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Hey there, lovelies :) Life's being crazy busy and I can't give out candies doodles this year so you get a Free Shipping discount on everything you order in my shop instead :)

Use the discount code TREAT from NOW 'till November 1st and get your sweet print. Easy trick, yeah? :D

(But if you want to leave me a prompt, do so! I may find a couple of hours to quickly sketch you something :))

Lots of hugs, lovelies! <333
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As some of you already know, I wanted to make some of my fandom doodles available for sale on my shop so last week I pu things in motion...

Dearest lovelies, the time has come! :D

The first batch of postcard sized fandom doodle is HERE, featuring dreamy people, partners from Hawaii and wolves enthusiasts :)

So c'mon, come grab a couple of those silly Inception ponies or get the whole prancing set at once (or just get everybody's fave OTP in pony form). Liven up your wall with some old school Oregon Trail love, a surprise Eskimo kiss, or a spot of hammock action. Here for the Teen Wolf feels? Join the cuddle pile or take a stroll with Little Stiles :D

(Also, people seemed to like the steampunk unicorn print, so I made it available in a smaller size, and there are also a couple of wolfish doodles is you're interested)

All prints are 4.13" x 5.82" with a fìglossy finish.

So yeah, go forth and have a look and, uh, spread the word? :D?

And if you have requests for he next batch just leave me a comment/note/send me an email (this username at ;))

Cheers, lovelies <3
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Hey lovelies! 
Quick post for a couple of tiny questions Re:fandom postcards of things that I've drawn. I've been meaning to have some printed and put them up on my shop, but before I take the files to the printer I'd like to get an idea of what people would be interested in purchasing. Like, if I were to print the inception ponies, would you be interested only in the A/E ones or would you like to be able to get the whole set? What about the panic!cats? Would anyone be interested in Little Stiles in the Red Hoodie? The Cuddlepile? It would be a big help if you could tell me your thoughts and whatnot and, idk, nominate the three things you'd like to see in the shop (here is a handy masterlist if you need a reminder)? I'm pretty much flailing about at the moment and any input would be most welcome <3
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Hey lovelies! How's it going?

Life is going fairly well at the moment even if it rains pretty much everyday, one heater is out of commission, the oven door keeps popping open, and we broke a mug the other day (may its handle rest in peace). Also, there's a squirrel living in the front yard and it keeps eluding my camera :(((

Anyway, big news, my darlings! Since the CVs I spread around have yet to work their magic, I finally caved to my sister's demands and set up a bigcartel account. I had a bunch of canvas prints left over from this summer and instead of letting them seat in the dark, I put them up for grab. So, yeah. Have a look? :D?

Also, I'm thinking about putting up some of my fandom stuff there too? But I'm not sure what people would be interested in... so if you have thoughts on that, let me know?

Okay, must dash now. ILU bunches, lovelies! <333
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Hey lovelieeeees! Hi :D

Salutation from the UK. Everything is damp and the wind almost knocked me over the other day but ahh so exciting! The town is nice and the people are super welcoming and I'm eating my weight in weird cookies (Ginger Nuts, where have you been all my life?) which could also be the reason my tummy was staging a riot the other day :/ Anyway, our flat is a hole in the wall with cool-ish curtains and sorta-matching wallpaper. The stove was new when my father was born and the bathroom door is missing the handle (yes, that means we had to stuff a pair of rolled-up socks in the hole to get a modicum of privacy. We are so smart.) Also, the fire alarm starts blaring everytime we switch on the cooker, even if there are no batteries. The first time it happened we didn't have chairs yet so I had to jump under it, hoping to catch the fucking button to shut it up. (spoiler: I got lucky) I am almost sad my sister didn't catch it on camera. Almost.

Life has been kinda crazy busy lately, what with setting up the flat and wrapping my head around moving to another country, and soon I'll have to go out and throw my CV left and right (keep your fingers crossed for me?) and possibly start selling some prints? Because omg, rent and bills and food *clutches head* All of this means that I had close to no time to doodle and this makes me extremely sad :( You should all leave me tiny prompts so that I'll have something nice to think about and look forward to when I get back home.

Also, speaking of costly thing, bless Starbucks and their free wifi (and their not-so-free beverages *cries*). If it weren't for their lovely staff letting me set up camp on one of their tiny tables for hours I would have already gone crazy *clings to fandom* you are all so freaking precious to me <3

Oh, before I forget! Two things that are super cool!
1. [community profile] yuletart is back in town! Hurry up and get in on it! Sign-ups close at the end of this week and I promise you won't want to miss the fun!

