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Title: The Bee Charmer
Fandom - Pairings: Bandom - Brendon+Spencer
Rating: G
Notes: So... this is my contribution to [ profile] bandomreversebb. I drew this back when I started watching Grimm and thought Brendon would be an amazing Pied Piper... except the original story didn't lend itself to be very cute, so I made him charm bees instead of mice because magical honey was bound to make everything sweeter :)
Lots of love to dearest Smunchkin for pointing at flaws while I was drawing and saving me from wasps gone berserk <3

I kinda got extremely lucky with the claiming :) [ profile] kisforkurama garabbed my prompt, worked actual magic on it and wrote the most delightful, brilliant story. I am still beaming like fool over it, it is that charming.

How Spencer Smith Opened His Eyes and Learned to Love the Magic by [ profile] kisforkurama
Go read it and be amazed!

follow me out of town )
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*peeks in* Hello flist :)

I remember a time when I thought RL was just a myth D: I liked it better when I had time to do stuff other than working and stress over stupid RL stuff that I don't have to stress over :( In addition I feel like such a shitty flister, what with never leaving comments and forgetting to reply to emails /o\ I keep promising to do better but it looks to me like I'm failing to do so on every front. Why am I so faily? Ugh :(

Anyway, setting apart my faily self, there's this community you might want to check out: [ profile] helpsomalia! I know there where people on my flist a couple of months ago who wanted to know if someone was going to set up a fandom auction to help fight the famine in the Horn of Africa. I'm not sure if I was just extremely distracted and completely missed the pimping of the comm or if it just flew under the radar but whatever, the offering posts are all still open so hop over there and take a look around? If you are interested, my thread is here.

And now a doodle! The lovely [ profile] katie_andrew asked for a birthday doodle and prompted me with "Boys in Autumn" :)

nothing says Autumn like skipping on fallen leaves )

Also also, a meme from my dear [ profile] toodelicious :D

Comment to this entry and I'll give you a letter. List ten things, people, places, beings, thoughts, feelings, that you love that begin with that letter
and then post that list on your journal.

She gave me the letter R :D )
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Two post in three days and I feel like I'm spamming you all with my nonsense, but bear with me, please, I have awesome recs for you!

The second wave of [ profile] bandombigbang is in full swinging and yesterday the story I drew fanart for went up! Don't Drink the Water by [personal profile] cloudlessclimes is an amazing story about Spencer the grumpy fish scientist (yes! Now you know what all my fish-related drawing woes were about!) and his wading the waters of life as a researcher towards happiness. This story's so lovely and I reccomend everyone to click on the link and go check it out.

Remeber that icon meme I did a few days ago? Well, [ profile] sarahyyy wanted to play and I asked her to tell me about her Tangled icon and she said something about wanting to write tangled fic but never getting around to do it and so I said "WRITE IT NOW!" and what d'you know, she did! In Love for a While, run don't walk!

In case you were not aware, [ profile] thesocialbbang has been showering my friend page in sparkly joy for a couple of days. I've been bookmarking everything because free time hasn't been on the menu this past week, but I managed to read one the other day: Draw Me A Map by [ profile] fairy_tale_echo. I keep going back to it so I thought I'd rec it here (and then we can spazz all together about the sheer brilliance that is correspondence!fic, Y/Y/MFY?)

In Real Life news, my old medications weren't working anymore so I had to change them with something stronger :/ I'm not particularly fond of this new one, but it seems to be doing its job so far... If I suddenly start spewing stupid(er) crap around here, I'm blaming it. Also, to cheer myself up, I bought a mammoth book of fairytales. The best thing about it is that among the usual ones, it also features classic fairytales written by women :) I don't know when I'll have the time to read them all, but it's something nice to look forward to, no?
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So... My parents left this morning for Rimini and they'll be gone a week. This means my sister and I are going to blast music and eat all the delicious food and watch all the movies \o/ Tonight it's Tron. Yay or nay, flist? Give me all your movie recs! Smunchkin and I are pants at picking movies :\

