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Title: The Bee Charmer
Fandom - Pairings: Bandom - Brendon+Spencer
Rating: G
Notes: So... this is my contribution to [ profile] bandomreversebb. I drew this back when I started watching Grimm and thought Brendon would be an amazing Pied Piper... except the original story didn't lend itself to be very cute, so I made him charm bees instead of mice because magical honey was bound to make everything sweeter :)
Lots of love to dearest Smunchkin for pointing at flaws while I was drawing and saving me from wasps gone berserk <3

I kinda got extremely lucky with the claiming :) [ profile] kisforkurama garabbed my prompt, worked actual magic on it and wrote the most delightful, brilliant story. I am still beaming like fool over it, it is that charming.

How Spencer Smith Opened His Eyes and Learned to Love the Magic by [ profile] kisforkurama
Go read it and be amazed!

follow me out of town )
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Pairing: Arthur/Eames
Rating: G
Notes: Drawn for [ profile] i_reversebang. This is the first piece I completed for the challenge and if this picture came into existence it is all thanks to [ profile] ohohstarryeyed, who suggested the idea of astronaut!Eames when I was uselessly flapping my hands and sobbing over my sketchbook and wandering the lands in search of ideas. You're a life saver! ♥
Many, many, many thanks and snuggle coupons go to my Smunchkin, who is a pro at spotting my faily perspectives ♥

Finally, a whole lots of love goes to [ profile] sevenwindows for picking my drawing and writing Forever in All Directions. I was left completely speechless by the sheer brilliance of this story. I love every single word that makes it up and I will never thank [ profile] sevenwindows enough for gifting my drawing with such a beautiful story. Please click on the link and go be amazed ♥♥♥

Invisible at dawn )
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Title: Graffiti
Pairing: Arthur/Eames
Rating: G
Notes: So, this is the first of my pieces for [ profile] i_reversebang. I blame Norther Downpour by Panic! at the Disco for the idea of Eames leaving graffiti notes to Arthur all over town and also Nichole for encouraging me instead of putting a stop to this madness ♥
My lovely Smunchkin gets all the love and rainbows for being the best beta ever and holding my hands everytime without complaining (much) <333

I still can't believe it myself, but this drawing was claimed twice, so there are two stories written for it :D

You Clicked Your Heels And Wished For Me by [ profile] someidiothasice and Les enfants de grands chemins by [ profile] smaragdbird

I can't tell you how much love I have for both of these stories; they are both brilliant and I am so grateful to [ profile] someidiothasice and [ profile] smaragdbird for picking my drawing and writing such beautiful words to accompany it. Thank you so much ♥♥♥
Everybody, please click on the links, read the stories and tell them how amazing they are!

And now I'll shut up. On to the art!

A wall is a very big weapon. )
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No, okay, I'll tell it in slightly more coherent human language!

SO, this year I participated to [ profile] bandomvalentine again! There were loads of adorable prompts, but as soon as I read "Fairies", I was gone! Apparently (and I found this out today!) I was being prompt-stalked! [ profile] prettykitty_aya claimed the same prompt and then said "Hey, we have the same prompt! Let's collaborate! :D" and I was so very overjoyed, because I lovelovelove collaborating! Collaborating is the best thing ever! Anyway, long story short, [ profile] prettykitty_aya wrote the most adorable story and I provided a couple of illustrations and you guys! YOU GUYS! All of you must head over HERE and read Clap Your Hands (I Believe, I Believe)! It is the most adorable fairy!fic ever! Brendon is a fairy! Jon is his skunk best friend! There is all the adorable and all the awesome and all the amazing and omg! GO GO GO READ IT RIGHT NOW! <333333333

In other news, [ profile] help_nz opend up the main auctions! If you can, check it out/offer/bid/boost the signal! If you are interested, my offer is right here :)
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Title: How I Love to Hear Your Patter
Pairing: Ashlee/Cassadee
Rating: G
Notes: Drawn for my "Wild Card" square on my [ profile] schmoop_bingo card. Thanks to [ profile] ashlein for suggesting me the prompt "Caught in the Rain" ♥ You can find [ profile] ashlein's lovely companion story right here.

In other (not so surprising) news, [ profile] ashlein is totes the most awesome! She wrote this other lovely story, The Risk I'll Always Take, which you should all read right now and then you should tell her how amazing she is, okay? Okay.

P.s. Sera! Your art is next in my sketchbook!
p.p.s. I know it doesn't seem like it, but I promise that RL is happening to me too! I just forgot how to write a proper update /o\
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So, turns out that [ profile] ashlein is the epitome of awesome and also comes up with the best ideas!
A while ago we were spazzing over our multiple bingo cards and then [ profile] ashlein had the best idea ever and we decided to start a collaboration: she would write the fics and I would draw the art. I am most excited about this because I love collaborating and, if you like, you should totally go and check out [ profile] jar_of_stars so we can be excited together :D
Our first collaboration is already up! ♥
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Title: Pocket Change
Authors: [ profile] devilswhore_x and [ profile] nasssty_slyth
Pairing: Brendon/Spencer
Rating: PG (because I used the F word)
Beta by [ profile] devilswhore_x, who not only indulged my commentficcing, but also assures me that "you can never get too sappy". Thanks, bb ♥

Brendon is a dime. )
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Title: Loop de Loop (and tie them up)
Character/Paring: Brendon
Rating: G
Words: 685
Notes: Just to be clear, this is all [ profile] of_silverandsky's fault. She asked to discuss this picture of Brendon and this came out. Also, unbetaed.

Brendon has been abandoned. )
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Yes, you read right. Dorky!Darwin fic is finally here! \O/

So, the idea behind this story came to me when [ profile] smunchkin89 dragged me to see a Darwin exhibition, so a lot of thanks to her for bringing me along that time and for not laughing too hard when I behave like a dork. A huge THANK YOU goes to [ profile] belenustenebrae for her cheering and prodding without which this story would have been abandoned a long time ago. And finally, a round of applause for [ profile] enaranie who betaed this thing and put her retinas at risk (you are a total angel!). Title and cut text stolen from the song Teach me again by Elisa & Tina Turner.

A lifetime in a day, in which we learn to fly out of this cage )
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Remember Dorky!Darwin? Remember how I said that it would be awesome if I could find fics about his dorky self? Remember that I said that if I couldn't find those fics, I'd write one myself?
Yeah, I didn't find the fics. So...

I have 1908 words (how I managed to write that much I'll never know) about this chubby face here

(I don't know. I started writing faily teenage!Dorky!Darwin fic and then it was all faily child!Dorky!Darwin fic. Don't ask.)

and I think they really need some betaing, because this is what they look like now

Snippet of utter fail. Read at your own risk )

So. Who wants to beta? :D?
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So... it turns out that smiley faces (like this one-> :) ) are my kryptonite. [ profile] milenaa types smiley faces like a pro, so that's why I went and did something that, usually, I wouldn't be caught dead doing: I wrote fic of the bandom variety.
It all started with [ profile] saba1789's prompt for that 5 things meme and the fact that I didn't write a note for the fifth thing.

When Ryan said that they were going to need a real practice space, he said it like an afterthought. )
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