2. There's been talking in TW fandom about setting up some sort of non-profit action to save the wolves. I believe this is a brilliant idea :D (and not just because I recently "adopted" one with Nic) I'm not around enough to give you all the deets, but if you want to know more you should totes contact nightrevelations over on tumblr and totes reblog this handy post here to get the word out :)

Okay darlings, I'm off to submit some CVs. Be excellent as usual! *smooches everyone*
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*waves* hey darlings :)
Sorry for the absence (or sorry for coming back, idk, whatever works for you), I've been frolicking on tumblr and twitter and mostly forgot that dW/Lj existed :/ I blame it all on fandom being super sparkly and distracting.

Anyway, Just hopped over here to tell you that, uh, I'm leaving for Bath tomorrow for, hm, house hunting? :D? SURPRISE! I'm moving there with my sister for a few months. More deets when I'll be back next week :)

In the meantime, have a doodle dump of silly proportion. I guess tumblr makes doodle sharing easier, but I also want everything in the same place and that's dW/Lj (at least until AO3 gets the fanart archive going. C'mon AO3, I know you can do it!). Lots, lots, LOTS of Teen Wolf stuff. And a tiny Cap :3

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Pairing: Arthur/Eames
Rating: G
Notes: Drawn for [ profile] i_reversebang. The idea behind these pictures is that I've always thought Inception lended itself well to a Big Friendly Giant AU/Fusion, and I thought the Reverse Bang was the perfect opportunity to see if anybody else wanted to give it a go. I was so very lucky to get [ profile] blue_fjords as a writer. She took my prompt, worked magic, and created the most charming story. I've lost count of the times I read it and ost myself in it. I couldn't have asked for a more gorgeous response to my drawings. Please, go be enchanted by Midnight Train to Georgia (AO3)and shower [ profile] blue_fjords with praises <3
Many thanks to my Smunchkin for being there to listen to my whining, and a loads of hugs to [ profile] laria_gwyn for encouraging me to give this idea a chance <3

'This is where all dreams is beginning.' )
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Just a repost of some doodles I've spread around the web, nbd, please carry on with your day.

Teen Wolf, Inception, Avengers, Young Avengers )

And here's a bunch of cool stuff you could check out in your spare time:
- Top Documentary Films, a library of free documentaries. Now you know how I spend my weekends.
- This is pretty old but whatever, it's a good way to relax! Click the squares and make some music.
- Pretty art recs! [ profile] speep and [ profile] theopteryx made an art trade collaboration! Go and check how utterly awesome they are! Also, You should go have a stroll around Cris-art's gallery because it is full of beautiful stuff!
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Title: The Markly Duckling
Fandom: TSN
Characters/Pairing: Mark, Eduardo, Chris, Dustin. And a rubber duck.
Rating: G
Summary: Once upon a Spring Break Mark squawked, Chris was otherwise occupied, Wardo came to the rescue, and Dustin was right all along.
Notes: Drawn (and written. What was I thinking?) for [ profile] oflights's prompt as part of [ profile] tsn_springfest.
I owe an inordinate amount of thanks to [ profile] pixiebullets for being the best cheerleader and beta I could have asked for. She was there for the panicky emails, the flail, and the silly duckling picspams. You are a treasure, bb <333

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I you follow me on twitter I apologize for the double spam... BUT OMG KITTY!

Aunt S found this little ball of fluff yesterday.

Someone had tossed her into a dumpster >:( (I know violence doesn't resolve anything... but that person better pray I never find them.)
Anyway, she called me right away and asked me if I maybe wanted to give her a home. Damn right I wanted to! So um, yes, meet Zulu :)

meow )

I have so many feels, you guys. My sis and I are kind of smitten with her already and dad's been wipping out the camera non-stop and mum is all hearteyed and Milla is sad because Zulu doesn't want to play with her yet :(

BTW, I fell into a dateless vacuum last week so I'm superlate with these but HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] wethepainted and [ profile] saba1789! Your cards are on the way :)

ION, there's the slight possibility that come September/October I won't be living here anymore. Here being Italy... *enigmatic smile* *is awkward* *coughs*

Also, a bunch of random links!oh shiny! )

So, what's up lovelies? <3
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Title: City of Blinding Lights
Fandom: The Social Network
Character: Mark Z.
Rating: G
Notes: Art for City of Blinding Lights by [ profile] ceridweyn_lin for [ profile] smallfandombang. I always have so much fun drawing starry skys, I was so glad [ profile] ceridweyn_lin's story gave me an excuse to do it :D
Thanks a bunch to L for the usual reasons <3

Montana )
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*waves* hello lovelies!

So, uh... someone decided to use her powers for evil purposes and threw me into a new fandom vortex. One day I'll grow, like, a new-fandom-I-know-nothing-about repelling force field and I won't disappear off the face of dW/Lj for a month straight. BUT. That day is not today! Today, instead, is the day I properly throw the towel down and fess up to the fact that yes, I am totally into Teen Wolf and no, I haven't watched the entire show yet (because by now it's a matter of tradition for me to flail over a fandom with no canon-knowledge whatsoever) and yes, damn my non-existent restraint, I committed fanart. Blame the usual suspects.

