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I'll try to keep this updated. Newest at the top of each cathegory :)

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Title: Moonberry Bakery
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Rating: G
Characters: Derek/Stiles
Notes: Drawn for dear [ profile] blue_fjords, who snatched up my service in favour of the Sterek Campaign. She asked for "something sterek and fluffy! I loved the art you made for that reverse bang we did in inception. It could possibly contain pie".
I thought Pie Day would be the perfect day to post this :P

Also archived on Tumblr

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Title: Sisters Night In
Fandom: Sleepy Hollow
Rating: G
Characters: Abbie Mills, Jenny Mills
Notes: Drawn for [ profile] dance_the_dance, who generously bid on me for Fandom Aid. She asked for the Mills sisters being adorable, or being badass, or being adorable and badass at the same time.

Also archived on Tumblr
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Title: Take to the Streets
Fandom: Les Miserables
Rating: G
Characters: the barricade boys
Notes: Drawn for [ profile] sarahyyy, who won my drawing services on Fandom Aid. She asked for chibi barricade boys + Enjorlas and Grantaire holding hands :)

Also archived on Tumblr

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Here lovelies! Have a bunch of Teen Wolf Valentine to celebrate the Unofficial International Chocolate Day!

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Title: Untitled
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Rating: G
Characters: Derek, Stiles
Notes: Drawn for Finduilas who is lovely and bid on me for the [ profile] sterekcampaign. She asked for a sketch of a scene from her story It's nothing you can buy, which is adorable and you all should go leave her kudos :)

Also archived on Ao3 | Tumblr

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Title: There's one Sound
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Rating: G
Characters: Wolf!Derek + Fox!Stiles
Summary: Just come closer, Sourwolf!
Notes: Drawn for [ profile] maiqu, as part of the [ profile] sterekcampaign. Maii was a complete sweetheart and asked for one of my favourite things, which is Derek and Stiles being adorable as fluffy animals :D

Also archived on Ao3 | Tumblr

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Title: Louder Than a Lion
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Rating: G
Characters: Derek Hale + kitten
Summary: Derek runs into battle with a big new ally.
Notes: Drawn for [ profile] sassyfrowns, who is lovely and bid on a lineart from me for [ profile] sterekcampaign. Her request was "something with tiny!Derek, maybe with a bigger Stiles, or a kitten, or just him".

Also archived on Ao3 | Tumblr

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Title: Calm After the Storm
Fandom: Pacific Rim
Rating: G
Characters: Mako Mori, Raleigh Becket, ghost!Yancy Becket
Summary: Ghost!Yancy takes care of Mako and Raleigh.
Notes: Drawn for the lovely [ profile] cherie_morte, who generously bid on me on [ profile] fandomaid :) She asked for "Mako/Raleigh domestic bliss with ghost!Yancy watching over". If there's something I love, it is domestic bliss :) Add a caring ghost and basically I can die happy <3
Thanks a bunch to my Smunchkin for the quick beta *smooches*
Also archived on Ao3 | Tumblr

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Title: The Night Flowers
Fandom Teen Wolf
Rating: PG-13
Characters Stiles Stilinski
Warnings NSFW as it features a bare bum :3
Summary: "Stiles was beside the fire, completely naked and lying on his chest, with a small book in his hands, on a pile of bear skins."
Notes: Fanart for The Night Flowers by Seraphim_grace (also on Ao3), as part of [ profile] teenwolf_bb.
I had so much fun creating art for Seraphim's lovely story! I am a big fan of the Kushiel series and couldn't believe my luck when I received my assignment for this round of twbb :D Go forth and read The Night Flowers and give Seraphim all the love!
This is a scene from the second section of the story: I was completely captivated by the setting and tried my best to recapture the mood and put it on paper. Here's hoping you enjoy the result :)
Loads of thanks to Smunchkin for the beta ♥
This fanart is also hosted on Ao3.

