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2013-04-17 07:04 pm

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First and foremost!

HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY [ profile] wethepainted and [ profile] saba1789 and [ profile] egelantier!!!
I hope it was full of joy and cake and awesome people. And pressies, let's not forget those :D

As most of you probably know, AO3 is hosting a fundraising auction, but since not all of us fans are writers, some people thought to set up a sister multimedia auction :)

a donation-based auction to raise money for Archive of Our Own & OTW

If you want/can, go have a look and spread the word :) My offer is here, btw :)

ION, I got my hands on a copy of "Save Rock and Roll" :D There weren't any copies left in HMV except for the store copy that was playing, and the lady at the conter was a total darling and sold me that one <3 I am still unable to listen to anything but that *dances around* (also, tell me someone already made a shippy video with "The Mighty Fall"!)

Lately, I've been reading less fic and more actual books (due to my phone deciding that no, data roaming is not to be had) and ugh, I had forgotten how nice it is to stuck my face through the pages while I'm reading. I love my kindle dearly, but sometimes you just have to feel the paper under your fingers, yes? Anyway, books that I've read in the past week:

"Soulless" by Gail Carriger - Steampunk-ish fantasy of utter delight. It was a really fun read, though I had some problem in the beginning because the POV kept switching around. I guess I got spoiled by all the terrific fandom authors who keep their POV consistent and/or make it easy to recognise a POV switch. Anyway, it's a pretty nice story and the characters are quite funny. I am still debating whether to buy the other books in the series, though.

Finally got around to read "The Perks of Being a Wallflower". I found it quite hard to get into in the beginning and then loved it completely once I reached the middle, which happened with "Catcher in the Rye" as well. I am still having thinky thoughts about it and I still think it should come with a very big "Warning: Feels" sticker on the cover. I am tempted to watch the movie at some point, but I'm not sure if I would survive the feels at this point. Thoughts?

I bought "Divergent" by Veronica Roth by chance because it was at half price and omg, HOW MUCH DID I LIKE IT? A LOT. It's a dystopian novel with a girl protagonist and it is probably the most engaging YA fantasy novel I've read since the first Hunger Games book. Basically, I started reading it and I couldn't put it down until I reached the end. And now I want more. So, yeah, if you are looking for a something to read, pick this one (though, be careful because the Trigger Warnings abound! Like, really. A different TW for every chapter) and then come here and tell me how much you want all the AUs.

What are you reading, lovelies? Any recs for me?
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2012-11-13 11:00 am

(no subject)

Dearest lovelies! *tackleglomps all of you* <3

How are you, my dearests! Work is eating up all my days and pretty much all my energy. 60 hours per week are kind of heavy and when I get home in the evening I just want to eat and pass out on my bed :( Also, I miss drawing for hours on end :( And all of you, obviously *clings*
That said, my coworkers are super nice and later today I'm going to go have lunch with one of them :) Also, let it be known that the bosses are convinced I'm called Natasha. Their wife/mother started calling me Tasha yesterday. Idek.

Anyway! News from the little flat on the river! The letting agency still hasn't given us the keys to the garden :/ And our electricity bill has yet to make it to our mailbox. Idk what's up with that, I might have to send the sister to investigate... We've yet to meet all our neighbours, but I know that there's a little old man in the flat beside ours (I met him one morning! He was getting back from the newsagent and my sister slammed the door in my face because she was still in her pjs :/) and there's a couple living in the opposite flat. Also, there is a mysterious someone who likes to play the guitar in the evening, but I've yet to figure out which flat the music comes from.
Last week we had our first snow! I also got frozen slush from the road splashed all over me and inside my boots because a twat driving a giant eighteen-wheeler thought it would be totally okay not to slow down and drive at a careful, non-splash-provoking speed. I'm sure my carefully enunciated Italian response made quite an impression on the onlookers.

