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First and foremost!

HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY [ profile] wethepainted and [ profile] saba1789 and [ profile] egelantier!!!
I hope it was full of joy and cake and awesome people. And pressies, let's not forget those :D

As most of you probably know, AO3 is hosting a fundraising auction, but since not all of us fans are writers, some people thought to set up a sister multimedia auction :)

a donation-based auction to raise money for Archive of Our Own & OTW

If you want/can, go have a look and spread the word :) My offer is here, btw :)

ION, I got my hands on a copy of "Save Rock and Roll" :D There weren't any copies left in HMV except for the store copy that was playing, and the lady at the conter was a total darling and sold me that one <3 I am still unable to listen to anything but that *dances around* (also, tell me someone already made a shippy video with "The Mighty Fall"!)

Lately, I've been reading less fic and more actual books (due to my phone deciding that no, data roaming is not to be had) and ugh, I had forgotten how nice it is to stuck my face through the pages while I'm reading. I love my kindle dearly, but sometimes you just have to feel the paper under your fingers, yes? Anyway, books that I've read in the past week:

"Soulless" by Gail Carriger - Steampunk-ish fantasy of utter delight. It was a really fun read, though I had some problem in the beginning because the POV kept switching around. I guess I got spoiled by all the terrific fandom authors who keep their POV consistent and/or make it easy to recognise a POV switch. Anyway, it's a pretty nice story and the characters are quite funny. I am still debating whether to buy the other books in the series, though.

Finally got around to read "The Perks of Being a Wallflower". I found it quite hard to get into in the beginning and then loved it completely once I reached the middle, which happened with "Catcher in the Rye" as well. I am still having thinky thoughts about it and I still think it should come with a very big "Warning: Feels" sticker on the cover. I am tempted to watch the movie at some point, but I'm not sure if I would survive the feels at this point. Thoughts?

I bought "Divergent" by Veronica Roth by chance because it was at half price and omg, HOW MUCH DID I LIKE IT? A LOT. It's a dystopian novel with a girl protagonist and it is probably the most engaging YA fantasy novel I've read since the first Hunger Games book. Basically, I started reading it and I couldn't put it down until I reached the end. And now I want more. So, yeah, if you are looking for a something to read, pick this one (though, be careful because the Trigger Warnings abound! Like, really. A different TW for every chapter) and then come here and tell me how much you want all the AUs.

What are you reading, lovelies? Any recs for me?
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*waves* hello lovelies!

So, uh... someone decided to use her powers for evil purposes and threw me into a new fandom vortex. One day I'll grow, like, a new-fandom-I-know-nothing-about repelling force field and I won't disappear off the face of dW/Lj for a month straight. BUT. That day is not today! Today, instead, is the day I properly throw the towel down and fess up to the fact that yes, I am totally into Teen Wolf and no, I haven't watched the entire show yet (because by now it's a matter of tradition for me to flail over a fandom with no canon-knowledge whatsoever) and yes, damn my non-existent restraint, I committed fanart. Blame the usual suspects.

Title: Little Stiles in the Red Hoodie
Fandom:Teen Wolf
Characters/Pairing: Derek/Stiles
Rating: G (for goofballs!)
Notes: Don't look at me like that! Stiles canonically frolicks in the woods, okay? Also, the first rule of Teen Wolf is: if there's a background, Derek is in it.

Once upon a time, there were a boy and a sourwolf... )

In other news, [ profile] bandomreversebb just wrapped up! Check out the master post and be amazed! Also, [ profile] tsn_springfest is churning out some pretty awesome stuff :D And last but not least, the new community in town, [ profile] shakethespear! Quoting the bio "A multi-fandom Shakespeare Fest, dedicated to every Shakespeare crossover, fusion and cameo imaginable". What are you waiting for? Go join the fun! :D
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So, my house is trying to disproove all those theories about global warming by doing its best impression of an ice-box. Apparently, calling the tecnician to sort out why the water doesn't come out as hot as it should resulted in the central heating not working anymore on the first floor. My sister and I are currently resorting to the ways of old and wearing 7 layers of wool, but cold showers in winter are not fun :/

Anyway, on to cheerier stuff!

