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ashaba! bakja shoshobrreeee!


No, okay, I'll tell it in slightly more coherent human language!

SO, this year I participated to [ profile] bandomvalentine again! There were loads of adorable prompts, but as soon as I read "Fairies", I was gone! Apparently (and I found this out today!) I was being prompt-stalked! [ profile] prettykitty_aya claimed the same prompt and then said "Hey, we have the same prompt! Let's collaborate! :D" and I was so very overjoyed, because I lovelovelove collaborating! Collaborating is the best thing ever! Anyway, long story short, [ profile] prettykitty_aya wrote the most adorable story and I provided a couple of illustrations and you guys! YOU GUYS! All of you must head over HERE and read Clap Your Hands (I Believe, I Believe)! It is the most adorable fairy!fic ever! Brendon is a fairy! Jon is his skunk best friend! There is all the adorable and all the awesome and all the amazing and omg! GO GO GO READ IT RIGHT NOW! <333333333

In other news, [ profile] help_nz opend up the main auctions! If you can, check it out/offer/bid/boost the signal! If you are interested, my offer is right here :)

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Your art is wonderful! I loved it all, but especially skunk!Jon (both versions). So adorable!

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Hee, thank you! I'm really pleased you like them <333

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I am heading over to read it now but eeeeeeeee why is your fanart always so cute?!

Also, you've gotten me thinking... I would like to collab with someone by drawing accompanying art for a fic, but idk where to start or which comms to go through! Can you give me pointers, perhaps?

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It is all thanks to the wonderful ideas people give me :D

Collaborating is so cool! Any BigBang challenge is a good starting point. I started out with [ profile] bandombigbang, which was so fun to do and very well organised, and then I signed up for [ profile] bandgirlsbang because it was a nice excuse to draw pretty girls. There are, of course, [ profile] inception_bang and [ profile] i_reversebang for Inception. If you like Merlin, there is [ profile] paperlegends (the artist sign up is still open!) and there is also [ profile] sherlockbigbang (they just finished posting, I think, but you could keep an eye on the comm for the next round!).

Mind, not all authors want to collaborate actively. Some will just send you the fic and nothing more, but other might want to talk it out with you and you can end up bouncing ideas between you :)

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You are so helpful! <3 I think I'll start with bandombigbang and see how that goes. :')

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Woohoo \o/ Great choice, bb! Bandombigbang is the one I found to be the best organized of the bunch. I'm sure you'll have a great time participating :D (and then we'll hold hands when the deadline is looming on us :|)

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I am excited that I joined! However, I will need all the hand-holding I can get when the deadline comes upon us. >_
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NO YOU! ♥♥♥

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DUDE!! that fic was so awesome! and your art was so adorable!! i loved the one of brendon flopped onto jons stomach the most! but man fairy brendon!!

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Aww, thanks bb! I loved that scene so much! I just had to draw it! <33333