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Jan. 6th, 2012 02:14 pm
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While I'm busy power doodling you should all go here and participate :D

I'll see you there :)
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Hello hello my lovelies!

This is the last call for Holiday Cards! If you want to receive one, please click this here link :)
For those of you who wanted to send me one in return (which omg, how awesome are you? <333), my address is the same as last year but if you don't have it/lost it, just check it out here :)

In other news, the claiming posts are up over at [ profile] bandomreversebb and I've never seen such a beautiful collection of fanart pieces and fanmixes before (I'm not familiar with vocal perfomances, but I'm sure those are brilliant, too)! Bandom, how are you so awesome? My piece has already been claimed and I can't stop bouncing around in glee :D I'm pretty sure this bigbang will be a complete success \o/

And now a meme because it's been a while :D

ask me stuff! )
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The thing is, I should be doing a lot of things like replying to emails (omg I am the worst at replying in a timely fashion /o\ if I owe you an email or two don't give up on me! You will get a reply before the week is out!) and answering comments and commenting on your posts and generally be more of a decent human being... but I am way too distracted to do any of those thing at the moment because OMG I'M SEEING PANIC! TOMORROW NIGHT :DDDD I'm dragging my sister on a mini road trip to Cesena and we are going to shake our bums and wave our arms at that band of ridiculous failboats :D So, um, yes. If you don't hear from me again it's because I will have died of joy.

Anyway! I feel guilty about being a flake re:thingsIShouldBeDoing so here, have a couple of artsy things.

Artsy thing the first: silly little Arthur/Eames Cavemen!AU doodle I drew for [ profile] hermette, who is made of magic and sparkle ponies and wrote the most perfect Cavemen!AU ficlet ever ♥

Artsy thing the second: I am still completely obsessed with Pangaea and since I can't go to see Panic! and be distracted by thoughts of baby dinosaurs (because the combination of the two will make me explode from sheer awesomeness) I tried to work it off with a doodle :)

Rawr! )

And now I'm off to read more M/A fic check that I really packed everything I'll need. *smooches you all*
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Bandom people! Today your attention is needed in two places!

First, you should check out the Bandom Friending Meme because new friends to share your squee with is the most awesome thing!

Once you've spread the bandom love, you might want to head over to the Bandom Pretend Dating Fest (and if you prefer, it is also crossposted on DW!) and leave all the prompts and fics you want :D

Also also, drive-by rec for my TSN-loving flist:

The Giraffe Notes (Jesse/Andrew, NC17, +16k) by [ profile] jeyhawk
The impossible love story of a mouse and a giraffe featuring a crush that last a decade, a very grateful movie star, the fine art of falling in love over the internet, a possibly naughty tattoo, three awesome friends, cats, nerves, and a spectacular first date.

I can't rec this enough, okay? It is charming and sweet and filled with love and it has the cutest doodles I've ever seen and YOU JUST NEED TO GO READ IT NOW!

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Hello flist! A couple of links for you:

[ profile] helpthesouth is up and running! If you can, go over there and offer/bid and boost the signal!
My offer is here.

While [ profile] helpthesouth just started, [ profile] help_japan opened up the second lighting round. Check it out :)

I don't how I managed to miss this, but there's an Inception Love Meme going on! Dear Inception people, head over there and spread your love around! ♥

Bandom peeps! I am lurking like a boss on this post! So many delicious commentfic prompts *___* I am particulary gleeful about the Modern Day Royalty AU :D HI, PROMPT OF MY HEART! HI!

In other news, the 'Mucha VS Starry Night' poll ended up in a tie. You were not helpful, flist. Shame on you. Now I'll have to do both >:(
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YOU GUYSSSS! IT'S [ profile] bandombigbang CLAIMING DAY :DDD *plays trumpet* HOW EXCITED ARE WE? :DDD
I am so happy i want to go outside and dance in the streets \o/ But no, I can' do that because I was roped into helping my aunt assemble ten thousand Ikea things. I knew that showing people I good I am at building stuff without instructions was going to bite me in the butt one day...

Anyway, before I go out to screw all those rivets and tabs into submission, here are a couple of things for you to check out and also a poll :D

Inception Party Post hosted by our dear [ profile] delires. Our fandom is nine months old, you guys! Let's celebrate :D

Masquerade by [ profile] dumbimps. I've always thought [ profile] dumbimps's style was freaking amazing, but this art is just mindblowingly gorgeous. The sheer amount of details left me completely speechless (which is also why I have yet to leave a comment. English fails me when I'm too excited about beautiful art).

