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Just a repost of some doodles I've spread around the web, nbd, please carry on with your day.

Teen Wolf, Inception, Avengers, Young Avengers )

And here's a bunch of cool stuff you could check out in your spare time:
- Top Documentary Films, a library of free documentaries. Now you know how I spend my weekends.
- This is pretty old but whatever, it's a good way to relax! Click the squares and make some music.
- Pretty art recs! [ profile] speep and [ profile] theopteryx made an art trade collaboration! Go and check how utterly awesome they are! Also, You should go have a stroll around Cris-art's gallery because it is full of beautiful stuff!
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Title: The Markly Duckling
Fandom: TSN
Characters/Pairing: Mark, Eduardo, Chris, Dustin. And a rubber duck.
Rating: G
Summary: Once upon a Spring Break Mark squawked, Chris was otherwise occupied, Wardo came to the rescue, and Dustin was right all along.
Notes: Drawn (and written. What was I thinking?) for [ profile] oflights's prompt as part of [ profile] tsn_springfest.
I owe an inordinate amount of thanks to [ profile] pixiebullets for being the best cheerleader and beta I could have asked for. She was there for the panicky emails, the flail, and the silly duckling picspams. You are a treasure, bb <333

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Title: City of Blinding Lights
Fandom: The Social Network
Character: Mark Z.
Rating: G
Notes: Art for City of Blinding Lights by [ profile] ceridweyn_lin for [ profile] smallfandombang. I always have so much fun drawing starry skys, I was so glad [ profile] ceridweyn_lin's story gave me an excuse to do it :D
Thanks a bunch to L for the usual reasons <3

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*waves* hello lovelies!

So, uh... someone decided to use her powers for evil purposes and threw me into a new fandom vortex. One day I'll grow, like, a new-fandom-I-know-nothing-about repelling force field and I won't disappear off the face of dW/Lj for a month straight. BUT. That day is not today! Today, instead, is the day I properly throw the towel down and fess up to the fact that yes, I am totally into Teen Wolf and no, I haven't watched the entire show yet (because by now it's a matter of tradition for me to flail over a fandom with no canon-knowledge whatsoever) and yes, damn my non-existent restraint, I committed fanart. Blame the usual suspects.

Title: Little Stiles in the Red Hoodie
Fandom:Teen Wolf
Characters/Pairing: Derek/Stiles
Rating: G (for goofballs!)
Notes: Don't look at me like that! Stiles canonically frolicks in the woods, okay? Also, the first rule of Teen Wolf is: if there's a background, Derek is in it.

Once upon a time, there were a boy and a sourwolf... )

In other news, [ profile] bandomreversebb just wrapped up! Check out the master post and be amazed! Also, [ profile] tsn_springfest is churning out some pretty awesome stuff :D And last but not least, the new community in town, [ profile] shakethespear! Quoting the bio "A multi-fandom Shakespeare Fest, dedicated to every Shakespeare crossover, fusion and cameo imaginable". What are you waiting for? Go join the fun! :D
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Title: The Bee Charmer
Fandom - Pairings: Bandom - Brendon+Spencer
Rating: G
Notes: So... this is my contribution to [ profile] bandomreversebb. I drew this back when I started watching Grimm and thought Brendon would be an amazing Pied Piper... except the original story didn't lend itself to be very cute, so I made him charm bees instead of mice because magical honey was bound to make everything sweeter :)
Lots of love to dearest Smunchkin for pointing at flaws while I was drawing and saving me from wasps gone berserk <3

I kinda got extremely lucky with the claiming :) [ profile] kisforkurama garabbed my prompt, worked actual magic on it and wrote the most delightful, brilliant story. I am still beaming like fool over it, it is that charming.

How Spencer Smith Opened His Eyes and Learned to Love the Magic by [ profile] kisforkurama
Go read it and be amazed!

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HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS TO [ profile] devils_whore AND [ profile] laria_gwyn!

Because of RL being less than cooperative I missed Shannen's actual birthday so here's a special picspam of stuff that I know she'll like :D

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I know, I know... It's not the 14th yet, but I thought posting a bit in advance would give you (and me) more time to play :)
I don't exactly celebrate Valentine's Day because, I think, everyday should be full of love and affection (and chocolate, let's not forget about the chocolate) for the people dear to us. That said, if you give me an excuse to throw doodles to the masses, I'll grab it with both hands and run with it, so...


Here's how it works:

• You leave a comment with a prompt which can be a particular scenario or random words or lyrics, your favourite song, a picture or a quote you love, a video you like,...pretty much whatever you can think of. If you want, you can pair your prompt with your fandom/s and charcter/s of choice, but it's not an obligation.