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Title: Let's Make This Last Forever
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Derek/Stiles
Rating: G
Summary: Stiles and Derek hanging out having coffee.
Notes: Drawn for comatosebadger as part of Teen Wolf Holyday Exchange. Hope you have the happiest holidays!
The biggest thank you to my Smunchkin for pushing me down the cooler path ♥

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Title: It Could Happen to Anyone
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Derek/Stiles
Rating: G
Summary: You're walking along, minding your own business. You're looking neither to the left, nor to the right, when all of a sudden you run smack into a pretty face.
Notes: Drawn for [ profile] tw_everafter. Could I ever pass up the chance to draw these two as faily twitterpated fawns? Of course not. Title and summary are both from a line by Friend Owl. Many hugs to my Smunchkin for lending me her most amazing critical eye <3

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For those of you who don't know, I've been living in the UK for the past 8 months and it is now time for me to go back home. I'm in the middle of packing up all my belongings into a neat little suitcase (screw you, weight overcharge!), and yesterday I found this bunch of leftover canvas prints in the back of my wardrobe. They don't take much space, per se, but they do add quite a bit of weight and I'd really prefer they go to a good home rather than leave them on the side of the road.
So, um, if you're willing to pay for the shipping ($5 would cover S&H for 3 prints), you can have them for free?

Just tell me which one/s you want and I'll calculate the S&H with the help of the post office price finder thingy and send them over to you asap!

These are the the prints, numbered for easy picking :)
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First and foremost!

HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY [ profile] wethepainted and [ profile] saba1789 and [ profile] egelantier!!!
I hope it was full of joy and cake and awesome people. And pressies, let's not forget those :D

As most of you probably know, AO3 is hosting a fundraising auction, but since not all of us fans are writers, some people thought to set up a sister multimedia auction :)

a donation-based auction to raise money for Archive of Our Own & OTW

If you want/can, go have a look and spread the word :) My offer is here, btw :)

ION, I got my hands on a copy of "Save Rock and Roll" :D There weren't any copies left in HMV except for the store copy that was playing, and the lady at the conter was a total darling and sold me that one <3 I am still unable to listen to anything but that *dances around* (also, tell me someone already made a shippy video with "The Mighty Fall"!)

Lately, I've been reading less fic and more actual books (due to my phone deciding that no, data roaming is not to be had) and ugh, I had forgotten how nice it is to stuck my face through the pages while I'm reading. I love my kindle dearly, but sometimes you just have to feel the paper under your fingers, yes? Anyway, books that I've read in the past week:

"Soulless" by Gail Carriger - Steampunk-ish fantasy of utter delight. It was a really fun read, though I had some problem in the beginning because the POV kept switching around. I guess I got spoiled by all the terrific fandom authors who keep their POV consistent and/or make it easy to recognise a POV switch. Anyway, it's a pretty nice story and the characters are quite funny. I am still debating whether to buy the other books in the series, though.

Finally got around to read "The Perks of Being a Wallflower". I found it quite hard to get into in the beginning and then loved it completely once I reached the middle, which happened with "Catcher in the Rye" as well. I am still having thinky thoughts about it and I still think it should come with a very big "Warning: Feels" sticker on the cover. I am tempted to watch the movie at some point, but I'm not sure if I would survive the feels at this point. Thoughts?

I bought "Divergent" by Veronica Roth by chance because it was at half price and omg, HOW MUCH DID I LIKE IT? A LOT. It's a dystopian novel with a girl protagonist and it is probably the most engaging YA fantasy novel I've read since the first Hunger Games book. Basically, I started reading it and I couldn't put it down until I reached the end. And now I want more. So, yeah, if you are looking for a something to read, pick this one (though, be careful because the Trigger Warnings abound! Like, really. A different TW for every chapter) and then come here and tell me how much you want all the AUs.

What are you reading, lovelies? Any recs for me?