My contribution to [ profile] inception_bang went up yesterday :D I did the fanart for [personal profile] sometimesalways's awesomely amazing story, The Policy of Truth :D I think I've read the story at least 10 times by now <333 It is a truly entertaining piece of writing and I love how [personal profile] sometimesalways handled the pacing and the characterization. Working on the fanart for this story was sort of a personal challenge, because I've been trying to work my way out of the safety of my G-rated pen for a long time, but never had the guts or the motivation to do so. I think I'll forever be thankful to [personal profile] sometimesalways for holding my hand while I jumped the PG fence :) So yeah, go and check out the story (you can also read it on here on Ao3)! The fanart is inline, and I guess it actually has more sense if you see it there in its context, but if you prefer you can also see it here on dW or here on LJ :)

Also also, drive-by TSN rec (because I meant to rec it before and never got around to it): Eduardo in Atlantis by [ profile] kathy_williams - Eduardo goes to Atlantis and grows coffee. I have a ginormous weakness for SGA!crossovers that I blame completely on bandom (because I've never actually watched SGA) and this story was such a delight to read :3

I'm off to have a cup of something hot :) Have a nice week, darlings <333
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hello hello! How have you been my lovelies? I have sort of fallen into the canyon of deep despair that is pre-finals month + RL being less that decent + me being more spazzy than usual. Whatever.

What I wanted to say is that today is Monday, but it's a very awsome one because it is [profile] chaotically_clev's birthday :D Here is the faily Hunger Games inspired birthday card I drew for her.
And speaking of Hunger Games (I hinaled the whole trilogy the past weekend and I AM HAVING ALL THE FEELINGS HOW SHALL I EVER RECOVER ;___;) my most dearest [personal profile] angelgazing wrote this utterly perfect ficlet, which wrenched my heart in all the best ways and I urge you to go read it and tell her how amazing she is and that she needs to write more! This Is the World We Wanted, run don't walk!

What else, what else... Oh yeah, remember the Epiphany doodles? They are all posted :D We had two TSN doodles, two Clint/Darcy and a bb!Thor, three Arthur/Merlin being silly and four Brendon/Spencer being adorable :) Ah, that was fun *twirls* I might do it again for the next festivity... what are your thoughts on Valentine powerdoodling?

And here, have some miscellaneous recs:

• first up, two TSN fics: Dreaming the Shades of Dawn and Dusk by [ profile] smiles1777 is a Sleeping Beauty inspired story and it wrenched my heart right out of my chest. I was quite the teary mess when I finished it but don't let the image of my blotchy red face stop you from reading it because it truly is beautiful. Brushstrokes by [ profile] hitlikehammers is another piece of utter charm: Eduardo hasn’t always been a painter, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t art inside his soul the whole time, nonetheless. It might just be that any story in which a character struggles with and talks about the creative process makes me feel a little less alone in the world and therefore makes me kinda biased, but believe me when I say that this story is lovely and you won't be disappointed.

• Pretty music from this faraway land I inhabit: Elisa's Love is requited (link goes to official video, here is a live performance and here is an mp3 download)

Nerds and male privilege, definitely worth a read :)

The Hunger Games Ponies! I can die happy now :D

Animation Concept Art Tumblr. What the tin says! This is quite the delightful little blog and it has a lovely background music (if I'm not mistaken, it's the Peter Pan soundtrack - the one with Jason Isaac, not the Disney cartoon)

And now excuse me, but I have loads of things to do... like finding a decent hairdresser to buzz off half of my hair. Or convice my mum to wield an electric rasor. Whichever. *skips away into the webz*
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I’ve been meaning to do it for months but I was distracted/was lazy/forgot, so here be all the silly doodles I’ve been sprinkling around the internet since September (the reason behind this is that I like having things all in one place and also because I am terrified of links dying on me D:). I may have shared links to these things before, so it’s likely you’ve already seen them all.