The sister and I had a shopping day last Tuesday and I got the most perfect red coat <3 It has a hoodie! And cute buttons! And it is so warm! AND RED! Basically, it's the coat I've been looking for since forever and now my heart is full of joy. I wish I could wear it all the time <3 We are planning a shopping trip to Bristol next week to hit Primark, because we are in need of some basic stuff (but not socks! Those I can get cheap from work. Did I tell you I love the employee discount? I LOVE IT!) Oh! I also went to pay the council tax! It was a bewildering experience featuring no queue whatsoever and a friendly touchscreen machine! Sorcery! Also, the Post Office here must be an actual portal to a magical kingdom where time ticks slower until you're done because it didn't take more than 2 minutes to send two packages! I am utterly charmed! Like, I want to go to the Post Office every day and experience the magic again and again. To that end, who's up to get a holiday card? I'm not sure if I'll be able to draw you "elaborate" cards like I did in the past years, but I'd love to send you some heartfelt wishes and possibly a quick doodle. You know the drill! Raise your hand if you want a card in your mailbox and if you changed your address in the last year (or we've met after last Christmas) let me know in a PM :)

Also also! Important stuff! The lovely people over at [ profile] fandomaid and a href="">Team Wolf Caresare hosting two auctions for the Hurricane Sandy Relief. If you can, please check them out. As usual, fandom is being utterly exceptional and loads of talented people are participating. I'm doing my little bit by offering a tiny piece of fanart in both places :)
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2012-02-28 11:38 pm

(no subject)

Thank you all, my lovelies, for the b-day wishes! You are a basket of awesome and sparkles and I am so very grateful for having you around *squishes all of you* This has been the best birthday ever, no lie! I had a lovely dinner with a bunch of friends yesterday evening and we had all the laughs and tasty food (and delish sparkling wine at midnight :9) and then today there was an avalance of birthday wishes and my sister gave me her present and it's the Escaflowne boxset, I have been pining after it for years! And my parents got me a kindle omg brb downloading all of AO3 and some sent me v-gifts (of a "tied up Andrew Garfield who is slightly unattractive" and I know who you are, dear anon!) and then [personal profile] chaoticallyclev made me stupily adorable icons (say hi to my new default one! It's a wombat! That clutches at flowers like I clutch at feelings!) and [personal profile] angelgazing got me paid time and [personal profile] delires wrote me the most charming and precious ficlet and I almost feel guilty with the aumount of love I received today.... ILU ALL LIKE CRAZY! I wish I could teleport all over the places and offer you cake and hugs and kisses <3333

In news unrelated to my birthday, I went to see Hugo with my sister last week and I still have to come to terms with the fact that I cried like a baby for half of the movie (which is something that only ever happens with cartoons). I would fire you all for not telling me how beautiful this film is, but I'm too busy looking for the fandom at the moment... where is it?

Been listening to a lot of Fun. and Ed Sheran, been humming along all the while. I am in the middle of finishing up the last of the doodles from the Valentine Fest so expect them to pop up soon :) Also also! I just found out that apparently [ profile] i_reversebang is going to run again this year! It's like the universe decided to hand me over all the good things today \o/

And now a meme from [personal profile] angelgazing because it's been a while :D

The iPod Shuffle Meme!
No, not that one. Let's be honest, when we need inspiration, the first place we go is our music library. So let's try something a little bit different. My music library is no help to me, but maybe it can be for someone else. Here's how this thing works:
1) Comment to this post, and I'll give you a prompt in the form of whatever song shuffles up next on whatever music player I've got going at the time.
2) Turn on the music player of your choice to shuffle, post this to your own journal and dole out prompts. No, you can't hide your shameful music. If it shuffles up, that's the gig.
3) Write/draw/whatever way you create for the prompt you've been given: post it. Again, no hiding the shame. Even if you think it's awful, post it.
4) Link your finished product to the prompt comment, because it's always lovely to see the results. ♥
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2012-01-20 07:49 pm

Very cool things that are happening right now

These are hard times so of course there must be CUDDLES FOR EVERYONE!

C'mon c'mon, kinks are calling you!



And if that is not enough, check out the prettiest see slug you'll ever see.
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2011-12-27 01:39 pm

Happy Tuesday, my Lovelies!