In other news, I spent this morning doodling all the silly things. Like a Sid/Andy Regency!AU for [personal profile] sometimesalways (do I have to warn for really horrible art? Idk, but I AM WARNING YOU ANYWAY!). I also doodled a mystery!kid and after consulting my twitter people, we decided that he was Nathan, Brendon and Spencer's future adopted kid from [personal profile] eledhwenlin's (Airship) Pirates! :)

a stroll on the pier )

What are your plans for the weekend, my lovelies?
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Hello hello flist! :D *hugs you all* how is everyone?
I'm afraid I've managed to fall into the dreaded RL Black Hole these past two weeks, and everything can be summed up with work work work blah blah blah house got flooded blah blaa cleaning all the things blah out with uni friends blah blah blah more work blah blah. Exciting, yes? Right.

Anyway, in between all that blah blah blah I was able to cram some reading and browsing while manning the front desk and so I come bearing links and stuff for you :D

The lovely [ profile] airgiodslv offered to write a bunch of one-year-after timestamp ficlets to celebrate Inception first anniversary and I asked one for the Kissing Meme Ficlet (because I want all the timestamps from that 'verse) and of course she wrote the most awesome timestamp ever and everyone should go read it and tell her how great she is! Oh, I also made a doodle for it! Just scroll down the thread :)

In more fandom art news, time has come to reveal what the fifth card I drew for [ profile] ohohstarryeyed as part of my [ profile] help_nz offer :D
It is a tiny illustration for her story Be on the Stars (all of you should check it out!) which she wrote for BBB, so that's why we had to wait a bit before making this one public :)

Spoilerish doodle under the cut )

In case you're not aware, Bandom has a Golden Trio of its own! [ profile] ohohstarryeyed, [ profile] sunsetmog, and [ profile] hermette have been writing the most delightful of hogwarts!AU chatfics! What are you doing still here? Off you go to read Roar and What are these feelings. Go go go!

(Also, Smunchkin just run into the room to tell me that "Fuuuuu! Ovid rocks! OMG Nas! He's a BAMF and Metamorphoses is going to give me effing nightmares :D!" So there, that's your book rec from Smunchkin)

Once your done reading all the things I linked above, you should watch this video! Dad practically sat me down to make me watch it and I can't tell you how much I loved it. (Did I ever tell you how much I adore TED? A whole lot!)

In TSN news, [ profile] errandgrrl and I want fic of this video like burning. Universe, get on it!

Tumblr keeps being a source of pretty awesome stuff, like this fantastic playlist! I've been listening to it in loop for days now and I can't get enough of it <333 Also also, Beirut's new album, The Rip Tide, is amazing! Check it out!

Oh! I've seen everyone is pointing out what their usernames are on all the other places, which is pretty nice :) So, anyway, in case you were wondering I use this same username everywhere (meaning DW, Twitter, and Tumblr), so I'm pretty easy to find :)

And now excuse me, but I have flist page to go check <333
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Title: Tether
Fandom: Bandom
Pairing: Brendon/Spencer/Ryan
Rating: G
Notes: Illustration for No Mean Art by [ profile] arsenicjade.
There is this scene in the story where the boys lie down in a blanketfort and keep each other anchored to one another that truly resonad with me.
Also, sources say that today is [ profile] arsenicjade's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] arsenicjade! Thank you so much for sharing your talent with all of us :) *throws confetti*

snip snip snip )
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] toodelicious!

May it be full of cake and hugs and people who love you! and also presents! )

Before I forget... thank you bunches for the kisses! :D I've been away at work and then busy with uni stuff and I completely failed at being a decent flister (who is surprised? /o\) I'll try to make it up to you with a couple of random doodles )and some recs! :D?

This WWF video is gorgeous! Everybody should watch it!

Deathly Hallow is almost here! My sister and I have been flapping our hands at each other for a week solid and we keep looking at each other and getting choked up. Our childhood ç___ç
Anyway, Tumblr is bursting with HP graphics and I stumbled upon this one and it made me remember that while I was an HD shipper through and through, I also loved loved LOVED Harry/Luna. My very most favourite H/L fics ever: Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast and The Wonky Dating Lexicon. Read them, enjoy them, love them! (and if you have HP recs to share GIMME ALL OF THEM!)

