet :D

- Two videos for you! A dog puppeteer that will blow your mind and the most adorable vid I saw this week featuring singing small potatoes

- Everything I ever wanted in a fairy book everrrr! No really, it is the most gorgeous book about fairies I've seen lately and I want everything featured in the shop and I might just die if I don't get my hands on the organizer *____*

- In conclusion, everyone should write me fic in every fandom (but especially TSN!) based on this ANIMAL TALKING IN ALL CAPS post. You know you want to! :D?
ETA OMG [ profile] chaoticallyclev is THE VERY BESTEST TO EVER BEST! Click and read and tell her how awesome she is omgggg!
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*peeks in* Hello flist :)

I remember a time when I thought RL was just a myth D: I liked it better when I had time to do stuff other than working and stress over stupid RL stuff that I don't have to stress over :( In addition I feel like such a shitty flister, what with never leaving comments and forgetting to reply to emails /o\ I keep promising to do better but it looks to me like I'm failing to do so on every front. Why am I so faily? Ugh :(

Anyway, setting apart my faily self, there's this community you might want to check out: [ profile] helpsomalia! I know there where people on my flist a couple of months ago who wanted to know if someone was going to set up a fandom auction to help fight the famine in the Horn of Africa. I'm not sure if I was just extremely distracted and completely missed the pimping of the comm or if it just flew under the radar but whatever, the offering posts are all still open so hop over there and take a look around? If you are interested, my thread is here.

And now a doodle! The lovely [ profile] katie_andrew asked for a birthday doodle and prompted me with "Boys in Autumn" :)

nothing says Autumn like skipping on fallen leaves )

Also also, a meme from my dear [ profile] toodelicious :D

Comment to this entry and I'll give you a letter. List ten things, people, places, beings, thoughts, feelings, that you love that begin with that letter
and then post that list on your journal.

She gave me the letter R :D )
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Hey flist, welcome to yet another entry full of links to awesome things!

Before I get to the linkage, though, let me wish a happy belated birthday to all the August babies! I 've been extremely flakey re:bday cards this year /o\ If you are inclined to make me feel less guilty about forgetting your birthday, you could leave me a prompt and I'll draw you a quick doodle :)

Okay, on to the linkage.

Lately I've been dipping my toes into all kinds of new fandoms and while I love the rush of reading all the back cathalogs, the fact remains that there's little to no long fics :( The good news, though, is that someone, somewhere, had a stroke of genius and opened [ profile] smallfandombang :D This is your chance to write me all the longish fics in all the tiny fandoms :D Go forth and check [ profile] smallfandombang out!

Speaking of small fandoms, South Park has eaten my brain and now I want to read Stan/Kyle 24/7. If you, like me, can't dedicate that much time to that most happy task, be sure to read at least these two gems:

Touch Me, I'm Invincible by [personal profile] delires
Stan and Kyle dress up as glam rockers and bring all the joy to your heart.
(incidentally, I also drew a little doodle for it which you can find there)

Right Here Waiting by [ profile] sometimesalways
I prompt [ profile] sometimesalways with "new hat, 300 words" and she write the most perfect vignette ever. Go and tell her how awesome she (and it) is!

I've already pointed this out on twitter, but I think this initiative is pretty neat, so you get to hear it again :P
The lovely [ profile] saba1789, who is a well of awesome fandom (and non-fandom) related ideas, came up with this neat project, The Postcard Challenge. I'm sure I'm not the only one here who is kind of a lot in love with receiving cards in the mail, so why not join the party and get some glee from across the sea into your mailboxes?

In other news, Panic! continues to bring all the fuzzy sparkly feelings to my heart, William Beckett is hell bent on making me love him, and I want every single outfit featured in this video omg!.
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Bandom people! Today your attention is needed in two places!

First, you should check out the Bandom Friending Meme because new friends to share your squee with is the most awesome thing!

Once you've spread the bandom love, you might want to head over to the Bandom Pretend Dating Fest (and if you prefer, it is also crossposted on DW!) and leave all the prompts and fics you want :D

Also also, drive-by rec for my TSN-loving flist:

The Giraffe Notes (Jesse/Andrew, NC17, +16k) by [ profile] jeyhawk
The impossible love story of a mouse and a giraffe featuring a crush that last a decade, a very grateful movie star, the fine art of falling in love over the internet, a possibly naughty tattoo, three awesome friends, cats, nerves, and a spectacular first date.

I can't rec this enough, okay? It is charming and sweet and filled with love and it has the cutest doodles I've ever seen and YOU JUST NEED TO GO READ IT NOW!