Hey lovelies! Have you survived the Christmas madness? We had Christmas on the 23rd this year 'cause the parents decided to go away for the weekend (so my childhood wish of opening the presents early finally got granted \o/ I only had to wait 20 years...) Also, thank you for all the cards and pressies! You are all awesome and I wish I could group hug all of you right now! <3333

Anyway, I know you're probably all holiday-ed out, but I have awesome things to link to, so bear with me, yeah?

Thing the 1st: [ profile] mfac was a complete joy this year too and if you haven't had the time to check it out before, I urge you to do so now because every door was chockfull of delightful fandom stuff! [ profile] saba1789 was the best host ever and allowed me again to participate to the calendar. This year I decided to go the multifandom way, because 2011 has been the year I fell in love with all the fandoms that crossed my path. You can find the drawing here, but really, you should check out all the entries!

Thing the 2nd: dear [ profile] sarahyyy wrote me the most adorable Ariadne/Yusuf ficlet :3 Go read Tea for Two and be charmed!

Thing the 3rd: OMG, you guys! I received two awesome mixes from my Santa person over at [ profile] tsnsecretsanta :D I have been listening to them all day long and I keep bouncing in my seat and you should really check them out and shower [ profile] thatsapplejack in praise and love!

Thing the 4th: COME PLAY OVER AT [community profile] grimm_kink! We have vintage props pretty violinists him! :D

Thing the 5th: seeing as lj is on a mean track lately, you might want to consider backing up your journals on Dreamwidth. I've been crossposting since the last lj fail and while dW is not as shiny as lj (used) to be, it's still a lovely place to go play and you won't need an invite code to create an account until New Year's Eve (and if you'll need one later, I should have some to hand out :)).

And on a not-very-awesome note, I haven't been able to mail some cards yet because I fail at time management, but don't despair! I'm setting up camp in front of the post office tomorrow!
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2011-12-02 12:03 am

(no subject)

First off, happy belated birthday to all the November bbs! I went kinda MIA and wasn't able to make you bday cards on your actual birthdays (I'll forever be sorry about that :((() but I'm totally willing to make it up to you right now(ish) so if you want you can leave a doodle request in the comment and I'll deliver asap!

Stuff I've done since the last update (here be a list that you can totally skip) )

And now let me point you in the direction of awesome stuff!

December is here and fandom is the place where to get your holiday cheer! If you haven't already, please go and get your stocking filled (and pour some love in other's people stockings) over at glomp_gifts! Also, [ profile] mfac is back this year! Come count down the days to Christmas and enjoy a different fandom everyday :D The first door is already open!

Also, there's a Three Sentence Ficathon going on! All the pocket-sized fics your heart desires! Run don't walk!
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2011-10-10 10:27 pm

it's a vortex!

*surprise tacklehugs* Hello my lovelies :D
I've been kind of sucked into the Bottomless Work Vortex of Doom and thus completely failed at having a healthy life on the interweb shores :\ I'm slowly backreading my friendpage but it is possible that I'll throw the towel at about skip=200 /o\

Anyway! Some lovely people celebrated their birthday this past week! Happy birthday to [ profile] raffie79 and my other half [ profile] angelgazing and the lovely [ profile] calmgravity and my precious [ profile] sometimesalways! I wish all of you the very best wishes and all the sparkles and buckets of happiness ♥

As of two days ago the bids are closed over at [ profile] helpsomalia! If you made an offer/bid please go check it out and act accordingly :)

Speaking of fandom stuff, I am now on pinboard, but I still wander around on delicious in the hope that they'll get their act together :(
Also, Pottermore! I just realized I never said, I was sorted into Slytherin! *fangs up* it was quite the surprise because I was really sure I'd end up in Hufflepuff. My sister cackled for a good half hour when I told her and my dad just plain laughed in my face, pointed finger and all, and my mum made a D: face, scrunched her nose and said "isn't that the bad House?". I felt so very loved right then -__- btw, my name there is DreamFeather124 :)

And now it's time for your bimonthly links dump of stuff that I findis awesome \o/

- Last week I stumbled upon this artist, Stefano Faravelli and promptly fell in love with his work. Apart from browsing his site, you should all watch this video in which he shows his cluttered studio (where I want to go live for the rest of forever OMG. I believe [ profile] sunsetmog would want to come look at the delightful clutter, too!) and some of his travelling journals (which are the most gorgeous things ever). The video is in Italian, but believe me you really want to fill your eyes with his lovely work.

