Dec. 15th, 2013

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Title: The Night Flowers
Fandom Teen Wolf
Rating: PG-13
Characters Stiles Stilinski
Warnings NSFW as it features a bare bum :3
Summary: "Stiles was beside the fire, completely naked and lying on his chest, with a small book in his hands, on a pile of bear skins."
Notes: Fanart for The Night Flowers by Seraphim_grace (also on Ao3), as part of [ profile] teenwolf_bb.
I had so much fun creating art for Seraphim's lovely story! I am a big fan of the Kushiel series and couldn't believe my luck when I received my assignment for this round of twbb :D Go forth and read The Night Flowers and give Seraphim all the love!
This is a scene from the second section of the story: I was completely captivated by the setting and tried my best to recapture the mood and put it on paper. Here's hoping you enjoy the result :)
Loads of thanks to Smunchkin for the beta ♥
This fanart is also hosted on Ao3.

NSFW art behind this cut )
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