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Dearest lovelies! *tackleglomps all of you* <3

How are you, my dearests! Work is eating up all my days and pretty much all my energy. 60 hours per week are kind of heavy and when I get home in the evening I just want to eat and pass out on my bed :( Also, I miss drawing for hours on end :( And all of you, obviously *clings*
That said, my coworkers are super nice and later today I'm going to go have lunch with one of them :) Also, let it be known that the bosses are convinced I'm called Natasha. Their wife/mother started calling me Tasha yesterday. Idek.

Anyway! News from the little flat on the river! The letting agency still hasn't given us the keys to the garden :/ And our electricity bill has yet to make it to our mailbox. Idk what's up with that, I might have to send the sister to investigate... We've yet to meet all our neighbours, but I know that there's a little old man in the flat beside ours (I met him one morning! He was getting back from the newsagent and my sister slammed the door in my face because she was still in her pjs :/) and there's a couple living in the opposite flat. Also, there is a mysterious someone who likes to play the guitar in the evening, but I've yet to figure out which flat the music comes from.
Last week we had our first snow! I also got frozen slush from the road splashed all over me and inside my boots because a twat driving a giant eighteen-wheeler thought it would be totally okay not to slow down and drive at a careful, non-splash-provoking speed. I'm sure my carefully enunciated Italian response made quite an impression on the onlookers.

The sister and I had a shopping day last Tuesday and I got the most perfect red coat <3 It has a hoodie! And cute buttons! And it is so warm! AND RED! Basically, it's the coat I've been looking for since forever and now my heart is full of joy. I wish I could wear it all the time <3 We are planning a shopping trip to Bristol next week to hit Primark, because we are in need of some basic stuff (but not socks! Those I can get cheap from work. Did I tell you I love the employee discount? I LOVE IT!) Oh! I also went to pay the council tax! It was a bewildering experience featuring no queue whatsoever and a friendly touchscreen machine! Sorcery! Also, the Post Office here must be an actual portal to a magical kingdom where time ticks slower until you're done because it didn't take more than 2 minutes to send two packages! I am utterly charmed! Like, I want to go to the Post Office every day and experience the magic again and again. To that end, who's up to get a holiday card? I'm not sure if I'll be able to draw you "elaborate" cards like I did in the past years, but I'd love to send you some heartfelt wishes and possibly a quick doodle. You know the drill! Raise your hand if you want a card in your mailbox and if you changed your address in the last year (or we've met after last Christmas) let me know in a PM :)

Also also! Important stuff! The lovely people over at [ profile] fandomaid and a href="">Team Wolf Caresare hosting two auctions for the Hurricane Sandy Relief. If you can, please check them out. As usual, fandom is being utterly exceptional and loads of talented people are participating. I'm doing my little bit by offering a tiny piece of fanart in both places :)
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Sooo. I signed up for [ profile] tsnsecretsanta and I got so excited about my own assignment that I forgot I had to write a letter to my Secret Santa (...Oops!). A-hem.

Dear Secret Santa,
Let me assure you right from the start that I'll be extremely happy with whatever you'll come up with and I will shower you in pony-shaped chocolate cookies made of joy, okay? I am embarrassingly easy to please so you shouldn't worry at all about your assignment, I can guarantee that I will love your gift dearly!
That said, I'm not really sure what more I could tell you that I didn't mention in the sign-up form :/ Basically, I have a core made of marshmallow so fluff and cheerful things are big hits with me. I'm really fond of people taking chances and throwing caution to the wind when it comes to putting their heart on the line. Pining and longing are A+, as is h/c, as long as everything ends in smiles and hugs and kisses (speaking of kisses: eskimo kisses are my very favourite!). Um, what else... random things that I like in fics/arts/vids/mixes: woolen hats and matching mittens, fairylights, instrumental music, postcards, getting caught in the rain, whispering, cuddling for warmth, steampunk!AUs, secret santas (ah!), fake movie trailers.
I can't wait for this fest to go live and to find out wh oyou are <3

In other letter-y news, I need to roll [ profile] squashbee, [ profile] elefante_locura, and [ profile] sunsetmog in a pool of heartshaped sugar buttons because they filled my actual mailbox with the most charming mail <333

Also also! I'm thinking of sending out some cards for the holidays again but since RL is usurping all my freetime, I'll put a "holiday card post" way earlier this year so, um, yeah. Keep an eye out for that next week?

Have a lovely weekend, flist!
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