- Draw a stickman. Run don't walk! This is the best way to waste time on the internet :D

- Two videos for you! A dog puppeteer that will blow your mind and the most adorable vid I saw this week featuring singing small potatoes

- Everything I ever wanted in a fairy book everrrr! No really, it is the most gorgeous book about fairies I've seen lately and I want everything featured in the shop and I might just die if I don't get my hands on the organizer *____*

- In conclusion, everyone should write me fic in every fandom (but especially TSN!) based on this ANIMAL TALKING IN ALL CAPS post. You know you want to! :D?
ETA OMG [ profile] chaoticallyclev is THE VERY BESTEST TO EVER BEST! Click and read and tell her how awesome she is omgggg!
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2011-09-19 10:58 pm

(no subject)

*peeks in* Hello flist :)

I remember a time when I thought RL was just a myth D: I liked it better when I had time to do stuff other than working and stress over stupid RL stuff that I don't have to stress over :( In addition I feel like such a shitty flister, what with never leaving comments and forgetting to reply to emails /o\ I keep promising to do better but it looks to me like I'm failing to do so on every front. Why am I so faily? Ugh :(

Anyway, setting apart my faily self, there's this community you might want to check out: [ profile] helpsomalia! I know there where people on my flist a couple of months ago who wanted to know if someone was going to set up a fandom auction to help fight the famine in the Horn of Africa. I'm not sure if I was just extremely distracted and completely missed the pimping of the comm or if it just flew under the radar but whatever, the offering posts are all still open so hop over there and take a look around? If you are interested, my thread is here.

And now a doodle! The lovely [ profile] katie_andrew asked for a birthday doodle and prompted me with "Boys in Autumn" :)

nothing says Autumn like skipping on fallen leaves )

Also also, a meme from my dear [ profile] toodelicious :D

Comment to this entry and I'll give you a letter. List ten things, people, places, beings, thoughts, feelings, that you love that begin with that letter
and then post that list on your journal.

She gave me the letter R :D )
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2011-08-18 10:13 pm

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Hello my lovelies! And hello to the new people around here, too :D Um. I don't have an intro post... so, um, we can have an impromptu get-to-know-me Q&A? Just ask away, I promise not to bite :)

Sooo. BBB 2nd wave is about to start (how excited are we? A LOT! Also, if you follow me on twitter I apologize for all the wining I dumped on you while I was finishing my assignment :() Anyway, it looks like the Big Bangs gates have opened and it is now time to sign up for lots of other brilliant challenges :D [ profile] bandgirlsbang (yay girls \:D/) is running again this year! I am extremely happy about it *cartwheels* [ profile] inception_bang (woohoo!) is here again! If you had fun last time, you should definitely sign up again :D (I know I will!) and now, my darlings, please pay attention because we have a new entry! [ profile] eagle_bigbang! I am most excited about this because this fandom needs all the longfics! ALL OF THEM! *urges you to sign up*

Speaking of fics, here's a rec for you all TSN peeps

Pangaea by [ profile] princewardo
They have the island, the enclosures and labs and hotels and gift shops and all the little monetizing pieces that Eduardo bullied Mark into letting him get away with. They even have the first of the population: tiny baby stegosaurus that Dustin insists on carrying around and nursing to the point that even he, their so-called reptile specialist, has to admit they’re getting a little on the chubby side for three month old herbivores.

Mark has somehow managed to charm a trio of their velociraptors.

I must have read this story at least once a day for the past week and I still can't get enough of it. As the author says, this is practically dinosaurs kidfic. How can you resist the call? Spoiler: YOU CAN'T! Go click on the link, read the story, and then come back here to tell me that drawing Dustin riding a triceratops is a bad idea and I should desist at once!

Also, these past few days my flist has been swamped in delightful fic memes of all shapes and forms, but I haven't seen a single one for fanart :( so I decided to tweak this one! :D?