• This Merlin Art Project is so very interesting! It is a Style of Famous Artists & Animated Films Project: what you need to do is pick a famous artist or an animated film and draw the Merlin version of it. I have been slowly getting back into this fandom and this sounds like an awesome way to get back on the dancefloor :) Only problem is... WHAT DO I PICK? YOU SHOULD HELP ME, FLIST!

Baby's First Poll! Let's see how I messed it up! )
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Hello hello! How are you on this lovely Sunday, dear flist? I am pretty fine, except that my favourite uncle lost ten bajillion points yesterday at dinner because he said Inception is the worst film he's seen this past year. MY FACE, YOU GUYS! IT WAS STUCK ON 'D:'.

ANYWAY! Reveals went up for the [ profile] eames_arthur's fanwork exchange! I am completely sure absolutely nobody had guessed my piece. Nope. Not a single person. *makes face*

Title: Blackmail; Halloween 2010
Fandom: Inception
Characters/Pairing: Arthur/Eames
Rating: G
Notes: Gift drawing for [ profile] theeverdream, originally posted here as part of the [ profile] eames_arthur's Fanwork Exchange
Thanks to L for the beta and [ profile] angelgazing for the title :)

xx halloween 2010 xx not my +1 xx he's my cherry on top xx )

Oh! I know I recced this already, but now I can properly thank my then-mistery-writer! THANK YOU SO MUCH [ profile] themostepotente for writing me the most perfect story everrrrr! The love I have for this fic, lemme show you it! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ I hearteye all over the place everytime I read it! You should, too ♥

Also also! I am such a silly liar! These were not at all the last pieces for [ profile] help_nz! The following thing is!

Fandom: H5-0
Characters/Pairing: Danny/Steve
Rating: G
Notes: drawn for [ profile] wook77, who is made of utter kindness and won my offering in the First Round of [ profile] help_nz. Sources say that she's working on a hockey!AU and she asked me to draw Danny and Steve as hockey players. I know absolutely nothing about hockey, apart from what the Simpsons taught me :D Anyway, Steve plays for the Phoenix Coyotes, while Danny skates with the NJ Devils.

do not lift your stick over your shoulder )

Now, enough about my art. Let's talk about how excited I am for [ profile] bandombigbang! I AM VERY EXCITED! Claiming is still a whole month away, but I am already bouncing on my chair and flapping my hands in glee! If you need cheerleading or want to spazz about BBB being practically here omg! LET'S ALL SPAZZ TOGETHER :D

ALSO, speaking of boys in bands who make me flail and beams, you should all check [ profile] squashbee's latest drawing, because it has adorable boys in bands being adorable on a swing! My heart is coughing up sparkling confetti from sheer joy! ♥

ETA: asdfghjklfdsasdfghj! (500) Days of Tom!
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One day, I'll learn how to blog in decent fashion and stick to one topic only.

First and formost! Go here and give Empires five stars! You know you want to do it and, more importantly, you now they deserve it! GO GO GO.


Let's talk Bandom! )

Artsy stuff! Today I posted my pieces for [ profile] inception_bang \o/.... Actually, what I did today was unlock the entry with the fanart that I had posted yesterday... so you might have missed it... Oh c'mon, you all already knew that I like playing ninja with my doodles :P It is here, btw :)

Also, you might have noticed that this year V-Day doodle featured a new couple! Meet Danny and Steve! They are ridiculous and happy making and OH SO MARRIED!
No really, this show is like, utterly unbelievable! It's as if the writers made sock-accounts, had a stroll in the Fair Reign of Fandom and then proceeded to write the most ridiculous Everyone Knows They Are Married But Them!fic. Not only that, but they filled canon with all of fandom's favourite tropes! It is like a Fandom Theme Park with all of your favourite rides! And the dialogue lend itself so perfectly to being turned into ASofterWord Remixes! Really, [ profile] chaoticallyclev made two batches of them!
I clap my hands in glee with each new episode! You should all give H5-0 a chance! And when you've crossed to the dark side been charmed, you should all head over here and join in the fun that is the H5-0 Cliché Meme :D C'mon, c'mon! [ profile] angelgazing declared "hammock-sharing" an proper cliché just so I could post this silly doodle! She even wrote a ficlet to make it all official! You can't say no! *puppy eyes* I'll even show you the first H5-0 fanart I've ever made! )
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You guys, I hate the flu. It sneaked up on me all gross and annoying and it won't go away :( I'm sick of coughing every 2 minutes :(((

Ahh, before I forget again...