[ profile] laria_gwyn has been reccing me stuff to read at work like a fairy reccing godmother and every single one of them has been a joy ♥ This week the award for Most Brilliant Rec goes to Under the Table and Dreaming (ToyStory, Andy/Sid) and its sequel To the Dogs or Whoever.

'Sup, flist? ♥
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Yes you guys! Your eyes are no deceiving you! I am using the artsy icon :D

So, everyone knows how excited I am about BBB, right? Well, this year I somehow managed to snag myself a truly brilliant story (again! I can't believe how lucky I am when it comes to BBB claiming!) which is [ profile] sunsetmog's Running in Slow Motion. I can't even beiging to tell you how much I love this fic, okay? There are moments in this story that just about made me tear up and others that made me grin so hard my face hurt. Drop whatever you are doing right now and go read this story!. And check out the mixes because they are brilliant!
Oh, yeah. I drew the fanart for it (which you can find here) but since it is also inline, you should just check out the story and see it in its context :)

A couple of days ago I told all the people who had a birthday I forgot about that they could ask for a special doodle.

My lovely [ profile] xbeax asked for "Mark/Eduardo, Mark doing a grand gesture in order to win Eduardo's affection and Wardo being all *heart heart*".

SitOnIt )

Dear [ profile] jibrailis asked for something cute, which at the time translated to "Arthur hugging a giant mushroom".

1 Up )

and now I'm off to finish the art-fill for this adorable prompt, going on a comment spree and eat all the icecream I can find! And also begin my lurking experience in the x-men fandom...

I hope your weekend will be fabulous, darlings! ♥
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Dear Flist,

I hope you found all the eggs and had all the chocolate you wanted :D

To celebrate, have a handful of random twitter-prompted doodles :)
Inception + Bandom + random + H5-0 )
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So, one of my aunts up and went on vacation and asked me to cover her shifts at my mum's shop. WHY DID I SAY "OF COURSE, DEAR AUNT, DON'T YOU WORRY, I'LL TAKE CARE OF IT!". WHAT THE SHEEP WAS I THINKING? I am so tired, you guys /o\ I spent the mornings giving info on wigs and making appointment and taking calls and and and. Never again, flist. Never again.

Also, I found yesterday night/this morning that I'm due to post my reversebang piece on the first day of the fest. This is tragic in many ways, particularly the one where I AM POSTING ON THE FIRST DAY. ON A COMMUNITY. Why did I think signing up was a good idea? I'm blaming [ profile] angelgazing.

Also also, on a TMI note, why must waxing hurt so much? Why?

Anyway, DOODLE TIME. Two quick doodles I did during my lunchbreak!

[ profile] laria_gwyn got into a bit of road trouble the other day and she was feeling down and so I pfered to doodle her something quick. These mofos write their own road rules! )

This morning Ryan Ross used his twitter and tried to make me coo over his adorableness once again. I may have or may have not capitulated under his ruthless attack, but that is not important. What is important is that I had the sudden urge to draw Ryan as a faily spy (because we all know he would be the failiest spy ever) and then the Cult of the Yodel ganged up on me and we all know how this story ends. )

Oh, and speaking of doodles. I've seen this "fic commentary meme" around, but where is the "fanart commentary meme"? I want to know things about people's art, too! :(
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Hey all! First Round at [ profile] help_japan is almost over! Get ready for your last minute bidding \o/
My thread is here, btw :)

And now, on to the last pieces I did for [ profile] help_nz! (Have I told you how proud I am of Fandom? A WHOLE LOT! &FANDOM; <333)

Title: Four Important Failboats Moments
Fandom/Characters: Bandom, Brendon/Spencer
Rating: G
Notes: Four cards drawn for [ profile] ohohstarryeyed, who is made of pure kindness and all things beautiful ♥ She asked for a series of four cards featuring four important moments in Brendon and Spencer's relationship, specifically: their first kiss, their first date, the first vacation together and when they got engaged. tbh, she bid and won five cards, but the fifth one is a super secret doodle that can't be shown at this moment in time, so you'll have to wait :P

