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Art Masterlist

I'll try to keep this updated. Newest at the top of each cathegory :)

The Bee Charmer (P!atD, Brendon/Spencer, G) for [ profile] bandomreversebb '12
Tracking the Sturgeon (P!atD, Spencer, G) illustration for Don't Drink The Water by [ profile] cloudlessclimes
Just Me (P!atD, Brendon/Spencer, G) based on Be on the Stars" by [ profile] ohohstarryeyed
Tether (P!atD+RyanRoss, Brendon/Ryan/Spencer, G) fanart for No Mean Art by [ profile] arsenicjade
Steampunk Failboats (P!atD, Brendon+Spencer, G) - scroll down
Two Illustrations (P!atD, Brendon/Spencer, PG) for Running in Slow Motion by [ profile] sunsetmog
Cheating at videogames (Brendon+Spencer, G) doodle (scroll down)
Failiest Spy Ever (Ryan Ross, G) - doodle
Four Important Failboat Moments (P!atD, Brendon/Spencer, G)
Inside the TARDIS" (DoctorWho!AU, P!atD, Doctor!Brendon+Companion!Spencer, G)
Three Illustrations (P!atD, Fairy!Brendon + Skunk!Jon, G) for Clap Your Hands (I believe, I believe) by [ profile] prettykitty_aya - find them inline.
New Logo + lineart (P!atD, G)
Bow Ties are Cool (DoctorWho!AU, P!atD, G)
Laundry Day (TYV, Ryan Ross, G)
Santa's Fabulous Helpers (Exclusive art for [ profile] mfac, MCR, G)
Cuddlejoys (MCR, Gee & Little Girl, G) (also here)
Baby, It's Cold Outside (P!atD, Brendon/Spencer, G) (also here)
Happy Danger Days (MCR, ensamble, G)
Keep you warm (P!atD, Brendon/Spencer, G) quick doodle
Baby Dragons (G) for [ profile] sunsetmog's To Err is Human, To Arrrrgh is Pirate
Share (P!atD, Brendon/Spencer, PG) companion art for this drabble by [ profile] seratonation
How I Love to Hear Your Patter (Ashlee/Cassadee, G) art for [ profile] ashlein's What Can Compare (To Your Beautiful Sound)
Gently Down The Stream (P!atD, Brendon/Spencer, G)
Fire, Fire (P!atD, Brendon/firefighter!Spencer, G)
As Dreamers Do (P!atD, Brendon/Spencer, G)
Seat for Two (P!atD, Brendon+Bronx, G) art for [ profile] ashlein's Adventures in Babysitting
Five Illustrations (P!atD, Brendon/Spencer, PG) for [ profile] sunsetmog's A Presumption of Functionality - BBB '10
Harvesting (TYV, Fairy!Jon, G)
A Big Enough Umbrella (MCR/MSI, Gerard/Lyn-z, G)
Fly to Your Own Drum (CS, Butterfly!Nate, G)
Who Lays Hands (P!atD, Brendon+Spencer, AU, G)
Nouveau Drummers (P!atD/MCR, Bob+Spencer, G)
Crystal Clear + Teaparty (P!atD, Brendon/Spencer, G + MCR, Gerard&Lyn-Z&Bandit, G)
Bedtime Story + Bimonthly Jonfire (P!atD/TYV, G)
Doodles: Fairy!Ryan + Cheshire!Pete (TYV, G + FOB, G)
Time to Wash Up, Kid (P!atD, Brendon/Spencer + Bogart, G) for bandomvalentine '10
The Second Thing I See (P!atD, Brendon/Spencer, PG) for help-haiti
Surprise (P!atD, Brendon/Spencer, PG) for help-haiti
Wedding Boat (P!atD, Brendon/Spencer, G, WACD!AU)
Cherry Red Swirls (TAI, Fairy!Butcher/Fairy!Siska, G)
DecayDance Carol Singers (Exclusive art for [ profile] mfac, P!atD/FOB/THS/CS/GCH/MCR, G)
Call It Home (P!atD, Brendon/Spencer, G) - curtainfic '09
Panic! in the Kitchen: Pie in a Jar (+ drabble) (P!atD, Brendon/Spencer, PG)
A Sweet Reward (FOB/MCR, girl!Patrick/Mikey, G)
Ryan as a 15th century poet/writer (TYV, Ryan Ross, G)
Art for 152's "One More Day With You" (Chauntelle Dupree/Adam Lazarra, G) - Bandgirlsbang '09
Art for mixtapestar's "Put A Smile On Your Face" (Bandgirlsbang '09) (Greta Salpeter/Alex Greenwald, G)
Brendon is Dusty's outfit (P!atD, R, Crossdressing)
Art for elleheartsyou's "Dreaming of Manhattan" (P!atD, Jon/Spencer, G) - BBB '09
Art for fiddleyoumust's "When Life Gives You Lemons (Say Fuck The Lemons And Bail)" (P!atD, Brendon/Spencer, PG-13) - BBB '09
Art for icanbreakthesky's "Tilting at windmills" (Greta Salpeter, G) - BBB '09
We Are So Purring: Napping (P!atD, Cat!Brendon/Cat!Spencer, G)
We Are So Purring: wooing Spencer with cookies (P!atD, Cat!Brendon/Cat!Spencer, G)
Spencer's Five Favourite Things He Did in South Africa (P!atD, Brendon/Spencer, G)
Panic! in the Kitchen: Ginger's (awesome) Apple Pie (p!atD, Brendon/Spencer, PG)
Panic! in the Kitchen: Peaches with Orange Filling (P!atD, Brendon/Spencer, G)
5 things Spencer always has to have with him while on tour (P!atD, Spencer/Jon, PG)
5 things that have been on Spencer's left foot (P!atD, G)
5 things Brendon Threw at Ryan (P!atD, hinted Brendon/Spencer, G)