• Someone ( draws a doodle based on your prompt.

Please note that I am not the only one allowed to gift doodles in this fest! If you see a prompt that makes you want to grab a pencil/pen/brush/tablet/stick/fork/whatever and draw something, GO FOR IT! THE MORE THE MERRIER! Stick figures can be as pretty as the stuff hung in museums so don't use that as an excuse! (and if you really, truly, honest to whatever can't bring yourself to doodle but have nothing against taking pictures, then grab your cameras!) (you see how loose we are with the rules around here)
Now go leave prompts and spread the word if you like :)

ETA: Thanks to [ profile] iam_space we now have a pimp code :D

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So, my house is trying to disproove all those theories about global warming by doing its best impression of an ice-box. Apparently, calling the tecnician to sort out why the water doesn't come out as hot as it should resulted in the central heating not working anymore on the first floor. My sister and I are currently resorting to the ways of old and wearing 7 layers of wool, but cold showers in winter are not fun :/

Anyway, on to cheerier stuff!

My contribution to [ profile] inception_bang went up yesterday :D I did the fanart for [personal profile] sometimesalways's awesomely amazing story, The Policy of Truth :D I think I've read the story at least 10 times by now <333 It is a truly entertaining piece of writing and I love how [personal profile] sometimesalways handled the pacing and the characterization. Working on the fanart for this story was sort of a personal challenge, because I've been trying to work my way out of the safety of my G-rated pen for a long time, but never had the guts or the motivation to do so. I think I'll forever be thankful to [personal profile] sometimesalways for holding my hand while I jumped the PG fence :) So yeah, go and check out the story (you can also read it on here on Ao3)! The fanart is inline, and I guess it actually has more sense if you see it there in its context, but if you prefer you can also see it here on dW or here on LJ :)

Also also, drive-by TSN rec (because I meant to rec it before and never got around to it): Eduardo in Atlantis by [ profile] kathy_williams - Eduardo goes to Atlantis and grows coffee. I have a ginormous weakness for SGA!crossovers that I blame completely on bandom (because I've never actually watched SGA) and this story was such a delight to read :3

I'm off to have a cup of something hot :) Have a nice week, darlings <333
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Title: The Policy of Truth
Author: [personal profile] sometimesalways
Artist: [personal profile] aredblush
Rating: PG-13 for the art, NC17 for the fic.
Characters/Pairings: Arthur/Eames.
Notes: 3 pieces of fanart for The Policy of Truth (AO3) by [personal profile] sometimesalways, written for [ profile] inception_bang
Making fanart for [personal profile] sometimesalways's amazing story has been a delight and a challenge, trying to step out of my comfort zone and having the most fun while doing so. I am so very grateful to [personal profile] sometimesalways for letting me draw for her and being so patient with me and my silly flailing <3 Working on these pieces was a true pleasure and I hope you enjoy them, too :)
(watercolour textures from

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Recipient: for [personal profile] savetomorrow - I did my best to combine as many of your prompts as I could. Hope you like it :) Happy holidays
Title: Can't feel my legs
Fandom: TSN
Characters|Pairings: Mark/Eduardo + Chris & Dustin
Notes: Many thanks to [ profile] pixiebullets for the beta and handholding and for helping me find the perfect hat for Wardo ♥

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow )
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Title: The Cheek of Night
Fandom: Inception
Characters: Arthur/Eames
Rating: G
Notes: for [ profile] sarahyyy, who won my offer at [ profile] helpsomalia. She asked for "Arthur and Eames in Romeo & Juliet's balcony scene with a lovestruck Eames and a not-so-amused Arthur". I couldn't grab my pencil fast enough :)
Many thanks to Smunchkin for the cheering and to Nic for helping me pick the colours for Eames puffy pants <333

O Romeames, Romeames... get off my lawn! )
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*peeks in* Hello flist :)

I remember a time when I thought RL was just a myth D: I liked it better when I had time to do stuff other than working and stress over stupid RL stuff that I don't have to stress over :( In addition I feel like such a shitty flister, what with never leaving comments and forgetting to reply to emails /o\ I keep promising to do better but it looks to me like I'm failing to do so on every front. Why am I so faily? Ugh :(

Anyway, setting apart my faily self, there's this community you might want to check out: [ profile] helpsomalia! I know there where people on my flist a couple of months ago who wanted to know if someone was going to set up a fandom auction to help fight the famine in the Horn of Africa. I'm not sure if I was just extremely distracted and completely missed the pimping of the comm or if it just flew under the radar but whatever, the offering posts are all still open so hop over there and take a look around? If you are interested, my thread is here.

