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Commissions Post!


Basic info you might want to know

- Commission works can be fanart or original.
The fandoms I am pretty familiar with are: Teen Wolf, Bandom, TSN, Inception, Disney Classics.
If you want to commission something based on a fandom not in the above list I will require a primer and reference pictures (yay picspams!).
If you want to commission an orginal piece, please be as detailed as you can be when making your request.

- I am not comfortable drawing anything with a rating higher than PG-13. I can make exceptions, but it's more of a case by case thing. Should I say no, please don't take it personally.

- All my commission works are hand-drawn and will be mailed to you asap, free S&H... unless you ask for a t-rex sized canvas. In that case I might ask you to go 50-50 on the shipping, yeah?

- I will keep a hi-res digital copy of the work for my porfolio (and 'cause I'm a sentimetal marshmallow). I will not make printed copies available for purchase in my shop.
(it goes without saying that I expect you to keep the artwork you commissioned for yourself and not use it for profit of your own.)

- You can see samples of my work on tumblr or here.

Easy peasy price system!

The most basic thing you can commission is
1 character, black&white on A5 size sheet for $10

You want something more elaborate?
Start from the basic and add the features you want (every feature is $5):
- Character/s ($5 each)
- Colour
- Background
- Bigger size
- Hi-res digital copy

So, for example, if you want 2 chars, coloured on a A4 sheet, you start from the base price ($10) add 1 Character ($5), colour ($5), and the bigger size ($5) for a total of $25

Easy, right?

If you are not sure about something or you have a question I haven't answered already, feel free to hit the commment box or send me an email at I'll try to answer asap :)