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Your eyes are not deceiving you! This is a real update! Or something like that.

Random things in an even more random order! A-hem.

o1. Autumn is here! Woo! I can't wait for the air to get a little bit chillier so I can start wearing my lovely hats and skarves. Also, dry leaves! Rosted chestnuts! Hot chocolate! KNITTING! :DDD

02. Went to see Inception again today, this time with the family. It is even better the second time around! <333 While we were coming back home I asked mum what was her favourite character. It went like this:

Me: So. What's your favourite character?
Mum: The "give me a kiss" one!
Me: Arthur?
Mum: Yes! And the girl was cute too!
Me: Ariadne?
Mum: Yes, Ariadne. She has a lovely face. What's your favourite?
Me: Eames :D!
Mum: Oh, the hotass. God, those lips, uh?
Me: D:
Mum: :D

And this is why my mum is cooler than anyone else.

o3. Let's talk about Glee! Two episodes in the new season and Rachel continues to be my least favourite character. Why is she so stupidly blind? Did they actually made her even more irritating? Also, where did that blond kid from the first ep end up? I really like how he sings, can we have him back asap?

o4. My pile of books-to-read keeps getting higher. This is not really relevant to your interest, but it is to mine because it's positioned in front of my alarm clock and it's now high enough to cover the clock face. I wake up in the morning and I don't know what the time is, only that as soon as I finish Empire of Ivory I'll have to tackle Watership Down because it is thicker than Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World. My strategy, let me tell you about it!

o5. Watched RocknRolla. Twice. HI, MOVIE MADE OF MAGIC! WHERE THE F IS THE SEQUEL? Furthermore, where is the FIC? *presses play again*

o6. Mum and dad, while walking Milla, stumbled upon a litter of, and I quote, "the most adorable little kittens ever! You'd love them so much, N!". Mum followed me around the house telling me that "There is a black one with green-green eyes! It practically screams your name, N!" and dad was all "you should come with us next time so you can bring him food!" and mum chimed in with "yes! So you can pet him and see if you like each other" and at this point my heart was just ready explode with all the hope they were stuffing in it so, of course, that's when they both looked at me and said "it's just such a shame that you can't bring him home because you're the only one who like cats". Sometimes, I think they do it on purpose to make me suffer.

o7. Can someone tell me to NOT sign up for yuletart? Thanks.

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