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May you get all the prettiest eggs!

Furthermore, HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] hermette! Hope you get all the love and delish food and pretty presents!

Also, tiny TW Easter fanart \o/
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HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS TO [ profile] devils_whore AND [ profile] laria_gwyn!

Because of RL being less than cooperative I missed Shannen's actual birthday so here's a special picspam of stuff that I know she'll like :D

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] ohohstarryeyed!

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Sooo... RL is going to require all of my attention until the 23rd, so this means I won't be around for the next week :( I still owe a bunch of doodles to the people who participated to the Doodles for Valentine Fest and I'm sorry I haven't been able to draw all of them in a timely fashion :((( but promise I'll post them asap! Cross my heart!
In the meantime, though, you should all go check out the pretty amazing Grimm ficlet [personal profile] angelgazing wrote for [personal profile] cthonical's prompt, Kumbaya and Other Campfire Songs (read it on AO3).

See you soon my lovelies! <3
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hello hello! How have you been my lovelies? I have sort of fallen into the canyon of deep despair that is pre-finals month + RL being less that decent + me being more spazzy than usual. Whatever.

What I wanted to say is that today is Monday, but it's a very awsome one because it is [profile] chaotically_clev's birthday :D Here is the faily Hunger Games inspired birthday card I drew for her.
And speaking of Hunger Games (I hinaled the whole trilogy the past weekend and I AM HAVING ALL THE FEELINGS HOW SHALL I EVER RECOVER ;___;) my most dearest [personal profile] angelgazing wrote this utterly perfect ficlet, which wrenched my heart in all the best ways and I urge you to go read it and tell her how amazing she is and that she needs to write more! This Is the World We Wanted, run don't walk!

What else, what else... Oh yeah, remember the Epiphany doodles? They are all posted :D We had two TSN doodles, two Clint/Darcy and a bb!Thor, three Arthur/Merlin being silly and four Brendon/Spencer being adorable :) Ah, that was fun *twirls* I might do it again for the next festivity... what are your thoughts on Valentine powerdoodling?

And here, have some miscellaneous recs:

• first up, two TSN fics: Dreaming the Shades of Dawn and Dusk by [ profile] smiles1777 is a Sleeping Beauty inspired story and it wrenched my heart right out of my chest. I was quite the teary mess when I finished it but don't let the image of my blotchy red face stop you from reading it because it truly is beautiful. Brushstrokes by [ profile] hitlikehammers is another piece of utter charm: Eduardo hasn’t always been a painter, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t art inside his soul the whole time, nonetheless. It might just be that any story in which a character struggles with and talks about the creative process makes me feel a little less alone in the world and therefore makes me kinda biased, but believe me when I say that this story is lovely and you won't be disappointed.

• Pretty music from this faraway land I inhabit: Elisa's Love is requited (link goes to official video, here is a live performance and here is an mp3 download)

Nerds and male privilege, definitely worth a read :)

The Hunger Games Ponies! I can die happy now :D

Animation Concept Art Tumblr. What the tin says! This is quite the delightful little blog and it has a lovely background music (if I'm not mistaken, it's the Peter Pan soundtrack - the one with Jason Isaac, not the Disney cartoon)

And now excuse me, but I have loads of things to do... like finding a decent hairdresser to buzz off half of my hair. Or convice my mum to wield an electric rasor. Whichever. *skips away into the webz*
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First off, happy belated birthday to all the November bbs! I went kinda MIA and wasn't able to make you bday cards on your actual birthdays (I'll forever be sorry about that :((() but I'm totally willing to make it up to you right now(ish) so if you want you can leave a doodle request in the comment and I'll deliver asap!

Stuff I've done since the last update (here be a list that you can totally skip) )

And now let me point you in the direction of awesome stuff!

December is here and fandom is the place where to get your holiday cheer! If you haven't already, please go and get your stocking filled (and pour some love in other's people stockings) over at glomp_gifts! Also, [ profile] mfac is back this year! Come count down the days to Christmas and enjoy a different fandom everyday :D The first door is already open!

Also, there's a Three Sentence Ficathon going on! All the pocket-sized fics your heart desires! Run don't walk!
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My lovelies! Do you know what time it is? It's HOLIDAY CARDS TIME \O/
You know the drill: you fill the poll, you get a handmade card from me come December :)

[Poll #1787605]

If you want a card leave me your snail mail address in the comments (which are screened!) or send me a PM or email or a homing pidgeon :)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] toodelicious!

May it be full of cake and hugs and people who love you! and also presents! )

Before I forget... thank you bunches for the kisses! :D I've been away at work and then busy with uni stuff and I completely failed at being a decent flister (who is surprised? /o\) I'll try to make it up to you with a couple of random doodles )and some recs! :D?

This WWF video is gorgeous! Everybody should watch it!