Apr. 12th, 2013 05:56 pm
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Good day, darlings!

Quick announcement! I have some left-over tiny prints that are getting tired of being cooped up so I'm hosting a Give-Away on Tumblr :)

I'm trying to get rid of all of them because soon I'll have to vacate this flat and my luggage is not that big. Which is why there are also reduced prices and free S&H at my shop until May 1st (use NOSTAMPS code).

So, um, yeah. If you wanna get your hands on some free prints get over here :)
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Hello my darlings!
How are you on this fine day?
London last week was super awesome and awfully snowy. I had to keep my hood up all day long and hide the rest of my face behind a scarf and a steaming cup of coffee.
Who cares about stupid snow when you can browse the comic bookshop for hours, though? I bought myself the prettiest mug with Worm from Labyrinth :3 It is the most precious <3 Also, I finally managed to get my hands on Soulless by Gale Carriger. OMG it is basically steampunk genderswap TW fic. How come nobody wrote and actual AU of it yet? I am looking at all of you writing people! Get started! Now!... please? :)?

Speaking of "now, please". Can it be the 16th already? I need Save Rock and Roll in my hands/ears/eyes NOW. What is your favourite song so far? I am incapable of picking just one.

In other news, I've yet to find an engaging bingo card to get the artsy juices flowing :/ Does anyone know about a 30 days challenge or something similar? I think I lost all my google-fu and I can't find anything anymore /o\ That said, I've had a little bit more time to doodle around on my sketchbook, so here, have a silly doodle about kickass teenagers.

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And also a bunch of quick sketches from twitter prompts :)

rawr )

P.S. Since London was such a blast, I'm planning on going back in a couple of weeks, so if you'll be around and want to bump tea cups let me know :D


Apr. 1st, 2013 08:10 pm
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Hey there, lovelies!
Long time no see, uh? I'm sorry I've been MIA around here :( I guess Twitter and Tumblr were a bit easier to use when RL wasn't conducive to long periods of internet time these past few months :/ I've never been the most invested blogger, but I did miss dw/lj and all of you *cling* I've finally managed to get back to part-time and, hopefully, I'll be able to be a bit more present :)

Um. Nothing much happened since the last time I posted, unless you count working like mule, live in another country, getting the coat of my dreams, faking being an adult like a pro, dance with a jailbait on accident, get drunk and sober up in the span of two hours (thank you, water and pizza), dance with a "baby" on purpose, keeping a plant alive for more than three months (there's hope for me yet!), watching a boatload of movies, eating cadbury eggs, finding the most perfect slippers, learning to cook fish, missing my kitty and my dog, dancing like nobody's watching, bawling like a baby over FOB coming back, eating Marmite (my tongue is still confused), letting my hair grow, and appreciating fandom like never before. Can't really complain :)

I'm am only 37 days away from going back home and tbh I can't wait to get on that flight. It's been a nice experience, but I really miss home and my friends and omg the weather! If it weren't for my sister being her awesome self the rain and cold would have pushed me right into a mopey state of doom in the first week here.

Anyway, super important news! I'm going to USA in June! My darling [ profile] angelgazing and I are going to have the best summer ever \o/ It will be full of FOB shows and cupcakes and storytime and pillowforts and naps! I've already made a silly countdown calendar and a list of things to do entitled "Nas In the USA" (because I'm a total party :P). Basically, I need to know if fiction lied to me about all the awesome things, so I already put eating at IHOP, being on a highway, and go to the mall on it! I'm afraid going to prom couldn't make the list for obvious reasons, but I'll be there for Indipendence Day, so watching the 4th of July fireworks and BBQ can be added :D You should totes suggest more stuff! My sister demanded I record tiny video diaries to send her, so the more the better :)

In other news, I've been a bit on the rocky path with my artsy muse. I haven't had much time to doodle my heart out lately and in order to get back on track I've been thinking of getting a bingo card of some sort? Except I'm so out of the loop that I don't even know if there's a bingo challenge active anywhere :| Do you know of any, my lovelies? Is there a fairytalebingo anywhere? That would be absolutely perfect! (otherwise I'll have to make one myself and that's just no fun). Btw, if you don't have a bingo challenge, you are always welcome to leave me a prompt or two or ten. Iam desperate to get out of this stupid art-block.