Three pieces (Arthur/Eames, PG-13) for The Policy of Truth by [personal profile] sometimesalways
Bb Arthur and Eames sharing icecream (bb!Arthur+bb!Eames, G)
The Cheek of Night (Romeo&Juliet!AU, Arthur/Eames, G)
Hnn (Cavemen!AU, Arthur/Eames, G) doodle for [ profile] hermette's ficlet (link goes to story+art)
Dig a Little Deeper (Pirate!AU, Arthur+Eames, G) doodle
My Little Bear (Pony!Eames+CareBear!Arthur, G) doodle
Dream Thieves (Ninja!AU, Arthur+Ariadne, G) doodle
1 Up (Arthur, G) for [ profile] jibrailis
'morning (Eames, G) doodle
Invisible at Dawn (Astronaut!AU, Arthur/Eames, G) for [ profile] i_reversebang '11
Tea at Dawn + Onesided Conversations (Arthur/Eames + Edie, G) illustrations for Near Perfect by [ profile] zeto
Graffiti (Arthur/Eames, G) for [ profile] i_reversebang '11
Blackmail; Halloween 2010 (Arthur/Eames, G)
Run Run Jump (Arthur+Eames+Ariadne, G)
Made My Frown Turn Upside Down (Arthur/Eames/Ariadne, G)
Not The Incepters You Are Looking For (StarWars!AU, Arthur+Eames+Ariadne, G)
Need to Get Closer, Closer (Arthur/Eames, G)
Make It Work (scroll down) (Eames+Arthur, G)
Forgery Notes & Lessons in Proper Tea-making (Eames&OC + Eames&Arthur, G) Fanart for Anchored by [ profile] wattle_neurotic (inception_bang)
Sunset Stroll (Arthur/Eames, G) Art for [ profile] of_evangeline's Where Is Your Boy Tonight {I hope he is a gentleman}
Cupid!Arthur + Fawn!Ariadne + Cupid!Arthur/Hermes!Eames (Arthur + Ariadne + Arthur/Eames, G + G + PG)
Surfer!Eames (Eames+Arthur, G)
Aim and Fire (Arthur/Eames, G) [ profile] yuletart gift for [ profile] xenakis_
Happiness Is A Warm Sunset (Oregon Trail!AU, Arthur/Eames and the snake, G) (also here)
You Have Died of Dysentery (Oregon Trail!AU, Arthur (and a snake) + Eames + Yusuf + Ariadne + Cobb (and his oxen), PG) buy the print
Meowrthr (Cat!Arthur + Ariadne, G)
Eames-in-a-Die (Arthur/Eames, G) fill for the Kissing Meme (also here) buy the print
Four illustrations (Arthur/Eames + Yusuf/Ariadne + Grumpy Bear, G and PG) for [ profile] angelgazing's Ride On With The Light On
Ice Cream Man Eames (Arthur/Eames, G) for [ profile] angelgazing's Fluff Meme Fill (also here)
Batman!Eames and Catwoman!Arthur (Arthur+Eames, G)
Two doodles (Arthur + Eames Care Bears Style, G) for [ profile] angelgazing's Everything Is Coming Up Rainbows
Full Rainbow (Inception!Ponies, Arthur/Eames, G) (also here) buy the print
Limb•er (BrightHeart!Arthur/LotsaHeart!Eames, G)
Pushover (Arthur/Eames+Ariadne+Cobb Care Bears Style, G) more art for [ profile] angelgazing's Let the Fun Shine In
To Bear Patiently (Arthur+Eames Care Bears Style, G) companion art for [ profile] angelgazing's Let the Fun Shine In
My Little Inception Ponies (Arthur/Eames if you squint harder than Cobb, G) buy the prints
Ariadne's Sketch (Arthur/Eames, G) fanart for [ profile] angelgazing's Like I Wanna Live Now