The Failboats Way )
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You guuuuuys! ARE YOU LISTENING? ARE YOU? ASDFGHJKLJHGFDS I am so very excited! Those boys made us wait for a very long time but omg, it is finally here \o/ I have yet to listen to the whole album properly and form an opinion that is not, like, just excited flailing and dolphin noises, but I'm hoping to get around to that this WE :)

In the meantime, what better way to celebrate than to post Panic! art? With, uh, a DoctorWho twist? :D? (Question: should maybe invest in a "DW!AU" tag?)

Title: Inside the TARDIS
Fandom: Bandom
Characters: Doctor!Brendon, Companion!Spencer
Rating: G
Notes: [ profile] ohohstarryeyed, who is a fount of love and cheer and should be awarded a Nobel for being so rad scones, was the other person who won my offer for [ profile] qldfloodauction. She requested "Brendon and Spencer inside the TARDIS". I am one of those poor souls who have only the vaguest notions of what the DW universe entails (yes, yes. I know. How drab my life must be), so I apologize in advance for every glaring errors and also all the minuscule ones, but not for the medium ones :P
Many, many, many thanks to L for the beta, kisses to [ profile] wethepainted for the handholding and a shower of chocolate cookies to [ profile] devilswhore_x for helping me out with the ever-so-elusive reference pictures. You girls are the bestest ♥

Inside the TARDIS )

Speaking of fandom being awesome and helpful, if you haven't done it already, please check out [ profile] help_japan!
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No, okay, I'll tell it in slightly more coherent human language!

SO, this year I participated to [ profile] bandomvalentine again! There were loads of adorable prompts, but as soon as I read "Fairies", I was gone! Apparently (and I found this out today!) I was being prompt-stalked! [ profile] prettykitty_aya claimed the same prompt and then said "Hey, we have the same prompt! Let's collaborate! :D" and I was so very overjoyed, because I lovelovelove collaborating! Collaborating is the best thing ever! Anyway, long story short, [ profile] prettykitty_aya wrote the most adorable story and I provided a couple of illustrations and you guys! YOU GUYS! All of you must head over HERE and read Clap Your Hands (I Believe, I Believe)! It is the most adorable fairy!fic ever! Brendon is a fairy! Jon is his skunk best friend! There is all the adorable and all the awesome and all the amazing and omg! GO GO GO READ IT RIGHT NOW! <333333333

In other news, [ profile] help_nz opend up the main auctions! If you can, check it out/offer/bid/boost the signal! If you are interested, my offer is right here :)
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Happy Valentine's Day flist!
I hope it's as delightful for you as it was for me :)

If you have love to spare and share, hop over here for the multifandom V-Day meme, go read the chav!fic that is now complete, go back to the Inception Love Meme to spread more love!

ILU flist! <333
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Kerrang!, you are so much better than MTV. Sooooo much better! ILU KERRANG!! Even if you already took the video down /o\ That one is a cam recorder, but it's better than anything, no? (no really, what is this "not available in your region" crap? >:|) I also love Bden faces in this video! He makes the most ridiculous faces ever! :DDD Let's have a party in their honour \o/ And also in honour of [ profile] seratonation and [ profile] of_silverandsky who hooked me up <333

Anyway, today Panic! is playing in London and due to stupid rl I couldn't be there ç___ç Lucky me, I have a [ profile] raffie79 who took a plane this morning and is going to be at the show and also at the M&G (so if any of you see an Italian girl at the show? That's Raffie! Hug her for me :D) and is going to take many pretty pictures \o/ To celebrate, let's have a silly doodle! )

ETA: (because I forget everythingomg) There is an Inception Anon Love Meme going on! Hop over and show some anon-love to all the people who make your heart grow three sizes in this fandom! ♥