The Hypothetical AU Meme: Take any one of the fandoms you know I write doodle AND give me a type of AU (space opera AU, pirate AU, superhero AU, etc) or another time period (Ancient Rome, Regency England, etc). I will then explain what story from that fandom I would AU in that era doodle something quick based on your choice.

Ion, I've spent all of Monday marathoning Ouran Host Club (and then getting scarred on D:) What anime should I obess over next, my dear flist?
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2011-05-03 02:57 pm
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It'd better start raining candies

Hello flist! A couple of links for you:

[ profile] helpthesouth is up and running! If you can, go over there and offer/bid and boost the signal!
My offer is here.

While [ profile] helpthesouth just started, [ profile] help_japan opened up the second lighting round. Check it out :)

I don't how I managed to miss this, but there's an Inception Love Meme going on! Dear Inception people, head over there and spread your love around! ♥

Bandom peeps! I am lurking like a boss on this post! So many delicious commentfic prompts *___* I am particulary gleeful about the Modern Day Royalty AU :D HI, PROMPT OF MY HEART! HI!

In other news, the 'Mucha VS Starry Night' poll ended up in a tie. You were not helpful, flist. Shame on you. Now I'll have to do both >:(
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2011-03-14 12:22 pm
Entry tags:


Auctions are open over at [ profile] help_japan! If you can, go over there and offer/bid/boost the signal.

I am offering fanart. If you are interested, my thread is here.
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2011-03-13 10:47 am

Three is the magic number

Fandom: Inception
Characters: Arthur+Eames+Ariadne
Rating: G (um. Do chibi-guns warrant a higher rating?)
Notes: The lovely [ profile] laria_gwyn has a heart as big as a house and bid on my thread for three chibi-pieces in the Lighting Round over at [ profile] help_nz.
She asked for Arthur and Eames (and maybe Ariadne?) as Jedi knights, Arthur, Ariadne, and Eames - Date night and the three of them laughing and running away from projections.
As usual, many thanks to L for the beta ♥ and also thanks to all the tweeople who helped me decide the colours for the lightsabers <3

These are not the incepters you are looking for )

made my frown turn upside down )

Run Run Jump )

And now, please, think about heading over to [ profile] help_japan, check out the comm and boost the signal (if you are on Tumblr, you can do so by reblogging this post). Auctions will open tomorrow, Monday 14th.

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2011-03-02 08:44 pm
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ashaba! bakja shoshobrreeee!


No, okay, I'll tell it in slightly more coherent human language!

SO, this year I participated to [ profile] bandomvalentine again! There were loads of adorable prompts, but as soon as I read "Fairies", I was gone! Apparently (and I found this out today!) I was being prompt-stalked! [ profile] prettykitty_aya claimed the same prompt and then said "Hey, we have the same prompt! Let's collaborate! :D" and I was so very overjoyed, because I lovelovelove collaborating! Collaborating is the best thing ever! Anyway, long story short, [ profile] prettykitty_aya wrote the most adorable story and I provided a couple of illustrations and you guys! YOU GUYS! All of you must head over HERE and read Clap Your Hands (I Believe, I Believe)! It is the most adorable fairy!fic ever! Brendon is a fairy! Jon is his skunk best friend! There is all the adorable and all the awesome and all the amazing and omg! GO GO GO READ IT RIGHT NOW! <333333333

In other news, [ profile] help_nz opend up the main auctions! If you can, check it out/offer/bid/boost the signal! If you are interested, my offer is right here :)
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2011-02-24 10:04 pm
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Smile smile smile

First and formost! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY SHANNEN! *yodels* (your card is on the way!) and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO [ profile] laria_gwyn! *smooches you both*

Today is one of those day that make me wish I were a violent person or at least a more selfish one. Since I hate hate hate feeling like that, let's have a post full of happy things!

Let's start with how awesome people in fandom can be! I'm sure all of you have heard about the earthquake in Christchurch. Well, someone organized a fandom auction to help those people get back on their feet:
[ profile] help_nz

Go check it out and offer, bid or even just boost the signal :) My thread is here, btw.