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY [ profile] chaoticallyclev!

I am sorry I couldn't draw you a b-day card on time! If you give me a prompt I'll doodle you something quick! :)?

And here are some drive-by bits and pieces!

[ profile] qldfloodauction is still going on! There's still time for you to offer/bid on the main auction (and hey, a delicious account has been set up to make the browsing easier :))

[ profile] bandomvalentine is going to open the secondwave claiming soon! Go and snatch some amazing prompts and then fill my life with joy, okay? <333

[ profile] inception_art is going to host its first fest :D Prompting is open to everyone so keep your eyes peeled for the prompt post and then go crazy with it \o/

In news that interest no one at all, the Christmas gift from my sister finally arrived :D She got me The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories <333 I am besotted with it and the little red button! &mysister;

Also, it's been a while since last time and I friended some people lately so here, let's know each other better with a meme (stolen from [ profile] ohohstarryeyed):

In response to this post, ask me about the first time I did/felt/knew something. It can be anything—the first time I ate Italian food, the first time someone I knew died, the first time I left the country, my first OTP, the first time someone saw me naked in a sexual situation. I’ll answer in the thread. Then (if you like) put it on your journal and I’ll ask you questions.
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RL is a boring affair! Let's do some memes instead \o/

1. (snatched from all over the flist) Ask me my Fannish Top Five [Whatevers]. Any top fives. Doesn't matter what, really! And I will answer them all in a new post. Possibly with pictures. And if you want to ask for my not-Fannish Top Five [Whatevers], go for it! I'm in an answering questions mood :)

2. The colour meme!
Choose a bandom person and picspam pics of that person in or surrounded by your given color.
[ profile] seratonation gave me RED :D
Boy in Red )
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Title: Cherry Red Swirls
Artist: [ profile] nasssty_slyth
Recipient:[ profile] colouredmango
Pairing: Butcher/Siska
Warnings: mushrooms (no, really)
Disclaimer: I'm pretty sure fairy wings would be hard to conceal, so I'll go out on a limb and say this is not true.
Author's notes: If you wanted to write them being pretty fairies in a garden, I would read that. Dear [ profile] colouredmango, you started it. It's all your fault.

they are fairies )
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Title: Call it Home
Pairing: Brendon/Spencer
Rating/Warnings: G
Prompt: #51, Brendon/Spencer, moving in together.
Notes: Drawn for [ profile] curtainfic, prompt #51. Thanks to [ profile] milenaa for the lovely company while I was drawing this, and cheers to the two boys in the park who were nice enough to help set the mood ;)
Disclaimer: I'm a lying liar who lies! This is not real.

clicky )
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I couldn't help myself so... guess what? You get another present \o/

Click to unwrap! )
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Title: Sweet Reward
Pairing: girl!Patrick/Mikey
Rating: G
Summary: Victorian Age!AU. Trish owns the cafe near campus, Mikey goes there everyday to study.
Notes: Drawn for the [ profile] rarebandom's Girl Challenge.

Trish thinks that Mr Way deserves a little reward for his hard work )
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Let's start with a laugh, yes?

*hasn't stopped laughing since this afternoon*

A-hem... So, I've been kinda busy with uni these past two weeks, but since most of my courses ended last Friday, I should be somewhat more active in the future :D (too bad one of those courses was children lit. :[).
Oh. Interesting fact: I found out that History makes me emotional. At first I thought it was only when the prof talked about the Constitution, but then we moved on and started discussing about colonialism and imperialism and the ideology behind them and their consequences and I teared up anyway. I thought I had mastered the I-won't-let-reality-touch-me attitude back in highschool. Apparently, not so much.

On a happier note, I'm starting to get an idea of what I want to do for my thesis \o/ I talked about it with my parents (mum:"Cool! And you could tie that up with this other thing! And also this other one! :DDD"; dad:"Uh. Uh. Here, LET ME GIVE YOU SOME TONS OF MATERIAL YOU CAN WORK WITH!" *drowns me under a pile of meterial*. &them;) and with a friend of ours who is also a professor (her face: :DDD), so I'm kind of not stressed about it as much I thought I would be.