Ion that surprise no one:
- I went to the flea market on Sunday and bought two tiny figurines; one is a toucan and the other should be a skunk (♥) but it has fox-ears and a terrier-face so maybe it is a mutant skunk, idk.
- Danny and Steve are so married I can't even *___*
- I want this steampunk pen sfm.
- Sloths are awesome and everyone should love them.
- I am working on 4 drawings at the same time. Talk about ADD.
- I am using masking fluid. What you should use it for: to mask the parts of the drawing you don't want your watercolours/inks/ecolines to cover. What you should do with it: paint it on the back of your hands and wait for it to dry so you can peel it off as if it was skin. Since masking fluid can be pretty expensive, I suggest you use white glue :D Have fun lovelies!
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Hello flist.
Welcome to another doodle-dump post. Today's show features silly, crackish, AUish appearances from Arthur, Eames and Ariadne and the Panic! boys travelling through time and space aboard a blue police box. Do not judge me! I was prompted!

Last week JGL unknowingly approved of these cupid shenanigans )

I tried to bribe [ profile] angelgazing into writing a drabble for this, but not even Surfer!Eames did the trick )

Also, also. Someone should stop me from perpetrating this nonsense right now! )

Anyway, enough with the Inception blabbering. Let's move onto the Panic! boys who appear to have raided The Doctor's wardrobe! [ profile] wethepainted agreed with me and then we decided to have an art exchange and she prompted me with Doctor!Brendon and Amy!Spencer )

Speaking of art exchange, would anyone be interested in one? The walls beside my desk are half empty (yes, I'm going the negative route here) and I'd love to clutter them up with doodles from my flist :3 They wouldn't be too elaborated or anything, just a simple doodle/sketch on the back of a postcard or something like that. So, um, idk, let me know?

I feel guilty about clogging your flist page with silly doodles so have some art recs that are actually worthy of your attention:

- This Sherlock-inspired drawing by [ profile] wethepainted. I love love love Ace's style and this drawing is just precious. Look at all those curls! Look at the shading! Look at the draping of the skarf! ♥

- [ profile] ordinaryink continues to bring artsy sparkle in my life. This week she did so with this gorgeous Goblin. I am utterly speechless and also a lot in love. [ profile] ordinaryink has a way with colours that makes me want to weep in awe. Click on the link and come be amazed with me.

- I have this habit of strolling around DA (as in DeviantART, not DoodlersAnonymous) for hours and a while ago I stumbled over this brilliant brief explanation of colour theory by Purplekecleon (if flash doesn't work for you, you can see it here. Et si vous êtes français, il y a aussi une version française). I'm not sure how many people would be interested in this, but I thought I'd share anyway :)

In other news, I need to get my act together and finish my assignment for the [ profile] eames_arthur exchange, resolve the stupid problems in my IBB piece, do the one for ReverseBang and turn the sketches for [ profile] bandomvalentine into actual drawings. Deadlines, why must you breathe down my neck? Also, did I miss the BBB artists sign-up?
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Title: Laundry Day
Character: Ryan Ross
Rating: G (for Gentle Cycle)
Notes: This is for [ profile] chaoticallyclev, whose birthday came out of the blue and found me unprepared and cardless (I promise to do better next year!). To make it up to her, I offered a doodle and she asked for "Ryan in mismatched socks". You get the socks and also the rest of the laundy :)

sockpuppets! )

Now I'm off to draw circles in a corner because I did a stupid thing and signed up for too many fests/exchanges/challenges/whatyouhave. You, on the other hand, should remember that [ profile] qldfloodauction is still going on (my thread is here if you are interested). Go and check it out! Offer! Bid! You can even request something! Go flist! GO!
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OH MY GOD YOU GUYS I MISSED YOU SO EFFING MUCH! SO MUUUUUCH! Never leave me again, okay? Okay. Btw, the move went surprising well (except for the part where I can't find my sketchbook anymore D:) and we are slowly getting used to the new place and making it home :) I'll probably post some pictures later on when the house won't look like a storage space from hell.

