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Here lovelies! Have a bunch of Teen Wolf Valentine to celebrate the Unofficial International Chocolate Day!

I promise I won't bite )
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Happy Valentine's Day flist!
I hope it's as delightful for you as it was for me :)

If you have love to spare and share, hop over here for the multifandom V-Day meme, go read the chav!fic that is now complete, go back to the Inception Love Meme to spread more love!

ILU flist! <333
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ETA: Happy Birthday to [ profile] trashcancore and [ profile] ordinaryink! I wish you both the very best birthday ever!

Ok, I know I shouldn't be here but I missed you guys like crazy!

Flash news: I am tired and I need my days to be at least 36 hours long because I need more time to do everything I have to do. I'm super behind on posting on the doodle jar and also for my [ profile] bandomvalentine assignment. I plan to catch up tomorrow morning.

In the meantime,

and also, here's a music meme from [ profile] toodelicious (who tagged me last week! I'm sorry it took me so long!)

- pick a band/artist, and answer the questions using titles from their songs.
- tag 5 people from your friends list.
- everyone tagged has to do the same thing.
You know the drill: you want to do it, you do it!

1000 Umbrellas! )

I feel completely out of the loop. Tell me about your exciting lives, flist!
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First and foremost, Happy Birthday [ profile] trashcancore!
I hope you get everything you want :)

Now, I'm not known for my sickly sweetness, but I was cleaning my hard drive last night and I found a folder with cute pictures from VladStudio and thought, what the hell, let's make some Valentine icons for my lj friends.

I've never made icons before, so if they are horrible... well, it's not like you have to look at them, right? I just cropped, pasted, played around with saturation & friends and added some text, so.

Pink, brown, yellow, orange, and blue, I love you.  )

When I was done with these, I remebered that I had some pictures saved in my "manga" folder that I hoarded since I am when I was a geeky little girl and some of them would look good in icon form, so I went and had some fun with them, too

One, two, three, four, can I have a little more )

Credits and comments are totally up to you.
If you want to use them as bases go on and do it.
(I made them just for fun :] )

Totally OT, I had half an idea of offering to send out valentine cards to you all, but I'm pretty sure they'd arrive around Easter, so maybe I could just do Easter Cards? Let me know :D
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