Another thing that is very awesome? This Sherlock fanart by [ profile] squashbee! I love every single thing about it! EVERY SINGLE THING! And you should check it out and tell her how charmed you are by it!

More happy-making things!
this IBB fanart by [ profile] essouffle is so beautiful, you guys! I love the style and the colours and the texture!
Panic! boys being ridiculous and UNF! How are they so ridiculous and also UNF at the same time? How?
Being spammed on twitter with beautiful pictures(&[ profile] saba1789;)
Being tweeted a story about Steve and Danny going to a tattoo parlour
• All the art for [ profile] i_reversebang. I keep going back to the claiming post to fill my eyes with all the pretty <333
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2011-01-17 01:08 pm
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(no subject)

You guys, I hate the flu. It sneaked up on me all gross and annoying and it won't go away :( I'm sick of coughing every 2 minutes :(((

Ahh, before I forget again...

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY [ profile] chaoticallyclev!

I am sorry I couldn't draw you a b-day card on time! If you give me a prompt I'll doodle you something quick! :)?

And here are some drive-by bits and pieces!

[ profile] qldfloodauction is still going on! There's still time for you to offer/bid on the main auction (and hey, a delicious account has been set up to make the browsing easier :))

[ profile] bandomvalentine is going to open the secondwave claiming soon! Go and snatch some amazing prompts and then fill my life with joy, okay? <333

[ profile] inception_art is going to host its first fest :D Prompting is open to everyone so keep your eyes peeled for the prompt post and then go crazy with it \o/

In news that interest no one at all, the Christmas gift from my sister finally arrived :D She got me The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories <333 I am besotted with it and the little red button! &mysister;

Also, it's been a while since last time and I friended some people lately so here, let's know each other better with a meme (stolen from [ profile] ohohstarryeyed):

In response to this post, ask me about the first time I did/felt/knew something. It can be anything—the first time I ate Italian food, the first time someone I knew died, the first time I left the country, my first OTP, the first time someone saw me naked in a sexual situation. I’ll answer in the thread. Then (if you like) put it on your journal and I’ll ask you questions.
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2011-01-12 10:16 am
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Multi-Fandom Fundraiser for the QLD floods


[ profile] qldfloodauction is a Multi-Fandom Fundraiser for the QLD floods. Please head over there and offer/bid/donate or even just boost the signal <3

My thread is here. The bidding starts at 1$ :)
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2010-12-05 07:22 pm
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(no subject)

All my books are packed away and this house has never felt so empty :( I can't believe we're leaving this house in two weeks and we are all getting kind of bummed. The funny thing is that the house itself seems to be sad we are leaving and during the past two weeks it has started channeling Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium (thank god we didn't get mouldy walls, only stuff breaking down... usually on my head /o\).

Anyway! Things that have distracted me from the mountains of boxes that took over every single room:

- [ profile] mfac! I love this advent calendar so much! Every day I get to open a door and find something from one of my fandoms or open a door and find something from an old fandom (oh the memories!) or open a door and BAM! NEW FANDOM! :DDD

- The Multi-Fandom Cuddling Meme! This meme keeps being awesome! Remember the Brendon/Spencer cuddle I doodled for it? A LOVELY ANON WROTE A FICLET FOR IT It is so freaking adorable! Everyone click on the link and bask in the adorable and tell my anon how awesome they are <333

Also, I doodled some more cuddles: Cuddlejoys! Post-apocalyptic cuddles FTW!

- The lovely [ profile] delires gave me a bucketful of happiness in the form of amazing Lit recs! ♥

- The Killjoy Art Meme I don't know how I missed this... or, okay, I know how (boxes and boxes and more boxes to fill and tape shut), but still. Anyway, you should all wander over there and dl the ray gun lineart and make your very own killjoy weapon! And also draw yourselves as a Killjoy!

- This Multifandom dance moves reel video! I am particularly in love wih the Bowie bits (Jareth! ♥____♥)

- The fact that [ profile] yuletart started posting \o/ I love all the art! ALL OF IT! Pssss... Inception people! Check out the latest post! It is so freaking good!

