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Hey there, lovelies :) Life's being crazy busy and I can't give out candies doodles this year so you get a Free Shipping discount on everything you order in my shop instead :)

Use the discount code TREAT from NOW 'till November 1st and get your sweet print. Easy trick, yeah? :D

(But if you want to leave me a prompt, do so! I may find a couple of hours to quickly sketch you something :))

Lots of hugs, lovelies! <333
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As some of you already know, I wanted to make some of my fandom doodles available for sale on my shop so last week I pu things in motion...

Dearest lovelies, the time has come! :D

The first batch of postcard sized fandom doodle is HERE, featuring dreamy people, partners from Hawaii and wolves enthusiasts :)

So c'mon, come grab a couple of those silly Inception ponies or get the whole prancing set at once (or just get everybody's fave OTP in pony form). Liven up your wall with some old school Oregon Trail love, a surprise Eskimo kiss, or a spot of hammock action. Here for the Teen Wolf feels? Join the cuddle pile or take a stroll with Little Stiles :D

(Also, people seemed to like the steampunk unicorn print, so I made it available in a smaller size, and there are also a couple of wolfish doodles is you're interested)

All prints are 4.13" x 5.82" with a fìglossy finish.

So yeah, go forth and have a look and, uh, spread the word? :D?

And if you have requests for he next batch just leave me a comment/note/send me an email (this username at ;))

Cheers, lovelies <3
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Hey lovelies! 
Quick post for a couple of tiny questions Re:fandom postcards of things that I've drawn. I've been meaning to have some printed and put them up on my shop, but before I take the files to the printer I'd like to get an idea of what people would be interested in purchasing. Like, if I were to print the inception ponies, would you be interested only in the A/E ones or would you like to be able to get the whole set? What about the panic!cats? Would anyone be interested in Little Stiles in the Red Hoodie? The Cuddlepile? It would be a big help if you could tell me your thoughts and whatnot and, idk, nominate the three things you'd like to see in the shop (here is a handy masterlist if you need a reminder)? I'm pretty much flailing about at the moment and any input would be most welcome <3
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Hey lovelies! How's it going?

Life is going fairly well at the moment even if it rains pretty much everyday, one heater is out of commission, the oven door keeps popping open, and we broke a mug the other day (may its handle rest in peace). Also, there's a squirrel living in the front yard and it keeps eluding my camera :(((

Anyway, big news, my darlings! Since the CVs I spread around have yet to work their magic, I finally caved to my sister's demands and set up a bigcartel account. I had a bunch of canvas prints left over from this summer and instead of letting them seat in the dark, I put them up for grab. So, yeah. Have a look? :D?

Also, I'm thinking about putting up some of my fandom stuff there too? But I'm not sure what people would be interested in... so if you have thoughts on that, let me know?

Okay, must dash now. ILU bunches, lovelies! <333
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