Title: Little Stiles in the Red Hoodie
Fandom:Teen Wolf
Characters/Pairing: Derek/Stiles
Rating: G (for goofballs!)
Notes: Don't look at me like that! Stiles canonically frolicks in the woods, okay? Also, the first rule of Teen Wolf is: if there's a background, Derek is in it.

Once upon a time, there were a boy and a sourwolf... )

In other news, [ profile] bandomreversebb just wrapped up! Check out the master post and be amazed! Also, [ profile] tsn_springfest is churning out some pretty awesome stuff :D And last but not least, the new community in town, [ profile] shakethespear! Quoting the bio "A multi-fandom Shakespeare Fest, dedicated to every Shakespeare crossover, fusion and cameo imaginable". What are you waiting for? Go join the fun! :D
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Title: The Bee Charmer
Fandom - Pairings: Bandom - Brendon+Spencer
Rating: G
Notes: So... this is my contribution to [ profile] bandomreversebb. I drew this back when I started watching Grimm and thought Brendon would be an amazing Pied Piper... except the original story didn't lend itself to be very cute, so I made him charm bees instead of mice because magical honey was bound to make everything sweeter :)
Lots of love to dearest Smunchkin for pointing at flaws while I was drawing and saving me from wasps gone berserk <3

I kinda got extremely lucky with the claiming :) [ profile] kisforkurama garabbed my prompt, worked actual magic on it and wrote the most delightful, brilliant story. I am still beaming like fool over it, it is that charming.

How Spencer Smith Opened His Eyes and Learned to Love the Magic by [ profile] kisforkurama
Go read it and be amazed!

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Thank you all, my lovelies, for the b-day wishes! You are a basket of awesome and sparkles and I am so very grateful for having you around *squishes all of you* This has been the best birthday ever, no lie! I had a lovely dinner with a bunch of friends yesterday evening and we had all the laughs and tasty food (and delish sparkling wine at midnight :9) and then today there was an avalance of birthday wishes and my sister gave me her present and it's the Escaflowne boxset, I have been pining after it for years! And my parents got me a kindle omg brb downloading all of AO3 and some sent me v-gifts (of a "tied up Andrew Garfield who is slightly unattractive" and I know who you are, dear anon!) and then [personal profile] chaoticallyclev made me stupily adorable icons (say hi to my new default one! It's a wombat! That clutches at flowers like I clutch at feelings!) and [personal profile] angelgazing got me paid time and [personal profile] delires wrote me the most charming and precious ficlet and I almost feel guilty with the aumount of love I received today.... ILU ALL LIKE CRAZY! I wish I could teleport all over the places and offer you cake and hugs and kisses <3333

In news unrelated to my birthday, I went to see Hugo with my sister last week and I still have to come to terms with the fact that I cried like a baby for half of the movie (which is something that only ever happens with cartoons). I would fire you all for not telling me how beautiful this film is, but I'm too busy looking for the fandom at the moment... where is it?

Been listening to a lot of Fun. and Ed Sheran, been humming along all the while. I am in the middle of finishing up the last of the doodles from the Valentine Fest so expect them to pop up soon :) Also also! I just found out that apparently [ profile] i_reversebang is going to run again this year! It's like the universe decided to hand me over all the good things today \o/

And now a meme from [personal profile] angelgazing because it's been a while :D

The iPod Shuffle Meme!
No, not that one. Let's be honest, when we need inspiration, the first place we go is our music library. So let's try something a little bit different. My music library is no help to me, but maybe it can be for someone else. Here's how this thing works:
1) Comment to this post, and I'll give you a prompt in the form of whatever song shuffles up next on whatever music player I've got going at the time.
2) Turn on the music player of your choice to shuffle, post this to your own journal and dole out prompts. No, you can't hide your shameful music. If it shuffles up, that's the gig.
3) Write/draw/whatever way you create for the prompt you've been given: post it. Again, no hiding the shame. Even if you think it's awful, post it.
4) Link your finished product to the prompt comment, because it's always lovely to see the results. ♥
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HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS TO [ profile] devils_whore AND [ profile] laria_gwyn!

Because of RL being less than cooperative I missed Shannen's actual birthday so here's a special picspam of stuff that I know she'll like :D

cool stuff! )
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] ohohstarryeyed!

get your pressie ;) )

Sooo... RL is going to require all of my attention until the 23rd, so this means I won't be around for the next week :( I still owe a bunch of doodles to the people who participated to the Doodles for Valentine Fest and I'm sorry I haven't been able to draw all of them in a timely fashion :((( but promise I'll post them asap! Cross my heart!
In the meantime, though, you should all go check out the pretty amazing Grimm ficlet [personal profile] angelgazing wrote for [personal profile] cthonical's prompt, Kumbaya and Other Campfire Songs (read it on AO3).