Hawaii 5-0
Something on your Face (Bakery!AU, Danny/Steve, G)
Do Not Lift Your Stick Over Your Shoulder (Hockey!AU, Danny+Steve, G)
The Only Living Dragon In Hawaii (Dragon!Danny, G)
Flap 'em, Danno! (Duckling!AU, G) - rough sketches
Hammock for two + Stevie Pocket + The Navy Way (Steve+Danny, G)
Castle Pinapple (Steve, G)

Bathtime (Merlin/Arthur's hair, PG)
Plucking Daisy Petals (Fairy!Merlin/Fairy!Arthur, PG-13)
Art for staraflur's "A Long Way To Go Before We Are Truly Divine (Merlin/Arthur, G) - boxofmagic '09
Royal Purple (Cat!Merlin/Cat!Arthur, G)
5 Things Arthur Hides Before Merlin Shows Up To Clean in the Mornings (Merlin/Arthur, PG)

The Social Network
Montana (Mark, G) for City of Blinding Lights by [ profile] ceridweyn_lin
Can't feel my legs (Mark/Eduardo+Dustin&Chris, G)
Rawr! (Dustin, G)
Is This Your Jacket? (Cinderella!AU, Mark, G) doodle
Here (Mark/Eduardo, PG) four pieces
Thank You (Mark, G) - scroll down
Little Black Cloud (Mark+Eduardo, G)
Sit On It (Mark/Eduardo, G) for [ profile] xbeax

Bunny Hunting> (Teen Wolf, Derek/Stiles, G)
Little Stiles in the Red Hoodie (Teen Wolf, Derek/Stiles, G)
It's a Boy! (South Park, Stan+Kenny+Kyle, G)
Regency Story (Toy Story, Regency!AU, Andy/Sid, G)
Keep Calm and Percolate (DW, Tenth, G)
Say Cheese (Disney, TreasurePlanet, Doppler/Amelia, G)
Gone Unwatched (Glee, Kurt/Puck, G)
Prerogative (Glee, Kurt/Puck, G)
Art for n-atreides's "Draghi, Psicanalisi e Pozioni" (HP, Harry/Draco, G) - bigbangitalia '09
Fanart for jennavere's "Things That Go Mew In The Night" (HP, CatAnimagus!Draco, G)

Umm. I also draw lots of fannish (and non-fannish, too) b-day and festive cards for my flist. You can find them under the Hallmark who? tag.

Sometimes, people use their evil smiley faces on me and I end up using my fingers to type things instead of drawing them...

Love Me (un)Dead (PatD, Brendon/Spencer, PG)
A collection of snippets from the Zombie!AU notfic that will never be.

Pocket Change (PatD, Brendon/Spencer, PG)
Brendon is a dime.

What makes you tick (commentfic) (PatD, Brendon/Spencer, G)
I have this theory that anything can be made adorable if you come up with a Brendon/Spencer version of it.
For example, let's say that they are part of a clock.

Loop de Loop (and tie them up) (PatD, Brendon, Genish)
tighten it and then get up.

Live a Lifetime in a Day (like some butterflies) (Darwin!fic, G)
If anyone were to ask Charlie, age 5, who his favourite person was, Charlie's answer would be a sure and delighted "Dad!". He'd then blush, clasp his pudgy hands behind his back and looking at his shoes would amend "I mean to say, my Father, sir".

His Grandma's Garage Key (PatD, Spencer, Gen)
When Ryan said that they were going to need a real practice space, he said it like an afterthought.