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Three is the magic number

Fandom: Inception
Characters: Arthur+Eames+Ariadne
Rating: G (um. Do chibi-guns warrant a higher rating?)
Notes: The lovely [ profile] laria_gwyn has a heart as big as a house and bid on my thread for three chibi-pieces in the Lighting Round over at [ profile] help_nz.
She asked for Arthur and Eames (and maybe Ariadne?) as Jedi knights, Arthur, Ariadne, and Eames - Date night and the three of them laughing and running away from projections.
As usual, many thanks to L for the beta ♥ and also thanks to all the tweeople who helped me decide the colours for the lightsabers <3

What? Haven't you ever gone on a hot air balloon ride for a date?

And now, please, think about heading over to [ profile] help_japan, check out the comm and boost the signal (if you are on Tumblr, you can do so by reblogging this post). Auctions will open tomorrow, Monday 14th.

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Ariadne in X-Wing pilot togs, I love it!

Also, look, SCAAAAAAAAAAAAARF. And it's striped! ♥♥♥

The third one is so cute - where'd Arthur get the leverage for the somersault from? :)

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She's the most kickass pilot! [ profile] laria_gwyn told me that she reminded her of Jaina Solo :)

Ngl, I have a sort of kink for people sharing the same scarf :P

It's his love for Eames! He looks at Eames and gets the strenght to do anything! No, okay, here is the thing: in my head canon, Arthur totally does parkour in his free time!

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ariadne looks awesome in the flight suit *____*

i like the scarf they are wearing (is it all the same one wrapped around all three? <33) and dude, i would love to have a date in a hot air balloon :D)

and lol the look like they are having so much fun running away, but i love that arther is a) upside down, b) looks so badass and c) is wearing purple socks :P

everything is so adorable too omg

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It is the bestest colour!

Yes, yes. They share a single scarf. Because my aim in life is making everybody's teeth ROT!

Arthur was the most fun to draw! I ♥ him so much! Purple socks! Because he and Eames share the socks drawer :P

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waaaaaaaaah~ they are so cute :'D

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Thank you my dear! *smooches* <3333

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They are all adorable, but that last one is just EPIC. ♥ So cute.

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Ahahah. I have been watching way too many videos of people doing parkour! :D

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Eee so adorable! I think the last one is my favourite! :D

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Secretly, it is mine too! Where is the fic where Arthur does parkour? I'm toted doing a parkour thing for the next reversebang! TOTALLY!

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I like the Star Wars AU, but the last one is positively PRECIOUS.

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Hee, thank you! It is my very favourite of the bunch, not gonna lie :D
(deleted comment)

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Thank you bb! *smooches you breathless*


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Now I want a hot air balloon ride date. :( :( :(

I'm not even in this fandom, but your art still makes me go "AWWW" all over it. ♥

I'm definitely gonna be heading over to [ profile] help_japan tomorrow to offer my art up. As a poor college kid, this is the only way I can really feel like I can help.

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Me too! :(

Aww, that's pretty much the same reaction I have when you post your SPN stuff :D

Believe me, if I wasn't in the same situation I'd be all over your offer ♥

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Ahahah, I just knew you'd like the hot air balloon one best :D
Thank you bb *smooches*

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OH MY GOD THAT LAST ONE I CANNOT EVEN. *useless, helpless flailing*

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IT IS MY FAVOURITE I CANNOT LIE! I want ten thousand stories of Arthur being an acrobatic BAMF, okay?

<333333333 &you;

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Your art makes me so happy, bb.

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*feels accomplished* \o/

The feeling is mutual <3 And, uh, actually, is it okay if I friend you?

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You know, I've been too shy to friend you, so this is the perfect opportunity I think!

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Ahahah, looks like I've found someone who is as shy as I am when it comes to friending people here :)

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Oh, bb, YOU are the one with a huge heart. ♥ Thank you so, so much! They are so beautiful. ♥

I think it's hilarious that it took me (us) forever to decide on the last prompt and it's turned into my (everyone's) favorite. ♥ I'm never going to get over his little SMIRK. Of course Arthur does parkour; this is a canon prompt so that makes it true! <3

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You you you!

Hee, it is always like that! I angst and angst over it because "ahhh! No ideas! What will I ever do?!" and then I say "Omg, whatever! Eff you, you silly piece of paper" *stabs paper with pencil* and then BAM! Masterpiece! It is a very entertaining process if you are not the one going through it :)


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I adore Ari as an X-Wing pilot, I can so see her being an ace pilot in Rogue Squadron. (I read some of those books, I am an EU fan - some of the time.)

The scarf-sharing... As an OT3 girl, *heartseyes*

Arthur would be upside down. ;) And Eames, be smart like Ariadne, don't admire Arthur right now or you might get caught and then the other two will be mad at you and I am sure they can come up with terrible punishments.

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I have never read the books (though, I am a very big fan of the original trilogy) but I thought Ari would be a total kickass pilot :)

My clothes-sharing kink, LEMME SHOW YOU IT! <333

It is my personal canon that Arthur does parkour! He's a complete kickass acrobatic pointman! Eames can't be faulted, poor lad. It's not an everydream occurrence to see Arthur showoff like that... I'm sure Ari and Arthur will teach him how to behave, though ;)

Thank you so much for leaving a comment ♥

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Most of the EU's not worth bothering with - if it's not written by Zahn, Stackpole, or Allston as far as post Episode Six books go, ignore it. :)

Clothes-sharing is sweet and adorable. :D

I could see Arthur doing parkour, and I guess I can't blame Eames, but... A & A will teach him better. That could be fun to see. ;)