And now a doodle! The lovely [ profile] katie_andrew asked for a birthday doodle and prompted me with "Boys in Autumn" :)

nothing says Autumn like skipping on fallen leaves )

Also also, a meme from my dear [ profile] toodelicious :D

Comment to this entry and I'll give you a letter. List ten things, people, places, beings, thoughts, feelings, that you love that begin with that letter
and then post that list on your journal.

She gave me the letter R :D )
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Two post in three days and I feel like I'm spamming you all with my nonsense, but bear with me, please, I have awesome recs for you!

The second wave of [ profile] bandombigbang is in full swinging and yesterday the story I drew fanart for went up! Don't Drink the Water by [personal profile] cloudlessclimes is an amazing story about Spencer the grumpy fish scientist (yes! Now you know what all my fish-related drawing woes were about!) and his wading the waters of life as a researcher towards happiness. This story's so lovely and I reccomend everyone to click on the link and go check it out.

Remeber that icon meme I did a few days ago? Well, [ profile] sarahyyy wanted to play and I asked her to tell me about her Tangled icon and she said something about wanting to write tangled fic but never getting around to do it and so I said "WRITE IT NOW!" and what d'you know, she did! In Love for a While, run don't walk!

In case you were not aware, [ profile] thesocialbbang has been showering my friend page in sparkly joy for a couple of days. I've been bookmarking everything because free time hasn't been on the menu this past week, but I managed to read one the other day: Draw Me A Map by [ profile] fairy_tale_echo. I keep going back to it so I thought I'd rec it here (and then we can spazz all together about the sheer brilliance that is correspondence!fic, Y/Y/MFY?)

In Real Life news, my old medications weren't working anymore so I had to change them with something stronger :/ I'm not particularly fond of this new one, but it seems to be doing its job so far... If I suddenly start spewing stupid(er) crap around here, I'm blaming it. Also, to cheer myself up, I bought a mammoth book of fairytales. The best thing about it is that among the usual ones, it also features classic fairytales written by women :) I don't know when I'll have the time to read them all, but it's something nice to look forward to, no?
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I would like to state right away that this is all [personal profile] delires's fault, okay? Okay.

So. A couple of days ago my twitter feed got invaded by the South Park Craze and I carelessly asked [personal profile] delires why was I reading SP fic? Of course, she smelled blood in the water and hurried up to leave me a comment hinting at me producing fanart of the SP variety. I don't know who told her about my complete inability to resist a well placed smiley face, but someone did, and she used a killer string of hearts to make the suggestion an order and now here we are.

Fandom: South Park
Characters: Stan, Kenny, Kyle
Rating: G (for "Grrr rawr stomp! Will I ever build a resistance to smiley faces?!)
Notes: everything I know about SP I learned from the fanfics I've read in the past two days, the only episode I've ever watched is the one with the egg project and I BLAME [personal profile] delires FOR WHAT'S UNDER THE CUT.

It's a boy! )
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So... My parents left this morning for Rimini and they'll be gone a week. This means my sister and I are going to blast music and eat all the delicious food and watch all the movies \o/ Tonight it's Tron. Yay or nay, flist? Give me all your movie recs! Smunchkin and I are pants at picking movies :\

In other news, I spent this morning doodling all the silly things. Like a Sid/Andy Regency!AU for [personal profile] sometimesalways (do I have to warn for really horrible art? Idk, but I AM WARNING YOU ANYWAY!). I also doodled a mystery!kid and after consulting my twitter people, we decided that he was Nathan, Brendon and Spencer's future adopted kid from [personal profile] eledhwenlin's (Airship) Pirates! :)

a stroll on the pier )

What are your plans for the weekend, my lovelies?
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Hello hello flist! :D *hugs you all* how is everyone?
I'm afraid I've managed to fall into the dreaded RL Black Hole these past two weeks, and everything can be summed up with work work work blah blah blah house got flooded blah blaa cleaning all the things blah out with uni friends blah blah blah more work blah blah. Exciting, yes? Right.