And, finally, a tiny notification: I've had a couple of commission requests in the past few months so I thought making a proper commissions info post with a basic price chart would be a good idea :)

How have you been my darlings? What's new in your life? What did I miss? Tell me everything! <333
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May you get all the prettiest eggs!

Furthermore, HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] hermette! Hope you get all the love and delish food and pretty presents!

Also, tiny TW Easter fanart \o/
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Dearest lovelies! *tackleglomps all of you* <3

How are you, my dearests! Work is eating up all my days and pretty much all my energy. 60 hours per week are kind of heavy and when I get home in the evening I just want to eat and pass out on my bed :( Also, I miss drawing for hours on end :( And all of you, obviously *clings*
That said, my coworkers are super nice and later today I'm going to go have lunch with one of them :) Also, let it be known that the bosses are convinced I'm called Natasha. Their wife/mother started calling me Tasha yesterday. Idek.

Anyway! News from the little flat on the river! The letting agency still hasn't given us the keys to the garden :/ And our electricity bill has yet to make it to our mailbox. Idk what's up with that, I might have to send the sister to investigate... We've yet to meet all our neighbours, but I know that there's a little old man in the flat beside ours (I met him one morning! He was getting back from the newsagent and my sister slammed the door in my face because she was still in her pjs :/) and there's a couple living in the opposite flat. Also, there is a mysterious someone who likes to play the guitar in the evening, but I've yet to figure out which flat the music comes from.
Last week we had our first snow! I also got frozen slush from the road splashed all over me and inside my boots because a twat driving a giant eighteen-wheeler thought it would be totally okay not to slow down and drive at a careful, non-splash-provoking speed. I'm sure my carefully enunciated Italian response made quite an impression on the onlookers.

The sister and I had a shopping day last Tuesday and I got the most perfect red coat <3 It has a hoodie! And cute buttons! And it is so warm! AND RED! Basically, it's the coat I've been looking for since forever and now my heart is full of joy. I wish I could wear it all the time <3 We are planning a shopping trip to Bristol next week to hit Primark, because we are in need of some basic stuff (but not socks! Those I can get cheap from work. Did I tell you I love the employee discount? I LOVE IT!) Oh! I also went to pay the council tax! It was a bewildering experience featuring no queue whatsoever and a friendly touchscreen machine! Sorcery! Also, the Post Office here must be an actual portal to a magical kingdom where time ticks slower until you're done because it didn't take more than 2 minutes to send two packages! I am utterly charmed! Like, I want to go to the Post Office every day and experience the magic again and again. To that end, who's up to get a holiday card? I'm not sure if I'll be able to draw you "elaborate" cards like I did in the past years, but I'd love to send you some heartfelt wishes and possibly a quick doodle. You know the drill! Raise your hand if you want a card in your mailbox and if you changed your address in the last year (or we've met after last Christmas) let me know in a PM :)

Also also! Important stuff! The lovely people over at [ profile] fandomaid and a href="">Team Wolf Caresare hosting two auctions for the Hurricane Sandy Relief. If you can, please check them out. As usual, fandom is being utterly exceptional and loads of talented people are participating. I'm doing my little bit by offering a tiny piece of fanart in both places :)
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o1. No one will say your name right except for that one coworker. You are "love" to everybody else.
o2. The unreachable top row is always the one that needs restocking.
o3. The number of customers who finds something fluffy to be "too girly" for a boy will always be higher than 0.
o4. Proper lunch break only happens in fiction.
o5. Thank fuck for the employee discount.


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