Anyway, things I made and abandoned somewhere on the internet: )

Um, so. To make this entry worth something, have some artsy recs \o/

- [ profile] yuletart keeps bringing awesomeness into the world! These past few days fandom has been regaled with heaps of truly amazing fanart! (and, um, I don’t even know half of the fandoms here, I just really liked the art!)

- [ profile] holiday_heist is a source of neverending joy and I just can’t point out just a few of the fanarts because THEAY ARE ALL SPECTACULAR, OKAY? Even if you’re not into Inception, you should go over there and let some gorgeous art in your life! There isn’t a single one that is not a feast for your eyes! (and the fics are amazing too! I fail at commenting, lately, but know that I want to draw little hearts in sparkly silver gel pen all over every single entry!)

- HP7 brought back lots of nostalgia and I went on a stroll down Fanart Memory Lane! Does anyone remember this Snidget art? Or Makani’s beautifully hilarious sketches? Or [ profile] red_rahl’s Bedroom Eyes comic of awesome, which features the same penguin of To Have and To Hold? (I remember there was also a companion ficlet to these, but I don’t know where to find it because at the time I hadn’t discovered Delicious yet. Random trivia: after reading it I made my sister sew me an Indigo!Penguin of my very own.) Also also, let’s not forget the sheer brilliance of Sherant! I remember hers were the first fanarts I stumbled upon when I was moving my first steps into fandom and to this day I still go back and look at her art and just stare in awe and wish one day to be even half as good as her.

I still owe people some doodles ([ profile] delires, I haven't forgotten! I promise to deliver ASAP! [ profile] seratonation, I read the email, am thinking about it! [ profile] sunsetmog, am sketching victorian sofa with people sitting on it! All of you, DON'T DESPAIR!) and I'll probably go on a comment spree later this week. In the meantime, dear flist, rec me your favourite art! :D? (and, uh, also some music? My "doodle playlist" is starting to be irritating instead of inspiring)
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Turns out that [ profile] angelgazing is a pushy enabler who not only wrote MORE CARE BEARS FIC (omg you guys! It is the most awesome! Go read it now! Or go read it again! Whichever!) but also insists that I share the lousy doodles I drew for her with the internet. Please know that these are all her fault and she is to blame for everything.

silly silly doodles )
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I have no idea how this reccing stuff works, but whatever. YOU SHOULD CHECK THESE OUT!

1. KITTY!ARTHUR by [ profile] platina! This is the fanart for that delightful piece of adorable that is [ profile] fermine's Felis Catus and IT IS THE MOST AMAZING THING THAT CAME OUT OF INCEPTION FANDOM, OKAY? IT HAS ARTHUR AS A KITTEN! YOUR ARGUMENT IS INVALID! Also, if you scroll down the comment thread, you'll find CATBOY!ARTHUR STRETCHING OVER EAMES! WHICH IS THE SECOND MOST AMAZING THING THAT CAME OUT OF INCEPTION FANDOM!

2. I'm pretty sure everyone already knows about this but, like, whatever! You should check [ profile] bookshop's FLUFF TROPE FEST again and again and again because IT IS THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTHTHE INTERNET! 9 pages of schmoop and fluff and happy things and delight and look, just GO! (there are also new Inception!Ponies somewhere in there :D)

3. [ profile] aya_no_hako. Everything she does is beautiful! I wish my lines were that soft and clean! I hope one day to be that good at drawing expressions! My backgrounds want to be just like [ profile] aya_no_hako's when they grow up! I might have a crush on her style! You should, too!

4. This is one of the most interesting meta posts I've ever read in fandom! I wish all my lectures at uni were this fascinating.

ETA (I knew I was forgetting something!)
5. You know that Ballet!AU on the kinkmeme? IT IS NOW FINISHED! I bet Nureyev never had to deal with this shit by [ profile] cobweb_diamond! This was one of the first stories I've read in this fandom and I've been checking the kinkmeme for updates pretty much daily since [ profile] cobweb_diamond started writing it. Seeing it finished is such a joy <333 Boys dancing ballet and being boys! So. Much. Joy!

In other news, I'm going to paint the Manhattan's skyline on a wall tomorrow! Wish me luck! Where "luck" means "given coffee by the gallons and/or nobody will try to change my project".
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