Anyway, in between all that blah blah blah I was able to cram some reading and browsing while manning the front desk and so I come bearing links and stuff for you :D

The lovely [ profile] airgiodslv offered to write a bunch of one-year-after timestamp ficlets to celebrate Inception first anniversary and I asked one for the Kissing Meme Ficlet (because I want all the timestamps from that 'verse) and of course she wrote the most awesome timestamp ever and everyone should go read it and tell her how great she is! Oh, I also made a doodle for it! Just scroll down the thread :)

In more fandom art news, time has come to reveal what the fifth card I drew for [ profile] ohohstarryeyed as part of my [ profile] help_nz offer :D
It is a tiny illustration for her story Be on the Stars (all of you should check it out!) which she wrote for BBB, so that's why we had to wait a bit before making this one public :)

Spoilerish doodle under the cut )

In case you're not aware, Bandom has a Golden Trio of its own! [ profile] ohohstarryeyed, [ profile] sunsetmog, and [ profile] hermette have been writing the most delightful of hogwarts!AU chatfics! What are you doing still here? Off you go to read Roar and What are these feelings. Go go go!

(Also, Smunchkin just run into the room to tell me that "Fuuuuu! Ovid rocks! OMG Nas! He's a BAMF and Metamorphoses is going to give me effing nightmares :D!" So there, that's your book rec from Smunchkin)

Once your done reading all the things I linked above, you should watch this video! Dad practically sat me down to make me watch it and I can't tell you how much I loved it. (Did I ever tell you how much I adore TED? A whole lot!)

In TSN news, [ profile] errandgrrl and I want fic of this video like burning. Universe, get on it!

Tumblr keeps being a source of pretty awesome stuff, like this fantastic playlist! I've been listening to it in loop for days now and I can't get enough of it <333 Also also, Beirut's new album, The Rip Tide, is amazing! Check it out!

Oh! I've seen everyone is pointing out what their usernames are on all the other places, which is pretty nice :) So, anyway, in case you were wondering I use this same username everywhere (meaning DW, Twitter, and Tumblr), so I'm pretty easy to find :)

And now excuse me, but I have flist page to go check <333
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Title: Tether
Fandom: Bandom
Pairing: Brendon/Spencer/Ryan
Rating: G
Notes: Illustration for No Mean Art by [ profile] arsenicjade.
There is this scene in the story where the boys lie down in a blanketfort and keep each other anchored to one another that truly resonad with me.
Also, sources say that today is [ profile] arsenicjade's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] arsenicjade! Thank you so much for sharing your talent with all of us :) *throws confetti*

snip snip snip )
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Title: Here
Fandom: TSN
Characters/Pairing: Mark/Eduardo
Rating: PG overall (c'mon, they are chibis!)
Notes: Drawn for the charming [ profile] elefante_locura, who won my offer for [ profile] helpthesouth. She gave me an incredible selection of prompts to work with and I was so enamoured with all of them that I suggested we turned the "one big fanart" into four smaller ones so that we could play with more of them. Of course, since [ profile] elefante_locura is a darling, she said yes :D The main themes were "domesticity" and "being together and in love" (who told her my bulletproof kinks? I want to thank you!)
Many, many thanks to my Smunchkin for the beta and relentless hand holding.
Additional notes under the cut :)

I need you here )
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] toodelicious!

May it be full of cake and hugs and people who love you! and also presents! )

Before I forget... thank you bunches for the kisses! :D I've been away at work and then busy with uni stuff and I completely failed at being a decent flister (who is surprised? /o\) I'll try to make it up to you with a couple of random doodles )and some recs! :D?

This WWF video is gorgeous! Everybody should watch it!

Deathly Hallow is almost here! My sister and I have been flapping our hands at each other for a week solid and we keep looking at each other and getting choked up. Our childhood ç___ç
Anyway, Tumblr is bursting with HP graphics and I stumbled upon this one and it made me remember that while I was an HD shipper through and through, I also loved loved LOVED Harry/Luna. My very most favourite H/L fics ever: Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast and The Wonky Dating Lexicon. Read them, enjoy them, love them! (and if you have HP recs to share GIMME ALL OF THEM!)

[ profile] laria_gwyn has been reccing me stuff to read at work like a fairy reccing godmother and every single one of them has been a joy ♥ This week the award for Most Brilliant Rec goes to Under the Table and Dreaming (ToyStory, Andy/Sid) and its sequel To the Dogs or Whoever.

'Sup, flist? ♥
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Reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter.
List (and upload?) 05 songs you love that begin with that letter.
Post them to your journal with these instructions.

or you can just tell me your favourite song that start in I, since that's the letter that [ profile] toodelicious gave me :)

o1. I'd Rather Dance With You - Kings of Convenience
o2. Is There a Ghost? - Band of Horses
o3. If You Like It or Not - The Brobecks
o4. Indestructible - Robyn
o5. Incantevole - Subsonica

C'mon guys! I need lovely music for doodling porpuses! You don't want me to listen to the same 20 songs over and over, do you?

In other news, I popped my [ profile] tsn_kinkmeme cherry!

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