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Hello hello flist! :D *hugs you all* how is everyone?
I'm afraid I've managed to fall into the dreaded RL Black Hole these past two weeks, and everything can be summed up with work work work blah blah blah house got flooded blah blaa cleaning all the things blah out with uni friends blah blah blah more work blah blah. Exciting, yes? Right.

Anyway, in between all that blah blah blah I was able to cram some reading and browsing while manning the front desk and so I come bearing links and stuff for you :D

The lovely [ profile] airgiodslv offered to write a bunch of one-year-after timestamp ficlets to celebrate Inception first anniversary and I asked one for the Kissing Meme Ficlet (because I want all the timestamps from that 'verse) and of course she wrote the most awesome timestamp ever and everyone should go read it and tell her how great she is! Oh, I also made a doodle for it! Just scroll down the thread :)

In more fandom art news, time has come to reveal what the fifth card I drew for [ profile] ohohstarryeyed as part of my [ profile] help_nz offer :D
It is a tiny illustration for her story Be on the Stars (all of you should check it out!) which she wrote for BBB, so that's why we had to wait a bit before making this one public :)

Spoilerish doodle under the cut )

In case you're not aware, Bandom has a Golden Trio of its own! [ profile] ohohstarryeyed, [ profile] sunsetmog, and [ profile] hermette have been writing the most delightful of hogwarts!AU chatfics! What are you doing still here? Off you go to read Roar and What are these feelings. Go go go!

(Also, Smunchkin just run into the room to tell me that "Fuuuuu! Ovid rocks! OMG Nas! He's a BAMF and Metamorphoses is going to give me effing nightmares :D!" So there, that's your book rec from Smunchkin)

Once your done reading all the things I linked above, you should watch this video! Dad practically sat me down to make me watch it and I can't tell you how much I loved it. (Did I ever tell you how much I adore TED? A whole lot!)

In TSN news, [ profile] errandgrrl and I want fic of this video like burning. Universe, get on it!

Tumblr keeps being a source of pretty awesome stuff, like this fantastic playlist! I've been listening to it in loop for days now and I can't get enough of it <333 Also also, Beirut's new album, The Rip Tide, is amazing! Check it out!

Oh! I've seen everyone is pointing out what their usernames are on all the other places, which is pretty nice :) So, anyway, in case you were wondering I use this same username everywhere (meaning DW, Twitter, and Tumblr), so I'm pretty easy to find :)

And now excuse me, but I have flist page to go check <333
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All my books are packed away and this house has never felt so empty :( I can't believe we're leaving this house in two weeks and we are all getting kind of bummed. The funny thing is that the house itself seems to be sad we are leaving and during the past two weeks it has started channeling Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium (thank god we didn't get mouldy walls, only stuff breaking down... usually on my head /o\).

Anyway! Things that have distracted me from the mountains of boxes that took over every single room:

- [ profile] mfac! I love this advent calendar so much! Every day I get to open a door and find something from one of my fandoms or open a door and find something from an old fandom (oh the memories!) or open a door and BAM! NEW FANDOM! :DDD

- The Multi-Fandom Cuddling Meme! This meme keeps being awesome! Remember the Brendon/Spencer cuddle I doodled for it? A LOVELY ANON WROTE A FICLET FOR IT It is so freaking adorable! Everyone click on the link and bask in the adorable and tell my anon how awesome they are <333

Also, I doodled some more cuddles: Cuddlejoys! Post-apocalyptic cuddles FTW!

- The lovely [ profile] delires gave me a bucketful of happiness in the form of amazing Lit recs! ♥

- The Killjoy Art Meme I don't know how I missed this... or, okay, I know how (boxes and boxes and more boxes to fill and tape shut), but still. Anyway, you should all wander over there and dl the ray gun lineart and make your very own killjoy weapon! And also draw yourselves as a Killjoy!

- This Multifandom dance moves reel video! I am particularly in love wih the Bowie bits (Jareth! ♥____♥)

- The fact that [ profile] yuletart started posting \o/ I love all the art! ALL OF IT! Pssss... Inception people! Check out the latest post! It is so freaking good!

- The fact that tomorrow is draft claiming day over at [ profile] inception_bang (how stupid I was to sign up as an artist? A LOT! What was I thinking? I CLEARLY WASN'T THINKING!)

What distracted you from the frenzy that is the holiday season?
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Today we celebrate Epiphany, which means that la Befana flew on her broomstick yesterday night and filled stockings with candies and sugar charcoal.

Since my broomstick does not fly, I wasn't able to bring sweets to any of you, dear flist. But don't worry! I bring gifts in the form of links and icons! :D?