A-hem. Before I start babbling about other stuff, let me thank [ profile] saba1789 (we're gonna meet for sure! It is my goal for 2011!), [ profile] coreopsis (omg the gnome! <333) and [ profile] squashbee (kitty!Spok and puppy!Kirk ♥___♥ and the candycane :9 Also, it's February 28th ;)) for the lovely cards! They're so adorable <333 *smooches you forever*

Okay, so. I missed all the "end of year" memes which is, in fact, a good thing since nobody needs me to list all the silly stuff I did in 2010. There are, though, two things I didn't get to post last year.

The first one is the exclusive art I did for [ profile] mfac. I love this fandom calendar like burning and being able to contribute to it for the second time was a true joy ♥ You can find Santa's Little Killjoys right here together with [ profile] coreopsis's adorable story Lucky Thirteen.

The second drawing is the piece I did for [ profile] yuletart :)

Title: Aim and Fire
Fandom: Inception
Pairing: Arthur/Eames
Rating: G
Warning: um. Guns.
Summary: Love means never having to watch your own back.
Notes: Originally posted here. This was drawn for [ profile] xenakis_, who was my assigned giftee for [ profile] yuletart. [ profile] xenakis_'s prompt was "Arthur and Eames being kickass in a dream (and so in love)". I have to confess I angsted over this piece because I wasn't sure I could draw something good enough to make justice to this prompt. That's not to say I didn't have loads of fun when I decided what to draw, though <3
Also, uh, I need to credit the reference pictures I used because they were a big help. Drawing action poses is not one of my skills so the Way brothers were a true manna for figuring out Arthur and Eames' pose. fuckyeahghosttowns is a mine of stunning pictures and provided me with the one I selected as reference: an abandoned aquapark in Moscow. I cleaned it up and renovated the place to give the boys a setting where to show us that covering each other's back means I love you in kickass speak.
Also, also! Many, many, many thanks to L for the tireless beta and a shower of chocolate kisses to [ profile] angelgazing who held my hand when I was ready to pencil-stab my sketchbook and brainstormed with me <3

Love means never having to watch your own back )

Okay, now that that is taken care of, make way for the first doodle of 2011! Just before the holidays, [ profile] delires had a Spread the Happy fest where people could ask her for ficlet/recs/pictures/whatyouhave that would make them happy. I asked for lit recs (because I'm always starving for them) and not only she delivered delightful recs, [ profile] delires also wrote me an utterly charming original ficlet I spazzed over like a demented windmill (and that everyone should read because it is so freaking adorable I don't have words for it, okay?). I was so overjoyed with all these awesome gifts that I offered to draw something for her in exchange and since [ profile] delires and I share a burning love for Perrault's Donkeyskin, she asked for a drawing of one of Donkeyskin's dresses. I am so very late in delivering this drawing (damn rl), but it is finally here.

Rating: G for Garments! one day, I'll tire of these lame puns...
Fandom: Is there a fandom for Perrault? I want one.
Notes: This is "the dress as bright as the Sun", the second dress Donkeyskin ask her father for. Dear [ profile] delires, it is very clear that I would be a crappy stylist, but I hope you'll like this dress anyway ♥

Tim Gunn would be appalled )

And now... WHO IS EXCITED FOR [ profile] inception_bang? I AM SO VERY EXCITED \:D/ And I have internet back which means I won't miss anything :DDD (and, ahah, I'll be able to send in the fanart I did for it *sighs in relief*) Also! I'm sure everyone already knows about this but I am starry-eyed over it so bear with me! [ profile] harlequincepted opened up shop \o/ You wouldn't believe the hearteyes I made when I found out about it! I am so very excited about it too \o/ \o/ \o/

Oh! Speaking of harlequins! Does anyone know if [ profile] bandomvalentine will run again this year? It was such a lovely excuse to doodle/read teethrotting fluff without feeling guilty about it <3

Off to find that blasted sketchbook. Feel free to leave me a comment with all the things I missed during my forced hiatus! *hugs you all very tight* *never lets go*
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I’ve been meaning to do it for months but I was distracted/was lazy/forgot, so here be all the silly doodles I’ve been sprinkling around the internet since September (the reason behind this is that I like having things all in one place and also because I am terrified of links dying on me D:). I may have shared links to these things before, so it’s likely you’ve already seen them all.

