Mar. 2nd, 2011

aredblush: (disney - flower omg!)

No, okay, I'll tell it in slightly more coherent human language!

SO, this year I participated to [ profile] bandomvalentine again! There were loads of adorable prompts, but as soon as I read "Fairies", I was gone! Apparently (and I found this out today!) I was being prompt-stalked! [ profile] prettykitty_aya claimed the same prompt and then said "Hey, we have the same prompt! Let's collaborate! :D" and I was so very overjoyed, because I lovelovelove collaborating! Collaborating is the best thing ever! Anyway, long story short, [ profile] prettykitty_aya wrote the most adorable story and I provided a couple of illustrations and you guys! YOU GUYS! All of you must head over HERE and read Clap Your Hands (I Believe, I Believe)! It is the most adorable fairy!fic ever! Brendon is a fairy! Jon is his skunk best friend! There is all the adorable and all the awesome and all the amazing and omg! GO GO GO READ IT RIGHT NOW! <333333333

In other news, [ profile] help_nz opend up the main auctions! If you can, check it out/offer/bid/boost the signal! If you are interested, my offer is right here :)
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