Hey, you want to laugh some more? I found a couple of picture of Lara and I goofing with this year carved pumpkin :D
Our heads are hollow... )

We spent this past weekend helping one of my aunt move. Actually, she moved to the apartament above the one she had been living in till last Sunday (which also happened to be my grandparents' second house. So we had to empty that one first and then bring my aunt's stuff in. It was a sad affair because half of the things there were my grandma's). She lives in Rocca di Papa, a pretty nice place as you can see :) )

Anyway. My plans for next week are: catching up with Merlin (I'm so terribly behind D:), tidy up my [ profile] curtainfic prompt and send it over (because you can never send things too early!), draw something to bribe [ profile] devilswhore_x with (you have received my email, right?) and come up with something other than housemaid!Brendon/count!Spencer because of course that is not a valid pairing for the Girl Challenge over at [ profile] rarebandom (do suggest, flist!), buy more yarn, knit more hats, stop listening to Norah Jones on loop (yes, that's a link to dl her latest album), study (ahahahah), tick off some of the things on my to-draw list that keeps getting longer...

In conclusion

I am in love :)
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brendonuriesays @petewentz deal. in the meantime, watch this. let's figure out how to film something similar...

Dear Brendon,



P.S. I think Pete would do good dancing with the line of girls wearing the yelow dresses :)
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Shiny thing n° 1: Fun Socks is the most awesome app for iPhone ever! It's almost better than listening to music :D

Shiny thing n° 2: my drawings for [ profile] bandgirlsbang are up!
~ Greta and Alex for [ profile] candidlily's "Put a Smile on Your Face". I enjoyed this story so much! I liked how she managed to put so many characters in it, giving them personalities, without obscuring the main plot line. Greta is delightful, and I have a new appreciation for Alex (a character I've never paid much attention to):)
~ Chauntelle and Adam for [ profile] 152's "One More Day With You". I have to admit, I knew absolutely nothing about the characters in this story, so when I received the draft for my pinch-hit, I got a bit anxious (thank god for primers, but mostly thanks to [ profile] wethepainted who put together a mini Adam Lazarra picspam for me ♥). Anyway, I really, really liked this story too. I'm pretty amazed by [ profile] 152's style. I like all the little details woven into the narration, and the descriptions are beautifully written. The story takes place during summer and, I swear, you will feel the heat (I realize it is Summer now, but read it sitting in front of a fan and you'll see what I mean).

Shiny thing n° 3: apparently, The Young Veins will put out an album before 2010? Jon Walker, do not tease, please.

Shiny thing n° 4: I don't care if the video has no point, I HEREBY DECLARE NEW PERSPECTIVE THE HOTTEST VIDEO EVER. Spencer walks like a model, Brendon's hair looks sexy, they are wearing suits and all ends with them all rumpled and coming out from under the bleaches. It's like a failboats fanvid :)

Shiny thing n° 5: Money fic will come to you in about 5 minutes. *smiles nervously*
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because "Cover Songs Meme" was not as cool

So, [ profile] saba1789 and I are cover songs worshippers and decided to make a meme to GET MOAR spread the love :)

Saba managed to keep the linkage under control... Me, not so much.

Cover songs are <3 )

Anyway, while I was browsing my cover songs folder, I came up with a game that I call "From Beatles to Bandom". The aim of this game is to connect the Beatles to someone in Bandom by means of cover songs and without using the obvious Ealeanor Rigby cover by Panic in less than 6 steps (because with Bandom, 6 degrees are too many).

I managed to win twice \o/

one. The Beatles' song "Something In The Way She Moves" has been covered by Radiohead (1), whose song "Creep" has been reworked by Bob Dylan (2), authour of the song "Desolation Row" recently covered by My Chemical Romance (3).

two. Bono and The Edge of U2 covered "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" (1), U2's song "With Or Without You" got covered by Keane (2) whose song "Everybody's Changing" has been reworked by Lily Allen (3) who also covered "Womanizer" by Britney Spears (4), whose song "Baby One More Time" got covered by Panic! (5).


If you've managed to reach this point without gnawing on your wrist, GOOD JOB! As a prize for your resiliance to my faily spazzing, I'll give you some goodies!

a. The .zip with all the songs mentioned above
b. Across the Universe OST (Complete with "All You Need is Love" that wasn't in the original cd)
c. The link to download "They Just Howl" cd, an Empires' songs cover project
d. The link to the most wonderful site The Covers Project

Ok, your turn to join the fun!
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panel 1
my response )

I was playing around with PS the other day and suddenly realized that I haven't got a bandom bookmark (le gasp!) so I went and made a couple and then I decided to share the love )

P.S. Ian was my favourite cabbaby... I'm am heartbroken ç___ç


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