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All my books are packed away and this house has never felt so empty :( I can't believe we're leaving this house in two weeks and we are all getting kind of bummed. The funny thing is that the house itself seems to be sad we are leaving and during the past two weeks it has started channeling Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium (thank god we didn't get mouldy walls, only stuff breaking down... usually on my head /o\).

Anyway! Things that have distracted me from the mountains of boxes that took over every single room:

- [ profile] mfac! I love this advent calendar so much! Every day I get to open a door and find something from one of my fandoms or open a door and find something from an old fandom (oh the memories!) or open a door and BAM! NEW FANDOM! :DDD

- The Multi-Fandom Cuddling Meme! This meme keeps being awesome! Remember the Brendon/Spencer cuddle I doodled for it? A LOVELY ANON WROTE A FICLET FOR IT It is so freaking adorable! Everyone click on the link and bask in the adorable and tell my anon how awesome they are <333

Also, I doodled some more cuddles: Cuddlejoys! Post-apocalyptic cuddles FTW!

- The lovely [ profile] delires gave me a bucketful of happiness in the form of amazing Lit recs! ♥

- The Killjoy Art Meme I don't know how I missed this... or, okay, I know how (boxes and boxes and more boxes to fill and tape shut), but still. Anyway, you should all wander over there and dl the ray gun lineart and make your very own killjoy weapon! And also draw yourselves as a Killjoy!

- This Multifandom dance moves reel video! I am particularly in love wih the Bowie bits (Jareth! ♥____♥)

- The fact that [ profile] yuletart started posting \o/ I love all the art! ALL OF IT! Pssss... Inception people! Check out the latest post! It is so freaking good!

- The fact that tomorrow is draft claiming day over at [ profile] inception_bang (how stupid I was to sign up as an artist? A LOT! What was I thinking? I CLEARLY WASN'T THINKING!)

What distracted you from the frenzy that is the holiday season?

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