Anyway, things I made and abandoned somewhere on the internet: )

Um, so. To make this entry worth something, have some artsy recs \o/

- [ profile] yuletart keeps bringing awesomeness into the world! These past few days fandom has been regaled with heaps of truly amazing fanart! (and, um, I don’t even know half of the fandoms here, I just really liked the art!)

- [ profile] holiday_heist is a source of neverending joy and I just can’t point out just a few of the fanarts because THEAY ARE ALL SPECTACULAR, OKAY? Even if you’re not into Inception, you should go over there and let some gorgeous art in your life! There isn’t a single one that is not a feast for your eyes! (and the fics are amazing too! I fail at commenting, lately, but know that I want to draw little hearts in sparkly silver gel pen all over every single entry!)

- HP7 brought back lots of nostalgia and I went on a stroll down Fanart Memory Lane! Does anyone remember this Snidget art? Or Makani’s beautifully hilarious sketches? Or [ profile] red_rahl’s Bedroom Eyes comic of awesome, which features the same penguin of To Have and To Hold? (I remember there was also a companion ficlet to these, but I don’t know where to find it because at the time I hadn’t discovered Delicious yet. Random trivia: after reading it I made my sister sew me an Indigo!Penguin of my very own.) Also also, let’s not forget the sheer brilliance of Sherant! I remember hers were the first fanarts I stumbled upon when I was moving my first steps into fandom and to this day I still go back and look at her art and just stare in awe and wish one day to be even half as good as her.

I still owe people some doodles ([ profile] delires, I haven't forgotten! I promise to deliver ASAP! [ profile] seratonation, I read the email, am thinking about it! [ profile] sunsetmog, am sketching victorian sofa with people sitting on it! All of you, DON'T DESPAIR!) and I'll probably go on a comment spree later this week. In the meantime, dear flist, rec me your favourite art! :D? (and, uh, also some music? My "doodle playlist" is starting to be irritating instead of inspiring)
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All my books are packed away and this house has never felt so empty :( I can't believe we're leaving this house in two weeks and we are all getting kind of bummed. The funny thing is that the house itself seems to be sad we are leaving and during the past two weeks it has started channeling Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium (thank god we didn't get mouldy walls, only stuff breaking down... usually on my head /o\).

Anyway! Things that have distracted me from the mountains of boxes that took over every single room:

- [ profile] mfac! I love this advent calendar so much! Every day I get to open a door and find something from one of my fandoms or open a door and find something from an old fandom (oh the memories!) or open a door and BAM! NEW FANDOM! :DDD

- The Multi-Fandom Cuddling Meme! This meme keeps being awesome! Remember the Brendon/Spencer cuddle I doodled for it? A LOVELY ANON WROTE A FICLET FOR IT It is so freaking adorable! Everyone click on the link and bask in the adorable and tell my anon how awesome they are <333

Also, I doodled some more cuddles: Cuddlejoys! Post-apocalyptic cuddles FTW!

- The lovely [ profile] delires gave me a bucketful of happiness in the form of amazing Lit recs! ♥

- The Killjoy Art Meme I don't know how I missed this... or, okay, I know how (boxes and boxes and more boxes to fill and tape shut), but still. Anyway, you should all wander over there and dl the ray gun lineart and make your very own killjoy weapon! And also draw yourselves as a Killjoy!

- This Multifandom dance moves reel video! I am particularly in love wih the Bowie bits (Jareth! ♥____♥)

- The fact that [ profile] yuletart started posting \o/ I love all the art! ALL OF IT! Pssss... Inception people! Check out the latest post! It is so freaking good!

- The fact that tomorrow is draft claiming day over at [ profile] inception_bang (how stupid I was to sign up as an artist? A LOT! What was I thinking? I CLEARLY WASN'T THINKING!)

What distracted you from the frenzy that is the holiday season?
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