See you soon my lovelies! <3
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I know, I know... It's not the 14th yet, but I thought posting a bit in advance would give you (and me) more time to play :)
I don't exactly celebrate Valentine's Day because, I think, everyday should be full of love and affection (and chocolate, let's not forget about the chocolate) for the people dear to us. That said, if you give me an excuse to throw doodles to the masses, I'll grab it with both hands and run with it, so...


Here's how it works:

• You leave a comment with a prompt which can be a particular scenario or random words or lyrics, your favourite song, a picture or a quote you love, a video you like,...pretty much whatever you can think of. If you want, you can pair your prompt with your fandom/s and charcter/s of choice, but it's not an obligation.

• Someone ( draws a doodle based on your prompt.

Please note that I am not the only one allowed to gift doodles in this fest! If you see a prompt that makes you want to grab a pencil/pen/brush/tablet/stick/fork/whatever and draw something, GO FOR IT! THE MORE THE MERRIER! Stick figures can be as pretty as the stuff hung in museums so don't use that as an excuse! (and if you really, truly, honest to whatever can't bring yourself to doodle but have nothing against taking pictures, then grab your cameras!) (you see how loose we are with the rules around here)
Now go leave prompts and spread the word if you like :)

ETA: Thanks to [ profile] iam_space we now have a pimp code :D

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Hello lovelies! I'm currently camped out on my comfy armchair and enjoying the winter wonderland that landed outside last night :)

Ain't it pretty? )

And speaking of cool things, here's a handful of recs for you!

Hello, I Love You (Won't You Tell Me Your Name?) by [ profile] sarahyyy
In which Arthur falls in love with the stranger from the cafe outside the train station and they talk. Via messages. On his window.
A while ago I was waiting for a train (and I knew exactly where it would take me :/) and to pass the time I decided to bother my tlist with a silly idea for a train station romance. Darling [ profile] sarahyyy grabbed that prompt and run with it and wrote the most charming story <333 I have such a love for epistolary fics, you don't even know, and this one is just so darn brilliant!

• Bandom people who are also dWellers! Come to [community profile] bandom_meme and join the fun! Round 1 is already up! :D

Princess Zelda by Haawan is the prettiest Custom MLP everrr! Be sure to check out her gallery for more custom ponies (so pretty omg)!

And now that you're all distracted by the beautiful art up there, I can sneak in these doodles I did a few days ago and no one will notice >:)

power doodling on company time: Inception, XMFC, Avengers )
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So, my house is trying to disproove all those theories about global warming by doing its best impression of an ice-box. Apparently, calling the tecnician to sort out why the water doesn't come out as hot as it should resulted in the central heating not working anymore on the first floor. My sister and I are currently resorting to the ways of old and wearing 7 layers of wool, but cold showers in winter are not fun :/

Anyway, on to cheerier stuff!

My contribution to [ profile] inception_bang went up yesterday :D I did the fanart for [personal profile] sometimesalways's awesomely amazing story, The Policy of Truth :D I think I've read the story at least 10 times by now <333 It is a truly entertaining piece of writing and I love how [personal profile] sometimesalways handled the pacing and the characterization. Working on the fanart for this story was sort of a personal challenge, because I've been trying to work my way out of the safety of my G-rated pen for a long time, but never had the guts or the motivation to do so. I think I'll forever be thankful to [personal profile] sometimesalways for holding my hand while I jumped the PG fence :) So yeah, go and check out the story (you can also read it on here on Ao3)! The fanart is inline, and I guess it actually has more sense if you see it there in its context, but if you prefer you can also see it here on dW or here on LJ :)

Also also, drive-by TSN rec (because I meant to rec it before and never got around to it): Eduardo in Atlantis by [ profile] kathy_williams - Eduardo goes to Atlantis and grows coffee. I have a ginormous weakness for SGA!crossovers that I blame completely on bandom (because I've never actually watched SGA) and this story was such a delight to read :3

I'm off to have a cup of something hot :) Have a nice week, darlings <333
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Title: The Policy of Truth
Author: [personal profile] sometimesalways
Artist: [personal profile] aredblush
Rating: PG-13 for the art, NC17 for the fic.
Characters/Pairings: Arthur/Eames.
Notes: 3 pieces of fanart for The Policy of Truth (AO3) by [personal profile] sometimesalways, written for [ profile] inception_bang
Making fanart for [personal profile] sometimesalways's amazing story has been a delight and a challenge, trying to step out of my comfort zone and having the most fun while doing so. I am so very grateful to [personal profile] sometimesalways for letting me draw for her and being so patient with me and my silly flailing <3 Working on these pieces was a true pleasure and I hope you enjoy them, too :)
(watercolour textures from

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