La Befana vien di notte.... )

Well, that was fun :) It's extremely cold today so I'm off to make myself a cup of tea and then put on some Disney classics while I knit myself this hat :)
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Rec time \o/

1. Mika's new album, "The Boy Who Knew Too Much". I like it even better than his first one. "Blue Eyes" is delightful, "By The Time" has a Imogen Heap feeling to me and that makes me very happy. The way he mixes sad lyrics with upbeat/cheery/sweet music... Really, click on that link up there and take a copy and, if you like it, go buy the CD when it'll come out (Wikipedia tells me on the 18th in Italy, on the 21st in the rest of the world). I know I will :)

2. This essay on drawing by spoonbard over at DeviantArt. Go read it NOW! Go read it even if you think you're not an artist :)

3. "Two Musicians in Search of a Song", posted at [ profile] popoffacork. It is pure bliss.
And "Genetic Profile" by [ profile] arsenicjade (thanks to [ profile] _princess_han_ for the rec ♥). It's a Bandom/CriminalMinds crossover wherein Ryan is Reid's cousin. The way [ profile] arsenicjade managed to keep the various characters true and still mix two fandoms that have nothing to do with each other is amazing. Read it!

4. Forget Zorbing. I want to do BASE JUMPING WEARING A WINGSUIT! Who's with me? :D?

P.S. If you want a copy of Fun./Muse album, just click on the link :)
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because "Cover Songs Meme" was not as cool

So, [ profile] saba1789 and I are cover songs worshippers and decided to make a meme to GET MOAR spread the love :)

Saba managed to keep the linkage under control... Me, not so much.

Cover songs are <3 )

Anyway, while I was browsing my cover songs folder, I came up with a game that I call "From Beatles to Bandom". The aim of this game is to connect the Beatles to someone in Bandom by means of cover songs and without using the obvious Ealeanor Rigby cover by Panic in less than 6 steps (because with Bandom, 6 degrees are too many).

I managed to win twice \o/

one. The Beatles' song "Something In The Way She Moves" has been covered by Radiohead (1), whose song "Creep" has been reworked by Bob Dylan (2), authour of the song "Desolation Row" recently covered by My Chemical Romance (3).

two. Bono and The Edge of U2 covered "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" (1), U2's song "With Or Without You" got covered by Keane (2) whose song "Everybody's Changing" has been reworked by Lily Allen (3) who also covered "Womanizer" by Britney Spears (4), whose song "Baby One More Time" got covered by Panic! (5).


If you've managed to reach this point without gnawing on your wrist, GOOD JOB! As a prize for your resiliance to my faily spazzing, I'll give you some goodies!

a. The .zip with all the songs mentioned above
b. Across the Universe OST (Complete with "All You Need is Love" that wasn't in the original cd)
c. The link to download "They Just Howl" cd, an Empires' songs cover project
d. The link to the most wonderful site The Covers Project

Ok, your turn to join the fun!
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As many of you may know, on June 30th there's going to be a greenout on Facebook in support of democracy in Iran. This greenout consists in changing your profile picture to something green.
[info - personal]stepps wrote a post where she suggested to expand this greenout over to other blogging sites.

I thought that that was a very nice idea and so I went to look among my icons but *gasps* I didn't have a single green icon! What to do? I opened a new tab and searched Google Images for green pictures and made myself some icons. I thought that maybe I wasn't the only one having problems finding green icons, so I thought I'd share the one I made :)
Click for green )

Also, these are links you may find useful for this greenout:
Green your Facebook for Iran
Add a Green overlay/ribbon on your Twitter avatar
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I'm trying to gear myself up enough to get down to business with these sketches and there's no better way to do that than share some music with my dear flist :D (so you can join me in the ancient and lost art of "head-swaying, hands-flapping, foot-stomping and air-shredding to loud music" and I won't feel like a total loser, ok? Ok.)

One! Coldplay set up a free download of their live album "LeftRightLeftRightLeft". Click on the link or, if you don't want to give your e-mail address to Chris and his friends, download it HERE (where I uploaded it ;D)

Two! JWalk latest twitters linking pics of adorable babies made me think of bb!JWalk... If you are feeling nostalgic like me, a listening or two of 5o4 Plan's Minutia EP" and "Treehouse Talk" might cheer you up :D (speaking of JWalk, I'm convinced he owns these shoes)

Three! I got my hands on The Cab's Glitz and Glamour EP". (I can't even say bb!Cabbabies because they're all still babies >:()

Four! If you're looking for new, nice, neat music, TEAM LOVE is the answer to your needs, as is

Completely urelated, THIS BLOG is amazing!
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