- The fact that tomorrow is draft claiming day over at [ profile] inception_bang (how stupid I was to sign up as an artist? A LOT! What was I thinking? I CLEARLY WASN'T THINKING!)

What distracted you from the frenzy that is the holiday season?
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2010-11-30 11:47 pm

Sad days are over

Okay, first thing first I've been friending back people today! Sometime it takes me forever to get around to do it, sorry guys /o\ BUT! HI NEW PEOPLE! *waves* I... don't have a get-to-know-me post and I'm not skilled in the fine art of introducing myself, so if you have any questions feel free to ask :)

The Multi-Fandom Cuddling Meme is still going on you guys! What are you doing not participating? There is a marked lack of Bandom in the meme so I started thing off by posting some Spencer/Brendon cuddling while watching the snow. NOW IT IS YOUR TURN TO WRITE/DRAW/PICSPAM SOME CUDDLING! GO!

Also, here it will be December in about 15 minutes. Do you know what that means? IT MEANS THAT [ profile] mfac IS ABOUT TO COME BACK! For those not in the know, [ profile] mfac stands for Multi Fandom Advent Calendar and it is the brainchild of [ profile] saba1789, who has been organizing it for the past 5 years! Basically, it works like all advent calendars do, except it's better because everyday there are recs, exclusive graphics, music, exclusive fanfics or fanart from a variety of fandoms. You should all prepare yourself to be swept away by its awesomeness! Actually, go and friend MFAC right now so you won't miss anything :D

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2010-10-26 11:19 am
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[ profile] angelgazing has the best ideas! Let me c/p her latest here:

Okay, fandom, let's break it down, kindergarten style. Here's your goal for today:

Say something nice about someone else

You can log in, you can do it anon, you can pimp this post far and wide, I DON'T CARE. It can be your best friend or a stranger. You can compliment your entire f-list or that person you just think rocks. I don't have to know them. You don't have to know them. I just want us to respect, care for, and be excellent to one another.

Fandom is a place for love, so let's see it.

So c'mon! Everyone head over here and show some love to the lovely people in your life!
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2010-09-30 12:48 am
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Your eyes are not deceiving you! This is a real update! Or something like that.

Random things in an even more random order! A-hem.

o1. Autumn is here! Woo! I can't wait for the air to get a little bit chillier so I can start wearing my lovely hats and skarves. Also, dry leaves! Rosted chestnuts! Hot chocolate! KNITTING! :DDD

02. Went to see Inception again today, this time with the family. It is even better the second time around! <333 While we were coming back home I asked mum what was her favourite character. It went like this: )

o3. Let's talk about Glee! Two episodes in the new season and Rachel continues to be my least favourite character. Why is she so stupidly blind? Did they actually made her even more irritating? Also, where did that blond kid from the first ep end up? I really like how he sings, can we have him back asap?

o4. My pile of books-to-read keeps getting higher. This is not really relevant to your interest, but it is to mine because it's positioned in front of my alarm clock and it's now high enough to cover the clock face. I wake up in the morning and I don't know what the time is, only that as soon as I finish Empire of Ivory I'll have to tackle Watership Down because it is thicker than Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World. My strategy, let me tell you about it!

o5. Watched RocknRolla. Twice. HI, MOVIE MADE OF MAGIC! WHERE THE F IS THE SEQUEL? Furthermore, where is the FIC? *presses play again*

o6. Mum and dad, while walking Milla, stumbled upon a litter of, and I quote, "the most adorable little kittens ever! You'd love them so much, N!". Mum followed me around the house telling me that "There is a black one with green-green eyes! It practically screams your name, N!" and dad was all "you should come with us next time so you can bring him food!" and mum chimed in with "yes! So you can pet him and see if you like each other" and at this point my heart was just ready explode with all the hope they were stuffing in it so, of course, that's when they both looked at me and said "it's just such a shame that you can't bring him home because you're the only one who like cats". Sometimes, I think they do it on purpose to make me suffer.

o7. Can someone tell me to NOT sign up for yuletart? Thanks.