Deathly Hallow is almost here! My sister and I have been flapping our hands at each other for a week solid and we keep looking at each other and getting choked up. Our childhood ç___ç
Anyway, Tumblr is bursting with HP graphics and I stumbled upon this one and it made me remember that while I was an HD shipper through and through, I also loved loved LOVED Harry/Luna. My very most favourite H/L fics ever: Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast and The Wonky Dating Lexicon. Read them, enjoy them, love them! (and if you have HP recs to share GIMME ALL OF THEM!)

[ profile] laria_gwyn has been reccing me stuff to read at work like a fairy reccing godmother and every single one of them has been a joy ♥ This week the award for Most Brilliant Rec goes to Under the Table and Dreaming (ToyStory, Andy/Sid) and its sequel To the Dogs or Whoever.

'Sup, flist? ♥
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HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY, [ profile] photoclerk!!!
I wish you the very best birthday ever, bb! May it be full of delicious cake and pretty presents and all the love you deserve (which is a lot!) ♥

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I also promised [ profile] unaccompanied_g a doodle for missing her birthday! She asked for Tangled fluff :D

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In other news, I am super behind on everything! I keep meaning to do stuff and then something happens and my fannish plans get derailed :(
Anyway, assorted drive-by recs for you!

Thanks to [ profile] ohohstarryeyed and her reccing ways I managed to read two BBB today: Cute Girls (Just Wanna Have Fun) and I'd Hate to See You Frown. Both really enjoyable! Check them out :)

This BBB fanart by [ profile] undeny is gorgeous! The textures in this are so beautiful, you should all click on the link and leave the artist buckets of praises!

[ profile] themostepotente wrote a bandom ficlet! Go read it now because it is lovely!

A truly gifted anonymous person wrote a fill for a "Hipster!Eduardo" prompt over at the TSNkinkmeme. When I say I want to wrap myself in this fic and never let it go I'm being extremely serious. To be honest, I want to print it and paste it into my notebook and then read it forever and ever.

Pixar released the first trailer for Brave. YOU COULDN'T BELIEVE THE HANDFLAPPING I'M DOING RIGHT NOW :DDD Everyone should watch it and then come here so we can flail together about how gorgeous Merida's hair is!

And now, a question for you, my dear flist: is there a "The Mentalist" fandom? If yes, where could I find all the words about Agent Cho being his amazing kickass self?
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Dear Flist,

I hope you found all the eggs and had all the chocolate you wanted :D

To celebrate, have a handful of random twitter-prompted doodles :)
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Apr. 14th, 2011 09:59 pm
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] saba1789! HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY [ profile] wethepainted!
I wish you both the most wonderful of birthday! You are amazing people and you deserve all the happiness and cake in the world! *smooches you both*

So. PersonalLife-wise, this week has been the worst I've had in years... I apologise if I somehow managed to make your twitter feed look like a whiny-palooza (from now on there will only be cheery things, I promise!). All the while, though, fandom at large and you in particular, my dear flist, were a neverending party of happy-making things! I'll never be able to thank you enough or write a coherent enough sentence to express how much awesome I think you all are *hugs you all breathless* I♥U ALL!

And speaking of fandom being the kindest entity ever, here is what came out of my offer for the first round at [ profile] help_japan :)

Title: Tea at dawn + One-Sided Conversation
Fandom: Inception
Characters/Paring: Arthur/Eames + Edie the kitty <3
Rating: G (One day, G. One day I'l grow a pair and I'll ban you into oblivion!)
Notes: Soooo... The worderful [ profile] zeto has a heart full of love and kindness and sparkling cupcakes. No really, I'll never understand how fandom can be so full of amazing, loving people and not explode in a mushroom cloud of glittering, unicorn-shaped confetti. Anyway! [ profile] zeto won my offering over at [ profile] help_japan and asked me to illustrate a scene from her delightful story Near Perfect, wherin Arthur is owned by a cat ♥ Also, since [ profile] zeto offered way more than I was expecting, I felt just one drawing wasn't enough... so I drew her an extra doodle of another scene from her fic :)
Thanks to Smunchkin for the superquick beta <333

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And now, off to leave some love all over the places! I am so behind on reading and commenting and replying to emails omg! If you are waiting for a reply for me I AM NOT IGNORING YOU! I AM JUST AWFUL AT MANAGING TIME! I'll do my best to do all the things in the shortest time possible! Cross my heart! *runs off*

*runs back* If you think I should absolutely know/read/see something, please to be telling me here, okay? Okay! See you soon :D
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It's totally the 31st here!

Happy birthday bb! May it be full of cake and presents and love and all the magic you deserve :D

Also, First Round at [ profile] help_japan is closing soon! Check your bids! :D
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*smooches you breathless*
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Happy Valentine's Day flist!
I hope it's as delightful for you as it was for me :)

If you have love to spare and share, hop over here for the multifandom V-Day meme, go read the chav!fic that is now complete, go back to the Inception Love Meme to spread more love!

ILU flist! <333
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