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it's a vortex!

*surprise tacklehugs* Hello my lovelies :D
I've been kind of sucked into the Bottomless Work Vortex of Doom and thus completely failed at having a healthy life on the interweb shores :\ I'm slowly backreading my friendpage but it is possible that I'll throw the towel at about skip=200 /o\

Anyway! Some lovely people celebrated their birthday this past week! Happy birthday to [ profile] raffie79 and my other half [ profile] angelgazing and the lovely [ profile] calmgravity and my precious [ profile] sometimesalways! I wish all of you the very best wishes and all the sparkles and buckets of happiness ♥

As of two days ago the bids are closed over at [ profile] helpsomalia! If you made an offer/bid please go check it out and act accordingly :)

Speaking of fandom stuff, I am now on pinboard, but I still wander around on delicious in the hope that they'll get their act together :(
Also, Pottermore! I just realized I never said, I was sorted into Slytherin! *fangs up* it was quite the surprise because I was really sure I'd end up in Hufflepuff. My sister cackled for a good half hour when I told her and my dad just plain laughed in my face, pointed finger and all, and my mum made a D: face, scrunched her nose and said "isn't that the bad House?". I felt so very loved right then -__- btw, my name there is DreamFeather124 :)

And now it's time for your bimonthly links dump of stuff that I findis awesome \o/

- Last week I stumbled upon this artist, Stefano Faravelli and promptly fell in love with his work. Apart from browsing his site, you should all watch this video in which he shows his cluttered studio (where I want to go live for the rest of forever OMG. I believe [ profile] sunsetmog would want to come look at the delightful clutter, too!) and some of his travelling journals (which are the most gorgeous things ever). The video is in Italian, but believe me you really want to fill your eyes with his lovely work.

- Draw a stickman. Run don't walk! This is the best way to waste time on the internet :D

- Two videos for you! A dog puppeteer that will blow your mind and the most adorable vid I saw this week featuring singing small potatoes

- Everything I ever wanted in a fairy book everrrr! No really, it is the most gorgeous book about fairies I've seen lately and I want everything featured in the shop and I might just die if I don't get my hands on the organizer *____*

- In conclusion, everyone should write me fic in every fandom (but especially TSN!) based on this ANIMAL TALKING IN ALL CAPS post. You know you want to! :D?
ETA OMG [ profile] chaoticallyclev is THE VERY BESTEST TO EVER BEST! Click and read and tell her how awesome she is omgggg!

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Mark knows (and stubbornly ignores) that this says a lot of terrible things about his psyche. He was temporarily a psych major. He knows all about conflict-avoidant behavior and shit. (He also knows that he stopped being a psych major because he got sick of the sideways glances people gave him whenever they really got into talking about disorders, like his brand of antisocial was really comparable. Even if he can be a little deceptive and callous, but that's just called being a dick. Mark also knows this. He got called one enough after FaceMash. He can accept it, even if he doesn't like it.) This says some not-great things about him and a normal person would probably feel bad about it. Chris, at least would definitely glare at him, but Chris isn't here, which is good. Because this would be too awkward even for Mark, who kind of figures his basic state facilitates somewhere around awkward to begin with.

But even as he curls tighter against Eduardo's side, nuzzles into the soft skin where neck meets shoulder, and whispers, "Wardo?", only to receive an unintelligible mumble as Eduardo snores away, he can't stop himself from whispering out the real question he's been biting down all week, "Will you be my boyfriend?"

His jaw snaps shut after he says it, like if he closes his mouth quick enough, the words will get trapped too, but they don't. And he kind of bites his tongue instead. Minus another 50 smooth points for Zuckerberg.

"Mhhnh... hnn." Eduardo lets out another quiet breath.

Mark exhales quietly. Whatever. it totally counts. Wardo is his boyfriend now. Mark asked; Eduardo agreed -- technically. He didn't object, at least -- it's official.

Mark has a boyfriend now. He tests the thought out in his head, if they had to be introduced to someone or something, like "Hi, this is my boyfriend, Wardo. Who I sleep with. So please stop looking at him like that." He likes it; it would significantly cut down on the amount of glaring he would have to do at people who just didn't get that the lack of a personal space bubble between Mark and Eduardo was not an invitation to also invade Eduardo's personal space. It was Mark's space. People should get that quicker. Maybe if he could get Eduardo to wear one of his hoodies--

Eduardo's hand slid up Mark's back to tangle in his hair. "Mmph, I'cn hear you thinkin'. Sshh. Go to sleep now, boyfriend says."

Mark smiles for a second at how sleep-muddled he sounds, and then stiffens. Wait. "You heard that?"

"Mm, yup. Boyfriends now. No take backs." And if Eduardo kind of sounds like he's five, and if Mark presses a kiss against his neck anyway, well, who cares? Boyfriends get to do that kind of stuff.


And that's how Mark and Eduardo become totally awesome boyfriends who snuggle and are happy all the time, even though Mark tried to sleep-trick Eduardo out of an actual conversation, but it was okay, because Eduardo thought they already had the boyfriend conversation over pizza last week, when he kissed the stray bit of marinara sauce off of the corner of Mark's mouth in public and everything. Sometimes Mark can be a little slow about these things, but Eduardo doesn't mind


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I. I WANT TO BUY YOU A PONY! WHY DO YOU NOT WRITE ALL THE TIME? CAN I HIRE TO WRITE ME THINGS LIKE THIS ALL THE TIME? *rereads y a thousand times* I can't get enough of it omggggg!
Thank you thank you thank you <3333333 I feel like I should offer you something in exchange for this bucket of joy you wrote me :) *hint hint*
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Ahaha, thank you. Also I totally have not written...anything? since February. So. also thank you for that because I had to write it.

Okay, the only thing I can even thing of is like, a tiny steve/cap and tony/iron man, because today is an Avengers Day and Nothing Hurts. Or maybe actually Wardo/Mark cuddles! Because all the cuddling.
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Also I just actually read most of this entry because apparently my brain forgot how to process words and I AM A SLYTHERIN, TOO. Which is both surprising and...not. But green and silver are my favorite, anyway. I will totally add you (i'm pumpkinfrog157...i think. i am not good with numbers right now)

aaaaand I added you on pinboard. (Oh, delicious. I would be so much less rawr about them if the could get just one section working right. Like, any one section. Or if they could make it so my comments aren't italicized and there are not line breaks. That would help.)

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hey hey! i added you on pottermore, im seekerscale59 :D

even though you ARE a slytherin. man if shannen does it and gets sorted there id be so sad, he only hufflepuff in a cult of slytherins :(

also omg that draw a stickman thing is pretty awesome :D

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But think, you'd be the best protected Puff in all the lands since Slytherins protect their own ;)


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*snuggles* Hello, darling! OMG FAIRY BOOK. So beautiful....(I can't seem to find it available via US Amazon, sad day) Instead I will just stare in awe.

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Hi bb :D I know :( I can't find it in the UK one either /o\ I'd buy the French version, but my grasp on the language is a bit rusty :/ the organizer and calendar and postcards, though, they shall be mine *___*