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*peeks in* Hello flist :)

I remember a time when I thought RL was just a myth D: I liked it better when I had time to do stuff other than working and stress over stupid RL stuff that I don't have to stress over :( In addition I feel like such a shitty flister, what with never leaving comments and forgetting to reply to emails /o\ I keep promising to do better but it looks to me like I'm failing to do so on every front. Why am I so faily? Ugh :(

Anyway, setting apart my faily self, there's this community you might want to check out: [ profile] helpsomalia! I know there where people on my flist a couple of months ago who wanted to know if someone was going to set up a fandom auction to help fight the famine in the Horn of Africa. I'm not sure if I was just extremely distracted and completely missed the pimping of the comm or if it just flew under the radar but whatever, the offering posts are all still open so hop over there and take a look around? If you are interested, my thread is here.

And now a doodle! The lovely [ profile] katie_andrew asked for a birthday doodle and prompted me with "Boys in Autumn" :)

Also also, a meme from my dear [ profile] toodelicious :D

Comment to this entry and I'll give you a letter. List ten things, people, places, beings, thoughts, feelings, that you love that begin with that letter
and then post that list on your journal.

Robots (in love)



Red shoes



Robin Hood


Raspberry jam


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:D does not even half convey my excitement! I need, like, colon canyon. :DDD This is so prefect! I love silly boys playing in leaves while their boyfriends looking on, pleased and adoring. <333

Seriously, most lovely gift. ♥

edited to add: I love red shoes! And that reflection picture is really cool. :)
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Hee, I am so happy that you like it :DDD

Omg red shoes <333 If I could, I'd only ever buy red shoes!

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This post is made of joy and joyness <3

Eeeee skipping through the leaves :D

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So just like you, then :D

It is my fave thing to do in Autumn! Came to me, pretty leaves!

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RL sucks. Seriously. /o\ Don't stress yourself out too much okay? +hugs+

eeeeee cute doodle is cute! <3

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Ugh. I just got told today that I have to cover my aunt's shifts at the shop for the whole of October D: That means I'll work for 140 hours in October without counting tattoo hours. I feel already overwhelmed... *clings to you*

Your face is cute! <333 How is it going bb?

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ROME! ♥ ROBIN HOOD! ♥♥♥ That's still one of my favorite Disney movies. They'll call him the phony king of England! Awww that resting pic is adorable!

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Rome misses you and so do I! I totes had a crush on Robin Hood when I was a baby, I can't lie :3

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I totally need some Disney icons. Any suggestions for places I could find some?? More important question, were any of them drawn by you? *chinhands*

I miss you too! I was looking at my Rome pictures the other night (I meant to upload them but then I got distracted by um, Sherlock fic) and gosh, I had such a great time and I really want to go back. :D

ME TOO! I thought he was so charming and noble and he loves Marian so much! *heart melts* I think I once had a dream where I was fox!Robin Hood and shooting arrows everywhere and rescuing people. It was amazing!

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Ohh *____* lemme show you the way to [ profile] disney__icons! All of the ones I use come from there :D If I wasn't so attached to the current ones, I'd change icons everytime someone there posts a new batch :3
Cropping icons is not one of my talent, I fear. But that's okay because there are so many talented icon makers in Disney fandom :DDD

Dude, next time you come here I'm gonna take you to all the cool places and will make you eat all the delicious stuff!

Disney-based dreams are the best dreams one can have. TRUFAX!

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Thank you, darling! New icons, yay!

I don't think you're going to have to try very hard. ;) When you make it over here, I'll do the same. :)
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So many cute things in here! :D

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Hee, &you;

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can i get a letter? ive also been a terrible flister /o\ i should make a post but i have things to watch, fics to write /o\

and that first doodle is adorable!!

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oy, why is my brendon icon all pixelated?

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You can have the letter P :D Dude, I just don't understand how it got to the point where RL took over my days and fandom life had to retreat to the corner. It used to be a perfectly balanced 50/50 :(

As are you, bb! <333
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[personal profile] burnishedvictory 2011-09-21 05:05 am (UTC)(link)
Aww, they're adorable. The leaves are starting to fall here and crunching through them is one of the great things about autumn.

I like your R choices, especially Robin Hood and redheads. I hope your life goes back to less crazy soon, even though I don't think you're faily. ♥

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Hee, thank you! Stepping on fallen leaves is my very favourite thing everrr!

R is a great letter! Most of the things I like are R-words :D Aww, you're so kind! <333

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Your first paragraph sounds a lot like what I'd say if I had the time to sit on a computer long enough to post. Fresher's week is hectic to say the least.

Your autumn doodle has such an autumn feel, it's awesome :) And speaking of awesome things, rasberry jam is the best kind!

How's life, darling? :)

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BB BB OMG *tackles you to the ground and proceeds to smooch you like crazy* How is college life treating you? Have you met brilliant people? Are you already crushing on a professor? Tell me everything! *chinhands*

No no! YOU are awesome!

Ugh. RL is being an absolute pain and the weather is crazy and the clients are even crazier but whatever, IT IS AUTUMN AND SO EVERYTHING IS FINE :D

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I only just arrived here a week ago and classes start tomorrow, so no crushing yet on anything other than the scenery (the campus looks downright macigal sometimes). I've met a ton of Finns and some lovely lgbt people, and my sort-of reputation as the finnish girl who can't get drunk was spectacularly ruined yesterday. Vodka and me have called it quits. :D Other than that there's not much to tell yet.


I'm sorry RL is not treating you as well as it should. I'll come and kick RL's butt for you if you want!

Which reminds me to say: OMG I am SO SORRY for how unforgivably late the Sherlock drawing is. I promise I'm still working on it and trying to get it finished asap, I'm just working on limited tools atm.

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Oh bb, I'm sure you'll do wonderfully! I want pics of the campus! Share the magical scenery, bb! Vodka is no one's friend, I'm afraid to say. It acts all friendly and very approachable and is so funny and then the morning after it laughs in your face :(

*puts on society pin*

BB don't worry about it! There's no rush :) I still have a nice spot saved for it on my wall ;)